Podcast 250 – My bottom looks like a chewed orange

Podcast 250   My bottom looks like a chewed orange

It’s been a huge two months since the last podcast. What happened? Well, normally I record these podcasts whilst driving and, just recently I’ve had a distinct lack of car.

Instead I’ve done the commute on my bike. It helped with the preparation for that mad bike ride I did last week, but I did get a sore bottom.

In episode 250..

    • Tracking and sharing your location live.
    • The OPPO Reno 5G
    • The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
    • 5G on Three
    • VRJAM

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New Android Feature Speaks When You Can't During a 911 Call

Google is adding a new feature to some Android phones that can speak to an emergency operator on your behalf when you call 911. During an emergency call, three new buttons — “Medical”, “Fire”, and “Police” — will be available in case you’re unable to speak. They will initiate a voice message to the emergency operator that explains the nature of the emergency and your current location. After you activate the service, you can always speak directly to the operator as well. The feature will become available in the US over the coming months, starting with Pixel phones.

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Verizon Drops Prices on Unlimited Plans, Adds Options

Verizon today announced revamped unlimited plans. The three existing plans have been renamed and lowered in price $5-10, with minimal changes in what they offer. A fourth plan has also been added at the middle price point, which trades media features for more productivity-oriented features. As before, there are progressive discounts for each line added to a family plan, but the tiers for those discounts have been tweaked. The new plans are $5 cheaper than the old plans for one, three, or four lines. Premium plans are $10 cheaper than the old plans for two lines, and a new 5-line tier is $10 cheaper (per month per line) than before. The cheapest plan, previously called Go Unlimited, is now called Start Unlimited. As before, it includes “unlimited” 4G LTE data, but speeds may be reduced when the network is busy. It does not include HD video streaming nor 4G hotspot. 5G service is not included but can be added for $10/month. The old Beyond Unlimited plan is now called Play More Unlimited. It includes 25 GB of “premium” 4G data, (which is always full-speed even when the network is busy,) up from the 22 GB included before. It also includes HD (720p) video streaming, 15 GB of 4G mobile hotspot data, and an Apple Music subscription. For a limited time, unlimited 5G service is also included. The new mid-range plan is called Do More Unlimited. It’s the same price as Play More Unlimited, but in place of HD video and Apple Music, it offers 50 GB of premium data, 500 GB of cloud storage, and 50% off a tablet or mobile hotspot. The top-end Above Unlimited plan is now called Get More Unlimited. It offers 75 GB of premium data (as before) and 30 GB of 4G mobile hotspot data (up from 20 GB). It also offers everything all of the lower plans do, including HD video, cloud storage, Apple Music, and 5G. The new plans will be available starting Monday, August 5th.

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Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini – Review.

Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.

I love things that make life easier and allow you to travel lighter. The USB Type-C standard is definitely one of those things. It is a great connection – compact, multipurpose and intelligent.

I’ve got a laptop which only has USB Type-C as a means of connecting peripherals. Whilst this can indeed be a drag and sometimes annoying, once you have bit the bullet and embraced the dongle lifestyle there are very few drawbacks.

However, there is one area where laptop manufacturers have been napping and that is when Power Supply Units are considered. It would be great if, when we are toting around our fantastic thin and light laptops, we didn’t need to carry around a PSU that is about half the weight of the laptop as well. Below is a picture of the PSU for my laptop which does genuinely weigh about half the amount of said laptop.

Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.

Whilst I have been able to do the occasional day trip by running the laptop from a Powerbank, (Anker’s PowerCore +26800), that is only good for an overnight trip and you can get yourself stuck when you need a bit more juice. Invariably the smartphone PSU that you have brought will not give enough “oomph” to charge your battery pack, so you’re stuck.

Would it not be nice if you could have one plug that will do it all? The laptop, the phone and the power bank?

Well, we do live in enlightened times and thanks to a friend over at Anker we now can do just that. The chargers in question come in the form of the PowerPort+ Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini. Both of these PSU’s will give enough kick to charge all the above. The Atom III 2 will also give you a secondary port that will allow you to charge a second device at the same time.

So let’s have a look at these PSU’s/Charger’s in more detail then shall we?

Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.

This is the Anker PowerPower+ Atom III 2 and it is the bigger of the two units that I have got to test. It has one USB Type-C output port that is rated as IQ3 and one Type-A output port that is rated at IQ2. You may be wondering what I am talking about concerning IQ rating. Well, put simply, the higher the IQ rating, the better. It will allow more Watts to be delivered via the charger. Now, as we all now from Physics at school, Watt’s are the amount of power being delivered by a source of electricity. This can be calculated by Amps multiplied by Volts. So in the case of the Atom III 2, we have a maximum output voltage of 20V at 2,25A meaning our Watts are 45W. At the other end of the spectrum, we have a 5V output at 2,4A giving 12W See below for all the possible outputs.

Volts Amps Watts
5 2.4 12
9 3 27
15 3 45
20 2.25 45

These numbers are only for the Type C connection when we look at the Type A connection then we get a slightly different story as this port is an IQ2 port.

Volts Amps Watts
5 2.4 12
9 1.66 14.94
12 1.25 15

This means that this port would be more likely to be used for charger less power-hungry devices such as Bluetooth headphones/speakers and phones (albeit at a slower rate).

Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.

The magic that allows this all to work are special component’s called GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductors. These are used instead of the more traditional silicon which in turn allows for a much smaller charger. The Atom III 2 is 15% smaller than a MacBook 60W stock charger. It is also substantially smaller than the normal style laptop PSU which is a good thing as it means less weight and more space can be saved.

Another really cool thing is that the AtomIII 2 will kick out enough power to allow for me to use the Anker premium 7 – 1 USB – C Hub that I have had for a little while. Now, of course, I have been able to use this bit of kit without any problem, however, what the new PSU allows me to is to utilise something called Power delivery pass though. This means that as well as supplying power to the Hub it will also charge the laptop. So I can essentially start to use this as a sort of docking station when I get back to my desk.

This is really for me where the power of USB type starts to come into its own. I will not go into depth too much about the Hub as I will save that for another review later down the road.

Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.

Now that we have had a look a the bigger of the family let’s look at the PowerPort Mini version.

I’m not going to try and hide it – this thing is so freaking cool. Admittedly it is a lot smaller than the bigger AtomIII 2 but it is absolutely meant to be, hence why it is called the MINI! Being that is is smaller the amount of juice that this charger can put out is a bit lower but not that much when you look at them in terms of size.

Volts Amps Watts
5 2.4 12
9 3 18
15 2 30
20 1.5 30

Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.

So a much smaller package but still enough juice to power my laptop when I am on the road. It will also allow me to quick charge my Huawei P30 Pro. Yes this is one step down from the SuperCharge 40W that is capable on the newest SuperCharge 40W (the one that Huawei is doing for the P30 and Mate 20X 5G range), but take a look at the size comparisons in the picture below. Interestingly, the 3rd charger in the below image is for the OnePlus 6T and that is maxing out at 20W output and it is again quite a bit bigger than the Mini.

Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.

Power Port MiniIII, Huawei SuperCharge 40W, Oneplus 6T Dash Charger

The really important thing here is not just what the output is. Instead it is how that output is achieved. So if, we refer back to the table above then we can see that the Mini will provide a high Voltage with lower Amps to get to the Watts that are being provided. Where this becomes important is when you are charging things like laptops and power banks. These batteries are typically larger and will take longer to charge than the battery in a mobile phone. It means that you don’t need the high Amps that are provided by phone chargers. This is why you can use the Mini to charger and power a laptop but you cannot use the OnePlus or Huawei chargers.

That is the science bit done then. But how effective are these chargers when it comes to actually charging stuff ? To test this out I ran my Laptop down to near empty and then plugged it in to get an estimate of how long it would take to reach a full charge on each of the chargers. I also did the same with my P30 Pro and I got some quite interesting results which can be seen below.

Laptop with Atom III 2 Laptop with Mini P30 Pro with Atom III 2 P30 Pro with Mini
1 hr 58 1 hr 54 2 hr 32 2 hr 32

Here are the images of the charging screen on the devices.

Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.
Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.
Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.
Anker PowerPort + Atom III 2 and PowerPort III Mini   Review.

I was not able to charge from 0% (as I wouldn’t have had a screen to grab) but it does give a good indication of what the charging capabilities for the PSU’s/Chargers are.

It is clear that when I am using the charger on the laptop it is drawing a much higher wattage than when I am using it on the phone. This is the full effect of the IQ technology at work as it will deliver the power that the device needs to get the charge into that device as fast as it is capable. I find that this is a really neat solution.

I am writing this review in a hotel room at the moment and I have been able to bring with me just two plugs, which is a lot less than I would have had to travel with in the past. I recall when I was on a trip only last year and I had to take a four plug extension lead with me to ensure that I would have sufficient charging capability.

The other charger I have brought with me is one that was recommended by a colleague a while ago – the USB Charger 5.4A/27W 4-Port also from Anker. This has also proved to be invaluable and I can see why Garry was impressed with it.


Overall I have found the new PowerPorts very useful and they are great for travelling with especially when space is at a premium. They are also reasonably inexpensive for what they can do, I would recommend getting either of them but if you want the ultimate in flexibility and weight to power delivery then go with the Atom III 2. I can safely say that this will now be a permanent featured item in my gear bag for travel.

You can get either device from Ankers store on Amazon at the following links.

PowerPort Mini for £28.99

PowerPort Atom III 2 for £44.99

These prices are also incidentally cheaper than the manufacturers own charging solutions and infinitely more usable.

Incidentally, if you want to win one of the awesome chargers then you can alongside a whole load of other kit on Anker’s Website now

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Texas Joins State AG Lawsuit Against T-Mobile / Sprint Merger

Texas has joined 14 other states in suing to block the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that “[Texas] Attorney General Ken Paxton will assume a key leadership role in this case, along with [California] Attorney General Becerra and myself”. “After careful evaluation of the proposed merger and the settlement, we do not anticipate that the proposed new entrant will replace the competitive role of Sprint anytime soon,” said Paxton.

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Xfinity Mobile Adds Cheaper Data Plans, HD Pass for Unlimited

Comcast today launched new plan options for its Xfinity Mobile service. When choosing a monthly data allotment by the GB, customers can now select a 3 GB option that’s $30 (previously $36) or a 10 GB option for $60 (previously $120). As before, the first GB is $12, and any overage is automatically charged at $12/GB. With Xfinity’s by-the-GB plans, data rates are reduced after 20 GB or during times of congestion, although video streams in HD (720p) and personal hotspot features operate at full LTE speeds. The company also introduced a new “HD Pass” for its unlimited plans that costs $20/month and lets those customers access HD video as well full data speeds during times of network congestion. The company removed HD streaming from its unlimited plans over a year ago and promised an HD add-on plan by the end of 2018. Xfinity also lets customers with family plans mix and match plan types and change them at any time. For example, one line can be unlimited while two other lines share one 10 GB bucket of data.

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Suggestive Hustle Castle adverts appear on Twitter

Suggestive Hustle Castle adverts appear on Twitter
Whilst we can’t fully verify that the Twitter account in question is directly linked to the makers of Hustle Castle, some serious money has been spent recently advertising this game on Twitter.

The adverts, as you’ll see below, are very suggestive and seem to signify that the game is for adults only. It carries a similar “No under 18’s” notice that you’d see outside a casino. However, the actual game is a PEGI 3 and has no explicit or risqué goings-on at all.

Suggestive Hustle Castle adverts appear on Twitter

Since we started looking into this, the @khousel00 Twitter account has replaced all their slightly provocative images and removed any mentions of the game being for over 18’s. The promoted tweets seem to be an effort to bring in more players by insinuating that the game is sexual in nature.

Suggestive Hustle Castle adverts appear on Twitter

We’ve contacted the developers to see what’s going on here, but sadly it could be just another piece of unregulated or uncontrollable advertising / social media “influencing” which happens hour-by-hour on the internet.

The game itself, on Google Play alone, has been downloaded over 10 million times.

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VRJAM to launch a Virtual Reality Revolution

VRJAM to launch a Virtual Reality Revolution
From what I can see, this looks to be bringing the world of “Ready Player One” to the masses. Whack your VR headset on and jump into a live, streamed virtual experience. Called VRJAM, it a real-time augmented reality streamed performance, with you being able to take part in a motion-capture event which recreates the experience and the event in question.

Intended to be used on music streams, concerts, sports events and much more, this can also work over 5G – transporting you to conferences or raves without having to travel.

The company has been working on this one for two years and are currently crowd funding the project with investments of just £200 / $250 possible.

Once ready, users can either log into the platform using a VR headset or a smartphone, via its app which will be available to download from Google Play Store.

To give you a taster, here’s a live simulation from Ministry of Sound…

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