AT&T Throwing 5G Tech at the Wall to See What Sticks

AT&T today said it plans to test a wide variety of potential 5G technologies throughout the year as it evolves from 4G LTE to next-generation mobile broadband. For example, the company intends to kick off field trials of AirGig later this year. AirGig relies on transporting mmWaves over powerlines. AT&T engineers have invented low-cost plastic antennas, a Radio Distributed Antenna System (RDAS), mmWave surface wave launchers, and inductive power devices. These technologies push broadband signals along or near power lines, not through them, and deliver multi-gigabit wired and wireless broadband. AT&T believes this approach will pay dividends, as it can be deployed on existing power deliver infrastructure with no need to build new towers or bury new cable. The field trials aim to determine how inclement weather might affect signal delivery as well as asses real-world costs. AT&T is also testing small cells throughout San Francisco. AT&T is testing a Centralized RAN (C-RAN) architecture, which pulls the individual basebands normally associated with each cell site and consolidates them in a single location. The small cells themselves can be installed on light posts and other existing infrastructure around the city. AT&T says this approach reduces the amount of gear needed at each small cell site and lets technicians easily update lots of sites at once due to the centralized basebands. The C-RAN tests also rely on mmWave technology. Other technologies on AT&T’s testing roadmap this year include and Fixed Wireless Internet. boosts the capacity of existing copper lines to that of fiber, while FWI will target some 400,000 rural areas by the end of the year. The International Telecommunications Union has yet to technically define what 5G will be, but that hasn’t stoped carriers such as AT&T and others from exploring a number of potential 5G technologies.

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Starbucks Has a Reactionary Response to Trump’s Temporary Travel Ban

Starbucks has issued a somewhat reactionary and illogical response to Trump’s temporary travel and immigration ban policies. It says it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next 5 years in response to Trump. So instead of being served by hardworking Americans or Filipino immigrants, every time you enter a Starbucks in any part of the…
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Top 10 Tech Jobs in America to Watch Out for in 2017

Increase in population means increase in occupation demand. With the vast possibilities and international standards set by schools worldwide, one can be equipped to battle the challenges ahead. In today’s world, job popularity is determined by three factors: number of job openings, earning potential or salary, and overall job satisfaction rating. Here, we listed the…
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New and Improved NASA Space Rockets Made Possible with the Help of Special Paint

 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the department in charge of United States’ Science and Technology pertaining to vehicles for air and space. Situated in Silicon Valley, The Ames Research Center is getting pretty busy for a while. They have been whipping up something new to enhance their journey to infinity and beyond. Latest news…
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Hover Boards: Top Picks for January 2017

Technology has created a sharp turn, making advancements in daily living unimaginable. Citing concepts from the 1967 film “back to the future”, who would have thought that those make-believe inventions will later on come to life? One example is the Hover Board. Hover boards are drawn from the concept of skate boards, a board having…
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TopSpin Unveils Enterprise IoT Security Platform DECOYnet

MAHWAH, N.J., and HERZLIYA, Israel, Jan. 31, 2017 — TopSpin Security, Inc., the leader in intelligent deception and detection solutions, today introduced the industry?EU?s first enterprise internet of things (IoT) security solution based on leading deception technology, now available in the latest version of the DECOYnet intelligent deception solution.

Deception offers a unique solution to protecting IoT environments. One of the main problems with IoT security is devices?EU? minimal computing resources, which make the use of antivirus, encryption and other forms of protection within IoTs extremely challenging. IoT security poses a growing concern for organizations worldwide. Approximately 3.9 billion connected things were in use in 2014. Gartner expects this figure to rise to at least 25 billion by 2020. 1

TopSpin?EU?s approach overcomes the limitations seen today for IoT security. The company?EU?s unique traffic and security analysis engine enables it to uniquely discover all types of IoT systems in the enterprise. Leveraging the ability to create the industry?EU?s most diverse set of deception traps, TopSpin can emulate enterprises?EU? unique IoT systems for attackers to find, resulting in a tripped alarm and alerts to IT. The new solution will be unveiled and demonstrated publicly for the first time at the RSA Conference 2017, Feb. 14-16 in San Francisco, in TopSpin?EU?s Booth Number 4715 (North Hall).

?EU?The Internet of Things is an increasingly attractive early link in attack chains,?EU? said Ray Wagner, Ph.D., Managing Vice President of the Secure Business Enablement group at Gartner. ?EU?By 2020, over 25 percent of identified attacks in enterprises will involve IoT, though IoT will account for less than 10 percent of IT security budgets.?EU? 2

DECOYnet offers the most comprehensive security for the enterprise IoT environment powered by deception technology. Supported systems include: printers, cameras/DVRs, TVs, access control systems to doors/gates, employee attendance systems, VoIP devices, industrial control systems, central…
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FileCloud Brings Browser-Based Document Editing On-Premise

AUSTIN, TEXAS, January 31, 2016 — CodeLathe announced today the immediate availability of FileCloud 14.0, the IT Industry’s fastest growing Enterprise File Sharing and Sync platform. This new version offers seamless document editing capabilities, powerful file analytics and admin reports to enhance collaboration, productivity and enterprise data security.

Among the most significant new features of FileCloud 14 are:

?EU? Document editing in browser – Office Online Server and LibreOffice Online Integration
?EU? Drive application for macOS
?EU? File Analytics, Business Intelligence and Admin Reports

?EU?Browser based document editing is one of the most requested features by our customers and FileCloud 14 fulfills that longstanding need. FileCloud is the industry’s first Enterprise File Sharing and Sync solution to bring browser based document editing to on-premise file servers. For customers who are looking for an open source approach, we also offer integration with Collabora’s LibreOffice Online Suite?EU? said Amar Kanagaraj, CMO of CodeLathe.

Document editing in browser — Office Online Server and LibreOffice Online Integration

FileCloud 14 integrates with Microsoft Office Online Server and Collabora’s LibreOffice to bring seamless browser based document editing capabilities. Users can select any file stored in FileCloud, open it on Office Online Server or LibreOffice Online, edit it and then save it back to FileCloud without ever leaving the browser. This industry leading integration supports Microsoft Office document types (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) and Open Office document types (*.odt, *.odp and *.ods). This powerful functionality is a boon for organizations that have a lot of files stored on their private file servers behind a firewall. Working with remote Office files has never been simpler. More details on FileCloud and Office Online can be found at the company’s website.

Drive Application for macOS

FileCloud 14 brings a new unique Drive application for macOS that addresses many enterprise use cases. FileCloud Drive is an ideal client…
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CACAGOO OBD-II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner – Review

CACAGOO OBD II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner   Review

Let me set the scene for you. As I mentioned just a short while ago, I’ve got an Audi A4. It’s an entire decade old and I’ve absolutely nailed it into the ground. I’ve not taken a great deal of care of it and have failed to service the thing for many, many years in a row. I’m continually staggered by the fact that it’s still chugging along but, somehow, it continues to do so.

Before I had a rather huge “STOP STOP STOP” warning, I had an array of pretty lights on my dashboard which I tended to ignore on a daily basis. I ignored some of them for a reason, like the brake sensor which failed after I had my brakes replaced. It shows that the pads are worn, even though they’re new. I also have a light telling me that there’s a bulb out on my number plate, but there isn’t. There’s also a few other lights that were on – one about the EGR valve, another indicating an engine management fault and so on.

CACAGOO OBD II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner   Review

To understand what these lights mean, and what the all-encompassing “engine management warning” LED is trying to tell you, then you could take a trip to your local garage and pay almost £50 just to have a “diagnostic”. Now, this “diagnostic” usually involves some dude with a laptop and a cable. He’ll plug it into your car via something called an “OBD port”. “OBD” stands for an “On-Board Diagnostic System”. You’ll have seen me reviewing tracking and alarm systems (like this CarLock review) which plug into that port to let you know if your car has been stolen. Insurance companies will also offer magical dongles which go into this port to monitor your driving.

CACAGOO OBD II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner   Review

Today we’ve got this CACAGOO Bluetooth diagnostic reader. Put simply, it plugs into your car and you connect to the thing with your phone via the magic of Bluetooth. No cables needed.

There’s an array of OBD-II apps on Google Play or the iTunes store to communicate with it and it’ll let you effectively find out what your car is doing.

CACAGOO OBD II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner   Review

In short, instead of paying Halfords a massive £50 to plug their cable in, you can do the same thing for just £19.99 (or $21.99 on Amazon US) and keep it forever.

CACAGOO OBD II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner   Review

Out of the box it’ll tell you to install this Mini OBD app (which is also available on the iPhone here) but, if I’m honest, you can choose from a dizzying array of apps – there’s stacks to choose from.

So, why would you need this thing? Well, for the “tinkerers” like me, you can actually find out what that error code on your car is. Depending on which app you choose, it’ll let you know what the problem is so that you can go to the garage and say, “It’s insufficient gas recirculation, I’ve had someone read the error code”. Boom, you’ve saved yourself £30-£50 instantly. If you’re an idiot like me you can also clear those error codes and then deny that anything is wrong until something goes “clunk” in the engine and all your oil dribbles out onto the road. Your choice.

OK, perhaps I should rephrase that. Let’s say that you want to service your car yourself and reset the service light. You could do that with this. You can also reset the brake warning lights and so on if you choose to swap the pads yourself.

However, your car can dish up a whole load more information too. The apps, depending on which one you get, can then display this information as you drive. You can perhaps grab an old smartphone and fix it to your dashboard and have additional information like MPG or engine temperature on display at all times. Or, if you want, you can have it showing your speed and engine revs – there’s also apps which will display dashboards to show your average speed and your driving style.

CACAGOO OBD II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner   Review

Once you’ve plugged in the CACAGOO (weird name, I know) you simply pair it with your phone and the apps you choose to download can then read OBD fault codes, car performance, sensor data and more. Add the GPS from your phone and you can then get tracker logs which, combined with the OBD engine logging, show how fast you were going, what the engine was doing at the time too.

CACAGOO OBD II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner   Review

Depending on your car, you can read the dynomometer data, horsepower, torque info, transmission temperatures, 0-60 speed timings, CO2 emissions, turbo readings and you can set alarms and warnings too.

Some apps, like Torque Pro, will let you graph data, and overlay OBDII data onto a video with GPS tagging too.

CACAGOO OBD II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner   Review

If you decide to stick an old smartphone to the top of your dashboard, you can also have a cheap HUD (Head Up Display) by grabbing data from your engine (speed and revs plus gear selection etc) and displaying it onto your windscreen so that you can see it as you drive along. Apps like DashCommand can also give you trip information, such as drive time, fuel cost, start time, average speed, average fuel consumption, number of stops, braking and acceleration data, distance travelled in each gear and so on. It’s literally like opening a can of worms – you can find out so much information.

CACAGOO OBD II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner   Review

Right, time for a couple of videos. First, lets have a look at what you can do with this cool little Bluetooth device..

Here’s a video showing that Torque Pro app I mentioned a moment ago…

You can also use apps like Carista to alter the way that your car behaves – such as changing the reverse sensor beep or whether you want the doors to automatically lock when you start driving.

CACAGOO OBD II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner   Review

Powered by your car, the CACAGOO Bluetooth diagnostic reader can remain plugged in as you drive and flashes away to show connectivity. It’s powered by your car so you really don’t need to worry about it. Get it for £19.99 on Amazon UK or $21.99 on Amazon US. It’s worked absolutely perfectly for me. It’s small, really easy to install and does the job without fuss.

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