The new Kyocera rafre KYV40 – A phone you can wash

The new Kyocera rafre KYV40   A phone you can wash
Let’s be honest, there’s a few places where we use our smartphones quite a bit, and it’s always where we’ve got some “down time”. The smoking shelter outside of work (which has now changed from a horribly smelly place into a huge air freshener thanks to the vape / e-liquid / ejuice that is being smoked instead), the kitchen at work and yes – the toilet.

All of these places aren’t exactly clean, and your hands are usually wrapped around some pretty dirty things before or after you use your smartphone. I’ve even heard (albeit on the grapevine) of some employers trying to block WiFi from reaching into toilets because people are spending too much time browsing while they perform their natural “business” on the loo.

The new Kyocera rafre KYV40   A phone you can wash

With all that bacteria on your phone, Japanese company Kyocera has come up with the ultimate solution – a phone you can actually wash with soap and water. The rafre KYV40 smartphone features a screen which can be used with wet hands or with gloves, and you can lather it up under a tap to get it shiny and clean. Not only that, but you can perform gesture controls to completely avoid using the screen – ideal for germophobes (hello Mr Trump).

Powered by Android 7.0 (Nougat), it has a 5″ LCD screen and comes with 16GB of on-board storage plus a microSD slot. It also has 2GB RAM a 13-megapixel rear shooter and a 5 megapixel selfie one.

Sadly only available in Japan, you can wash it and put it under a tap (basically, it’s waterproof), and you can take it in the bath with you too – just to add another place to use your phone while you’re taking a break. This is the first time we’ve actually seen a company pushing a “soap-proof” phone, and they’re also keen to promote it as your cooking companion – helping you create delicious meals but being completely washable afterwards, just like the pots and pans 🙂

There’s no speaker hole on here either. Instead the rafre uses a “Sonic Receiver” to vibrate the sounds to your eardrums, using the display to resonate the sound.

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    #DeleteUber: How Social Media Turned on Uber

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    As news of Donald Trump?EU?s travel ban on Muslim-majority countries spread, protests sprang up at airports around the US. In support, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance called on its members to avoid John F Kennedy International Airport for one hour:

    NO PICKUPS @ JFK Airport 6 PM to 7 PM today. Drivers stand in solidarity with thousands protesting inhumane & unconstitutional #MuslimBan.– NY Taxi Workers (@NYTWA) January 28, 2017

    After the strike, Uber tweeted that surge pricing, which results in higher fares at busy times, had been switched off near JFK:

    Surge pricing has been turned off at #JFK Airport. This may result in longer wait times. Please be patient. — Uber NYC (@Uber_NYC) January 29, 2017

    The reaction to Uber?EU?s strikebreaking was swift. #DeleteUber began trending, as people encouraging one another not only to delete the app from their phones, but also to cancel their Uber accounts.

    Scores of people are deleting Uber after the company serviced rides at JFK airport while taxis were striking against muslim ban — Josh Butler (@JoshButler) January 29, 2017

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    Dan O?EU?Sullivan, or @Bro_Pair, was the first person to tweet the hashtag in direct response to Uber lifting surge pricing. He told the Daily Beast: ?EU?Let this be a warning: if you are a corporation who thinks you will ride out Trump, and…
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    Diversity in Tech: Lots of Attention, Little Progress

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    Despite loudly touted efforts to hire more black, Latino and female workers, especially in technical and leadership positions, diversity numbers at the largest tech companies are barely budging.

    In 2014, 2 percent of Googlers were black and 3 percent were Hispanic, numbers that haven’t changed since. The picture is similar at Facebook and Twitter . Microsoft is slightly more racially diverse (though not when it comes to gender) and Apple even more so, though still not reflective of the U.S. population. Amazon is more racially diverse still, although it counts its large, lower-wage warehouse workforce in its totals.

    Women, meanwhile, make up less than a third of the workforce at many companies — even less in engineering and other technical jobs.

    Tech companies themselves tend to blame a “pipeline problem,” meaning a shortage of woman and minorities with technical qualifications. But a number of academic experts, tech-industry employees and diversity advocates say there’s a bigger problem. Silicon Valley, they argue, has failed to challenge its own unstated assumptions of what makes for great tech employees– and that actively hampers diversity.

    “The people who are doing the hiring are not changing their thinking around what they view as qualified,” says Leslie Miley, engineering director at the message-service startup Slack. Hiring managers, he says, spend too much time worrying that applicants who don’t fit techie stereotypes aren’t “Google-y enough or Facebook-y enough or Apple-y enough or Twitter-y enough.”

    Miley, who is African-American, has previously worked as an engineer at Twitter, Apple, Google and Yahoo.

    The Industry Is Trying

    Companies are spending a lot of time and money on improving diversity. Two years ago, Intel splashily set itself the goal of achieving…
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    iCloud Drops iPhone Activation Lock Search Tool

    Apple has removed a tool within iCloud that allowed people to easily check the Activation Lock status of iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Activation Lock was introduced as a part of iOS 7’s Find My iPhone feature in 2014. Any iPhone owner who activates Find My iPhone automatically locks the device to their Apple ID. The idea behind Activation Lock is to make it so stolen iPhones can’t be activated on new accounts without first disassociating them from the original owner’s account. iPhones with Activation Lock still in place are unusable with new Apple IDs, and thus not worth stealing in the first place. Until recently, iCloud provided an easy tool that allowed potential iPhone purchasers to check the Activation Lock status of a device by entering the IMEI or serial number. The tool is no longer available within iCloud, and the former web site returns a 404 error. Moreover, Apple has removed the language associated with the Activation Lock search tool from its support documents. Instead, Apple suggests potential buyers and sellers work together to ensure iPhones, iPads, and iPods are properly unlocked and erased before any sale or transfer takes place. This approach may work between legitimate transactions, but doesn’t help people who’ve purchased stolen devices.

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    CCAM Welcomes Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

    PRINCE GEORGE, VA — January 30, 2017 — The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) today announced Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has joined CCAM at the Affiliate Member level and will have a seat on CCAM?EU?s Technology Advisory Council. CCAM is an applied research center providing solutions in adaptive automation, surface engineering, and additive manufacturing. Hexagon will participate in CCAM research and provide expertise in optical non-contact 3D measuring systems for industrial manufacturing applications. Hexagon is a leading metrology and manufacturing solution provider, specializing in the collection, analysis and active use of measurement data to increase production speed, accelerate productivity, and enhance product quality.

    CCAM bridges the gap between research and commercialization to accelerate new developments to market. Hexagon will contribute its metrology expertise and the AICON StereoScan neo 3D scanner and a DPA photogrammetry system. These optical, portable solutions are a part of AICON’s portfolio of non-contact 3D measuring systems used to enable efficient, high-precision monitoring, quality assurance and control in manufacturing production. CCAM research and development is conducted at its 62,000 square foot facility just outside of Richmond, VA.

    “Hexagon looks forward to our newest collaborative partnership with the CCAM consortium of leading manufacturers and research institutions,” states Director of Strategic Business Development Michael Mariani, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “We are pleased to make a technology contribution to the CCAM metrology center, adding another level of capability in support of the innovative work conducted at this leading research facility for advanced manufacturing methods.”

    “CCAM is delighted to have Hexagon become our newest member,” says Jaime Camelio, CCAM Chief Technology Officer. ?EU?Their inspection tools fully complement our research agenda, providing CCAM the opportunity to develop enhanced algorithms to optimize inspection processes.?EU?

    The CCAM industry and government consortium now numbers 31 members, including Aerojet Rocketdyne, Airbus, Alcoa, Chromalloy, Kyocera SGS Precision Tools, Newport News Shipbuilding, Oerlikon…
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