Facebook Video to Turn Up the Volume

Facebook is making several big changes to how it treats video on mobile devices. First, sound will fade in and fade out as users scroll past videos in their News Feed as long as the phone’s volume is turned on. Videos will not automatically play sound when the phone’s volume is set to off unless users tap on the video to hear it. People who never want to hear sound from News Feed videos can turn sound off entirely via the app’s settings. Second, Facebook is taking advantage of mobile devices’ form factor to make vertical videos look better. Moving forward, vertical videos will display a larger preview windows that fill more of the phone’s screen. The larger format is available to all users on Android and iOS. Third, Facebook is making it easier to watch a video and scroll through the News Feed at the same time. People can minimize videos into a picture-in-picture format that will continue to play in one corner of the screen as they browse through their Feed. Facebook says Android device users will be able to keep picture-in-picture videos playing in the background even if they exit the Facebook app. Last, Facebook plans to bring its video to smart TVs and other big screens. The Facebook video app for TV will roll out soon to app stores for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV. Facebook says support for more platforms will follow. The TV app will let people watch videos from their News Feed, as well as those shared by friends, pages, or live broadcasts.

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Nest Cameras Gain Door Recognition, Apps Gain Better Notifications

Nest today updated its camera software and mobile app for Android and iOS devices with new features and tools for keeping homes safe. In conjunction with its line of indoor and outdoor security cameras and Nest Aware, the Nest mobile app has learned to recognize doorways. It can now automatically create Activity Zones around doors, and will send notifications when it registers motion in those Activity Zones. Nest Aware users (requires monthly subscription) have long been able to designate Activity Zones manually; the change here is that Nest Cams and the Nest app can now do this on their own. Beyond the door recognition tool, the Nest app gains better alerts for Android and iOS. For example, alerts will include a thumbnail image that shows users what’s going on at a glance, and can let people see animated previews of Nest Cam video clips without opening the app. Further, when the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector goes off, any Nest Cams associated with the account will show a live video feed so homeowners can assess what their entryways look like. Last, the Android version of the Nest mobile app is adding app shortcuts on the home screen. The Nest mobile app is free to download from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. Nest Cams, Nest Protect, and Nest Aware are all sold separately. Nest says the Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor will receive the door recognition update over the next few weeks.

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Proper Planning Key To Pre-Empting Invisible Cyberattacks

More than 140 enterprise networks in a range of business sectors in 40 countries have experienced “invisible” cyber attacks.

Visibility across your environment, proper security design of networks and actionable threat intelligence are the keys to protecting your enterprise against “invisible” cyber attacks.

This is according to John Mc Loughlin, managing director of J2 Software, in reaction to a Kaspersky Lab report on cyber criminals breaching more than 140 enterprise networks in a range of business sectors in 40 countries.

According to the report, Kaspersky Lab experts discovered a series of “invisible” targeted attacks that use only legitimate software: widely available penetration-testing and administration tools as well as the PowerShell framework for task automation in Windows, dropping no malware files onto the hard drive, but hiding in the memory.

This combined approach, the company reports, helps to avoid detection by whitelisting technologies, and leaves forensic investigators with almost no artifacts or malware samples to work with. The attackers stay around just long enough to gather information before their traces are wiped from the system on the first reboot.

“The use of open source exploit code, common Windows utilities and unknown domains makes it almost impossible to determine the group responsible — or even whether it is a single group or several groups sharing the same tools. Known groups that have the most similar approaches are GCMAN and Carbanak,” says Kaspersky Lab.

ESET Research fellow Peter Kosinar says it is a mammoth task to track the attacks. “It is precisely the nature of being “invisible” which makes the actual infections more difficult to track?EU? at least until they execute their intended malicious payload.”

Mc Loughlin agrees, adding that it is possible this is far more prevalent than anybody knows simply due to the nature of the attacks. “I see the main targets are being called as…
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Ford Bets $1B on Startup Founded by Waymo, Uber Vets

Ford Motor is spending $1 billion to take over a budding robotics startup to acquire more expertise needed to reach its ambitious goal of having a fully driverless vehicle on the road by 2021.

The big bet announced Friday comes just a few months after the Pittsburgh startup, Argo AI, was created by two alumni of Carnegie Mellon University’s robotics program, Bryan Salesky and Peter Rander.

The alliance between Argo and Ford is the latest to combine the spunk and dexterity of a technologically savvy startup with the financial muscle and manufacturing knowhow of a major automaker in the race to develop autonomous vehicles. Last year rival General Motors paid $581 million to buy Cruise Automation, a 40-person software company that is testing vehicles in San Francisco.

The Argo deal marks the next step in Ford’s journey toward building a vehicle without a steering wheel or brake pedal by 2021 — a vision that CEO Mark Fields laid out last summer.

The big-ticket deal for the newly-minted company clearly was aimed at getting Salesky and Rande. Salesky formerly worked on self-driving cars at a high-profile project within Google — now known as Waymo — and Rander did the same kind of engineering at ride-hailing service Uber before the two men teamed to launch Argo late last year.

“When talent like that comes up, you don’t ignore that ability,” said Raj Nair, who doubles as Ford’s chief technical officer and product development head.

The two will develop the core technology of Ford’s autonomous vehicle — the “virtual driver” system, which Nair described as the car’s “brains, eyes, ears and senses.”

The decision to turn to Argo for help is a tacit acknowledgement that Ford needed more talent to deliver on Fields’ 2021 promise, said one expert familiar with Salesky and Rande.

“This is likely a realization that Ford is…
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Korea Prosecutors Take Second Stab at Samsung Exec

South Korea’s special prosecutor’s office is taking another run at arresting and charging Samsung executive Jay Y. Lee. Lee faces possible embezzlement, bribery, and asset-related charges tied to S. Korea President Park Geun-hye. Specifically, the prosecutor’s office believes Lee payed Park to facilitate a merger of two lesser Samsung businesses that, in turn, helped pave the way for Lee’s succession within the organization. “Samsung has absolutely never bribed the president seeking something in return or sought illicit favors,” said Samsung Group in a statement. Last month, a Seoul-based court rejected the procesutor’s attempt to charge Lee. Lee is a member of the family that controls a majority stake in Samsung and has been groomed to lead the organization. A court will have to approve the presecutor’s new request.

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VeloCloud To Showcase Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN Globally

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 14, 2017 — VeloCloud™ Networks, Inc., the Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN™ company, today announced that it will present and demonstrate VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN at a number of important industry events around the world this quarter.

VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN enables Enterprises to securely support application growth, network agility, and simplified branch and end-point implementations while delivering optimized access to cloud services, private datacenters and enterprise applications. Global Service Providers are able to increase revenue, deliver advanced services and increase flexibility by delivering elastic transport, performance for cloud applications, and integrated advanced services all via a zero-touch deployment and operations model. Both Enterprises and Service Providers benefit from the multi-tenant cloud gateway architecture and the ability to support real-time applications over private, broadband and wireless links. With VeloCloud, The Cloud is the Network™.

VeloCloud will participate at a number of important events this quarter, including:
?EU? RSA Conference 2017; where Parag Thakore, VeloCloud Director of Product Management, and Nitin Kumar, VeloCloud Product Manager, will demonstrate the benefits of Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN on Feb. 15 at 3 pm; at the Moscone Convention Center; in the Fortinet theater booth number N3627 North Hall.

?EU? Cisco Live! Berlin; Messe, Berlin; Feb. 21-23; at the Booth IP4, Cisco Investment Pavilion, Hall 4.2.
?EU? Data Connectors; Salt Lake City; Feb. 23; at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center.
?EU? Mobile World Congress; Fira, Barcelona; Feb. 27-March 2; in the VMware Pavilion, Hall 3-Stand 3K10. VeloCloud CEO Sanjay Uppal will also be co-presenting a session titled ?EU?Service Provider Managed SD-WAN Services Powered by VeloCloud and VMware vCloud NFV?EU? in the VMware booth theater, at 4:30 pm on Feb. 27. In addition, VeloCloud will also hold private meetings in its Executive Business Suite number 2A10 MR, Hall 2. Requests for a meeting with VeloCloud senior executives can be registered at the…
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Three launch Wuntu – A new customer rewards app

Three launch Wuntu   A new customer rewards app

Three has today launched Wuntu a new rewards app for Three customers that will deliver a personalised range of offers, discounts and exclusive competitions.

You’ll receive your selection of rewards each week and it’ll get to learn more about you based on his you’ve used to app in the past, delivering exclusive offers tailored to your interests.

A new set of rewards will be served up each Thursday, and offers come from retailers such as Deliveroo and Amazon. You can also win competitions, and they currently have 10 five-night trips to New York City with lastminute.com up for grabs.

Three launch Wuntu   A new customer rewards app

The rewards are available to all Pay As You Go, Contract and Mobile Broadband Three customers. Just search for “Wuntu” in your app store to get it.

Danny Dixon, Director of Digital Offers & Rewards at Three tells us..

Three’s aim is to simplify the complex landscape of loyalty programmes. Wuntu is unlike any other rewards programme out there. Over time, Wuntu will become innovative and intuitive, ultimately making the customer feel like a king.

We’re working with some fantastic partners for launch and the list is set to grow as the app gains popularity. The best part is that the app is very simple to use, so our customers will have a great user experience from the moment they download Wuntu through to how they claim their offers.

Head to the Wuntu page for more details or read on.

It’s as easy as Wuntu-Three 

– Three launches pioneering new rewards app for customers –

Three, the network that prides itself on championing the customer, has today launched Wuntu – a pioneering new app that delivers a range of exclusive rewards, money-saving offers and one-off experiences, direct to the mobiles of its customers. 

Today marks the start of a journey for Three in changing the game in loyalty programmes. Wuntu will begin with a simple, unique, fast-paced offering of seven offers each week. It will gradually improve and over time it will grow to learn more about its users, with the assortment of offers, rewards and content becoming more timely, targeted and tailored to people’s interests. So the more people use it, the better it will get – understanding what customers like, inspiring them and even suggesting new things they might like to try.

Danny Dixon, Director of Digital Offers & Rewards at Three said: “Three’s aim is to simplify the complex landscape of loyalty programmes. Wuntu is unlike any other rewards programme out there. Over time, Wuntu will become innovative and intuitive, ultimately making the customer feel like a king. While at first the rewards it offers will be more generic, over time the mixture of offers, rewards and content will become increasingly catered to the users’ interests, the more they use it. It’s completely free to download for all Three customers, making it a real no-brainer for users to begin benefitting from immediately.”

Danny continued: “We’re working with some fantastic partners for launch and the list is set to grow as the app gains popularity. The best part is that the app is very simple to use, so our customers will have a great user experience from the moment they download Wuntu through to how they claim their offers.”

The types of rewards and offers available on Wuntu will cater for all tastes and quirks, and will be spread across a number of different categories, including Travel, Taste, Entertainment and Technology. So whether you’re a foodie who loves dining-out, a jetsetter with constant wanderlust, or a gadget-obsessed techie, there’s a reward out there for you.

Three has partnered with a number of exciting brands to offer these top notch rewards, including the likes of Deliveroo and Amazon. Better still, one of the offers currently available is the chance to win one of 10 five-night trips to New York City with lastminute.com.

The line-up of offers will refresh every Thursday, with seven new deals made available to each user every week. The nature of these will range from the small to the show-stopping – so from money off your morning coffee, right up to a chance of winning a free holiday, you can rest assured there will always be something that takes your fancy.

Wuntu is available to all Pay As You Go, Contract and Mobile Broadband Three customers. The app can be downloaded now from Google Play, iTunes and via Three’s app My3.

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  • On Tinder? Swipe right on Honor…

    Honor are a brand known to be “For the Brave” and to deliver great value devices to the “Digital Natives”. Feeling brave and/or very millenial? Well, if you’re Italian (and in Italy) there’s a fun Honor event happening… on Tinder! Yes that’s right, you can now swipe right on Honor.

    On Tinder? Swipe right on Honor...

    Those romantic Italians, always thinking about love. This is probably because other basics to live a good life, like good weather, good food and decent sportsball are already available in the country. OK, maybe I shouldn’t have written that after the last couple of RBS Six Nations games…

    So what’s the deal? If you are using Tinder in Italy until February 21st you are likely to come across an Honor profile like the one pictured above. Swipe right and you will be invited to enter a talent show hosted and run by Honor in Italy, and you’ll also receive a 20 Euro voucher to redeem on vMall towards the purchase of an Honor 6X.

    On Tinder? Swipe right on Honor...

    As we mentioned earlier, this competition is only for participants in Italy. To enter and read the full terms and conditions head over to http://bit.ly/TinderPRHonor. You can also enter on Instagram by posting a romantic picture of you and Honor and using the hashtags #Honor4Single and #Honor6X. There are Honor 8s and Honor 6Xs up for grabs.

    It’s ironic that Honor’s global brand motto is “For The Brave”, as in  Italian this can be read as “For the Good Girls” after going through a bit of a language mash up.

    This marketing campaign is a collaboration between Honor and Tinder. It’s actually the first time this sort of joint campaign has been run in Italy, so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

    Would you swipe right on Honor if you came across one of their profiles on Tinder? Do you think this is a clever marketing campaign? Let us know on Twitter. You won’t find Coolsmartphone.com on Tinder, we’re permanently committed to you, the Coolsmartphone readers. Happy Saint Valentines Day folks!


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  • Tesco Mobile to deliver money-saving perks to families

    Tesco Mobile to deliver money saving perks to families

    A refreshed Family Perks scheme has been launched on Tesco Mobile here in the UK today. It means that, if you get your family together on one bill, you can choose perks for each member. Those perks include free minutes, data or Tesco Clubcard points.

    Using the O2 network, you can cap monthly mobile spend on every contract in the household and it’ll mean that the family shop is a bit cheaper with all the additional Clubcard points you can earn. Collectively a family can benefit from up to 12,000 Clubcard points or 60GB of additional data in a year, whatever suits you really. Each member of the family can choose their own perk and can benefit from individual allowances. Additional SIMs can be added on at any time and you can fully manage and change Family Perks in the “My Account” page on the Tesco Mobile website or via the Tesco Mobile app.

    Tesco have sent us a lovely table showing how those Family Perks work out..

    Monthly payment per SIM Up to £9.99 £10.00 – £25.00 Over £25.00
    Choose your free monthly Family Perk from…
    Extra data 250MB 500MB 1GB
    Extra minutes 150 250 500
    Extra Tesco Mobile minutes 500 500 500
    Extra Clubcard points 50 100 200
    Money off your bill 50p £1 £2

    If you’re interested, head across to the Tesco Mobile website for more detail.


    The post Tesco Mobile to deliver money-saving perks to families is original content from Coolsmartphone. If you see it on another news website, please let us know.


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  • Valve is Developing 3 Full Games for Virtual Reality

    Valve is a gaming company well-known for its creation of popular games such as Half-Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Counter Strike. It is also the creator-partner of HTC in developing the Vive Headset for virtual reality.  Recently, Valve is in the process of developing three full games for virtual reality. At a recent…
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