Ullo Wine Purifier: Lets You Drink without Getting a Hang Over

Wine is good for the heart and drinking it in moderation can help you lose weight as well as boost your immunity. It can also reduce forgetfulness and in some cases prevent bone loss. Drinking wine can preserve your memory because it helps prevent blood clots and reduce blood vessel inflammation. Some studies show that […]
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LocusBots: Robots that Have the Ability to Interact with Each Other

Being part of a team today means that you are connected to your team mates to perform a task. When you talk to each other, it is one way of sharing information and collaborations thus making it possible to get the job done. But that’s about to change if robots enter the workplace. Locus Robotics […]
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Review: Samsung Galaxy S8 Creates Strong First Impressions

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 (and its bigger sibling, the Galaxy S8 Plus) are designed to reintroduce the public to Samsung as the company tries to put the fiery death of the Galaxy Note 7 behind it.

And, as first impressions go, this is a doozy. If Samsung is trying to wow us into trusting it again, it’s done a pretty good job with this highly-polished, distinctive pair of devices.

The obvious star of the show here is the screen, which takes up nearly all of the front of the new smartphones. Samsung has managed to maximize the screen here by concealing the physical home button underneath the screen, and using virtual buttons that can disappear when they’re not in use.

The result is surprisingly impressive. Given that Samsung has had a similar edge-to-edge design on the Galaxy S7 Edge for a couple of years now, I wasn’t expecting to be impressed by a little more room. But kicking out the home button does make a noticeable difference on the phone — giving you more screen on which to surf, work and watch videos.

The change does give both the S8 and S8 Plus a slightly weird screen size — they feel a bit too tall for their width — that may be annoying to watch video on over time. The Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch screen, while the S8 Plus has a 6.2-inch screen. Despite the odd shape, both models provide a lot of screen for a phone that I can use conveniently with one hand. That’s not something I could say of the Note 7, which had a 5.7-inch screen. I can’t even really say that of the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

I thought the virtual buttons might throw me off as well, given my experience with similar designs in the past. But Samsung…
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New Device Can Pull Water from Thin Air Even in Dry Areas

Scientists have developed a new device that can pull water out of thin air even in the driest of deserts, and it’s powered by solar energy alone. The scientists hope that a commercial version of the technology could eventually supply clean drinking water to the poorest and driest parts of the world. The device is […]
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Toddlers that Play with Touchscreens Get Less Sleep

A scientific study has discovered that toddlers and younger children that constantly play or use devices with touchscreens such as tablets have less sleeping time. The more toddlers play with touchscreen devices the less they get to sleep, according to a study released on Thursday that suggests the findings could be cause for concern. For […]
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This Pillow will Let You Sleep Smartly and Wake You Up Naturally

The Sunrise Smart Pillow launched on Wednesday last week on Kickstarter is supposed to help you wake up gradually in the morning by reproducing sunlight. It’s got a strip of lights on both ends that change colors depending on your programmed sleep schedule. You can use them to wake you up at a certain time, […]
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Dr. Mark Wainberg: Pioneer in HIV/AIDS Research has Died

Dr. Mark Wainberg, one of the most prolific pioneers in the research on HIV/AIDS and an internationally renowned scientist from Montreal, Canada, died on Tuesday from an asthma attack after swimming in rough waters in Bal Harbor, Florida. He was 71 at the time of his death. Acting police chief Miguel De La Rosa said […]
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US Military Finally Uses Its Top Technology Bomb for the First Time

The US military, particularly the US Air Force, has finally decided to use its most powerful “non-nuclear technology bomb” for the very first time since it was invented and developed in 2003. The tactical weapon was dropped on ISIS (Daesh) caves and strongholds in Afghanistan on Thursday night. The GBU-43/B Glide Bomb or Massive Ordnance […]
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NASA Reveals that Saturn’s Moon Enceladus May Contain Organic Alien Life

NASA has revealed on Thursday that there could actually be strong evidence of alien life that may exist in our solar system, with evidence stronger than anything found on Mars. The space agency announced that all the practical elements needed to create life has been discovered in just one place, one of Saturn’s icy moons, […]
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