LED Light Bulbs: Tips in Choosing the Best Ones

For more than a decade, the incandescent light bulb is the only way to light up our home. Options began to come out. Today, we have come to a point where we are concerned about how many months or years our bulbs will last and how much electricity it will cost us, it became more […]
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Best of MWC 2017

In the world a mobile phones, Mobile World Congress is the main event. Taking place each year in Barcelona, it’s where the world sees what’s in store for phones and networks that year. Trends take shape and phones are launched. We check out everything in person, and pick our favorites with our Best of MW awards. This year, five phones stood out.

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New LG Phone Influenced by Samsung's Note 7 Troubles

Samsung’s fiasco with its fire-prone Note 7 phone has pushed its rival LG to take additional precautions with its next smartphone. Samsung recalled millions of Note 7 phones after dozens overheated and caught on fire. Samsung blamed numerous problems with its batteries and announced tighter quality controls and more rigorous testing.

LG said it’s doubling the separation between the battery’s positive and negative chambers to reduce the risk of a short. Samsung’s investigators found that overly thin separators were partly to blame for the Note 7 problems.

LG also redesigned the phone’s interior to separate the two main sources of heat — the main processor and the display driver — and turned other components into heat sinks to dissipate heat.

“We started by placing these two (sources) as far apart as possible and then built the phone around it,” LG spokesman Frank Lee said.

Even though the company hasn’t had the types of failures that Samsung experienced with the Note 7 batteries, Lee said wireless carriers are seeking greater safety assurances for all phones they sell.

“What’s important for them is to make sure that they present to their subscribers a quality, stable product,” Lee said in an interview. “This caught the entire market off-guard.”

LG unveiled its next phone, the G6 [pictured above], ahead of Monday’s opening of the Mobile World Congress [MWC 2017} wireless show in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung has said it’s delaying its next major phone, the Galaxy S8, until after the show.

LG has a tiny share of a worldwide smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung. LG didn’t gain significantly following the Note 7 recall.

The G6 will have a 5.7-inch screen, though the size of the phone itself is about the same as last year’s 5.3-inch G5. LG achieves this partly by adopting an 18:9 aspect ratio, meaning the display’s height is…
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When Test-Driving a New Car, Take the Technology for a Spin

Car shopping isn’t just about kicking the tires anymore. It’s also about testing the technology. The rapidly evolving in-car infotainment and navigation systems can be bewildering for all but the most tech-savvy car buyers. The average vehicle on U.S. roads is 11 years old; that means many people last went car shopping before iPhones were invented.

Car buyers should make sure they can pair their phone with a car, play music from their phone, make a hands-free call and use the navigation system before they leave the dealer lot, experts say. They should make sure volume knobs, climate controls and other technology is intuitive and displayed the way they like. Some drivers want volume controls on the steering wheel, for example, while others prefer a knob on the dashboard.

Safety technology is also changing rapidly, and buyers should familiarize themselves with what the car can and can’t do. Some vehicles will brake automatically to avoid a collision, while others flash a warning and help the driver pump the brakes but won’t bring the car to a full stop.

“Spend some time in the parking lot sitting in the car and just messing with it,” says Ron Montoya, senior consumer advice editor for the car shopping site Edmunds.com.

The issue is a serious one for the auto industry. Consumers’ complaints about phone connectivity, navigation and infotainment systems have lowered vehicle dependability scores in annual rankings from J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. Poor showings in such rankings can put a dent in sales. Car shopping site Autotrader.com has found that as many as one-third of buyers will choose a different brand if they think a vehicle’s tech features are too hard to use.

To combat that, some brands are setting up technology help desks at dealerships and boosting employee training. In 2013, General Motors Co. formed a…
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Magic Shifts dpi to iPaaS for Cloud Integrations

Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ and TASE: MGIC), a global provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility, cloud applications, and business integration, announced today its plans to open an R&D center in St. Petersburg, Russia to expand its solutions and services offering. The R&D center will focus on implementing new technologies into its existing solutions to enable its customers to leverage the latest IT market trends and quickly adapt to meet the newest business requirements.

Magic will enhance its Magic xpa Application Platform with a variety of tools and services for modernizing and enriching existing business applications and creating new solutions with an enhanced user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

Magic will enhance its Magic xpi Integration Platform with an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution, providing hybrid integration capabilities. This solution will enable customers to implement digital transformation through their choice of a cloud, on-premise or hybrid installation.

Yuval Lavi, VP Technology states: “Our expanded offering will allow us to provide our customers and partners with the flexible solutions they require to support increasing business challenges. We will continue to provide both our existing and new customers with advanced IT technologies, empowering them with the solutions they need in to succeed in today?EU?s competitive landscape.”

About Magic Software Enterprises

Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ: MGIC) empowers customers and partners around the globe with smarter technology that provides a multichannel user experience of enterprise logic and data.

For more information, visit Magic Software online.
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Facebook Brings Suicide Prevention Tools to Messenger and Live

Facebook today outlined several new initiatives it has put in place to help those who may intend to harm themselves. The actions follow a commitment made last month by Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg to do more to help those in need. The new options include suicide prevention tools built into Facebook Live so people can be helped in real time. Facebook offers live chat support from crisis intervention groups, too, via Facebook Messenger. Facebook also made the process of reporting possible suicides easier with the help of artificial intelligence. Facebook hopes the new tools, available on mobile devices and the web, will help people find help on their own, as well as allow others to intervene when needed.

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YouTube TV to Offer Live TV for $35 Per Month

Google this week announced YouTube TV, another way to watch television content online. Google partnered with more than 40 television networks, including national and regional channels, to provide access to their shows for the YouTube generation. Some of the channels include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, USA, FX, Disney Channel, Sprout, E! and Bravo. People can add on Showtime for an extra monthly fee if they wish. The monthly service is accessible from mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Moreover, Android and iOS device users will be able to cast YouTube TV shows from their phone or tablet to their Chromecast-equipped television set. YouTube TV includes a cloud-based DVR with unlimited storage where people can save and access their shows from practically anywhere. Google will allow people to store recordings for free for up to nine months. Each YouTube TV subscription includes up to six individual accounts for personalized recommendations and DVR recording. Google says YouTube TV will go live in the largest U.S. markets soon, with others to follow shortly thereafter. YouTube TV costs $35 per month and doesn’t require any contracts or commitments.

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