Magic Announces IoT Day in Germany

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., a global provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility, cloud applications, and business integration, invites business executives to its IoT (Internet of Things) Day event on 6 April 2017 at the HighLight Towers in Munich.

Speakers from IBM, Vodafone, Ernst & Young, Capgemini, Digital Analytics Association, and Magic Software will share their visions and perspectives on IoT, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. Participants will also enjoy an exclusive guided tour of the new IBM Watson IoT & KI Experience Centre.

Magic Software?EU?s IoT Day is intended to provide attendees with a mix of both visionary views and concrete tips to help business and public organizations get started in the Industry 4.0 era. Live demos and lectures will illustrate how organizations can implement IoT strategies and avoid mistakes. For example, attendees will learn:

— Which types of Internet of Things projects are best-suited for success in the manufacturing industry
— How to intelligently link data assets and ensure a smooth flow of data
— How to collect business-relevant information from machine data
— What Blockchains and the Internet of Things have in common
— “Black Holes” to watch out for when implementing Industry 4.0 projects
— What we know about Artificial Intelligence and the Cognitive Internet of Things
— What lies behind the scenes of the IBM Watson IoT & KI Experience Center

For further information and to register for Magic Software?EU?s IoT Day event, visit the company’s website.

Hashtag: # IOT_MUC_17

About Magic Software Enterprises

Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ: MGIC) empowers customers and partners around the globe with smarter technology that provides a multichannel user experience of enterprise logic and data. For more information, visit Magic Software’s website.
Source: Mobile Tech Today

BatON app review- view battery level of attached bluetooth headset

BatON app review  view battery level of attached bluetooth headset

Have you ever picked up your Bluetooth headphones, then pocketed a pair of wired headphones in case they run out of juice when you’re out? Do you carry a spare pair of backup earphones as you’ve no real idea of the battery level of your Bluetooth earphones? BatON solves this annoying first world problem.

BatOn fills a clear gap in the Android system settings that will become more prevalent as manufacturers move away from 3.5 mm earphone jacks. This app is simplicity itself and works very well. When you connect to your earphones, a pop-up appears on your phone screen showing the battery level of the connected device. This is followed by a permanent indicator in your notification tray, giving the name of your attached device and it’s battery level. You can dismiss this notification with a swipe if you don’t want it there.

BatON app review  view battery level of attached bluetooth headsetBatON app review  view battery level of attached bluetooth headset

When you open the app itself, it shows you the list of Bluetooth devices you have previously linked to based on your Bluetooth system profile. Once attached, you can refresh the battery reading of the device by clicking on it. This will manually check again for you. I also love the granular level of notification control you have with the app, really letting you set it up however you want it:

BatON app review  view battery level of attached bluetooth headsetBatON app review  view battery level of attached bluetooth headset


There are some limitations, however. It works flawlessly with my Anker Bluetooth headphones (purchased this year), but gets nothing from a Bluetooth speaker I’ve owned for several years. This is due to the data given by the Bluetooth device. If the device doesn’t send data or sends an inaccurate battery level, then there is nothing the application can do. It checks two types of battery reports;

  • Hands-Free profile (accept, reject phone calls)
  • General Battery Service for low energy devices (GATT profile)

Interested to find out more I contacted the app developer and below are some details he was happy to share (edited for brevity):

My name is Sergey Belov, I am from Russia. I’ve developed software applications for 12 years, mostly web based. I started to develop for Android about 3 years ago but all these applications were for startups that were ultimately unsuccessful.

I regularly ran out of power for my earphones whilst listening to audiobooks and so did my colleagues. I saw that the iPhone shows the battery level of headphones and after a little research I found out that CyanogenMod can do that also. The biggest challenge was to find data sheets for different versions of the Bluetooth hands free protocol. Sometimes this information is very hard to find when looking via search engines and so what I use in the app comes from legacy source codes from GitHub. The other main problem is that all battery information is optional from the manufacturers and they can implement it in different ways or not at all. I’d love to be able to buy a load of devices and test them all to ensure accuracy in my app but I really don’t have a budget for this as the app was only created for my friends and I. I’ve tried to include an explanation of this in the Infomation section of my app to help people understand that it is ‘use as is’  because if there is no information on an attached device it is not the apps fault.

This is one of those apps that does exactly what it says on the tin and does it well. Your experience may well vary due to the unfortunate fact that the app doesn’t perform any measurements itself, it simply reports the data provided from the attached device. As for me, it’s been excellent and I’m sure BatOn will (given time) be appropriated by Google to be part of the system settings. Until that time you can download BatON from the Play Store here.

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  • Super Mario Run will be Updated for Android and iOS Users this March

    Back in January of this year, Nintendo had already announced that Super Mario Run will be coming to Android phones anytime in March. Nintendo America has made good on this promise for Android phone users as users started playing the game on their mobile yesterday. In December of last year, Nintendo launched the game for […]
    Source: Mobile Magazine

    Squigglish is a New App that Uses Math to Create Playful Wiggling Animations

    Using this new app to create wiggly animations might make you want to ‘wiggle wiggle wiggle’ as Jason Derulo would say. Many people admire and love the effects of squiggle vision, the art and animation effect in which lines on an image or drawing oscillate to make static scenes feel more dynamic. It usually involves […]
    Source: Mobile Magazine

    Space X Wants to Bring the Internet to Space

    Let’s make it clear that there is internet in space since astronauts now use it to communicate, especially for those on the International Space Station. However, let’s just say that the average internet speed in outer space is very limited and slower than that slowest connection in the Philippines. And so, Space X wants to […]
    Source: Mobile Magazine

    Huawei P9’s Common Problems and How to Solve Them

    Cell Phones have played a vital role in our daily lives. It has sustained our personal needs in maintaining a bond through constant communication. Many brands are offering practical and useful tools for our day to day. One particular brand that stood out recently is Huawei. Huawei is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment […]
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    Yes, more Galaxy S8 leaks

    Yes, more Galaxy S8 leaks

    If the rumor mill is to be believed, and take it from me it’s in full swing, the reveal of the latest Samsung flagship the Galaxy S8 is less than a week away.

    And to be honest, it’s pretty hard not to have seen a leak of the device up until now. According to SamMobile, a video of Simone actually trying in the device has surfaced.

    Now the interesting thing on this video it the white bezels, which is contrary to other leaks we have seen. This is making some people think there may be other colour options for the front of the device.

    All be revealed pretty soon.

    The post Yes, more Galaxy S8 leaks is original content from Coolsmartphone. If you see it on another news website, please let us know.


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  • May I Virtually Help You? Chatbots Move Into the Real Estate Sector

    Fandango uses them to communicate with movie fans. Dominos offers them to help customers order pizza. And Nordstrom utilizes them to help shoppers customize gift ideas.

    They’re called “chatbots,” and they’ve now infiltrated the real estate space, making it easier to hunt for a home or rental unit or list your property for sale.

    Chatbots are artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants (VAs), found within messaging apps or websites, that automatically respond to consumers’ requests and provide information via chat or text. But unlike Siri, Alexa, and other VAs that can typically only field simple one-at-a-time queries, chatbots are designed to conduct more extensive and human-like two-way conversations.

    Their usefulness in real estate is plentiful, according the experts.

    “Chatbots can provide immediate responses and property information to interested buyer and seller inquiries and help tee them up for real estate agents to take over,” said David Tal, CEO of Agentology, a San Diego-based tech company that provides lead qualification services for agents. “They also save real estate companies from the human cost of having full-time staff calling and responding to many inquiries that a chatbot can understand and assist with.”

    Examples of real estate chatbots up and running today include Apartment Ocean, Automabots, Kasia, ZoomBot and Holmes.

    “Holmes can respond to both buyer and seller leads and answer questions like ‘How long will my home take to sell?’, ‘What are the current taxes at 123 Main Street,’ and ‘Are there any homes in San Francisco with natural lighting and cement floors?”‘, said Nate Joens, CEO at Structurely, the Ames, IA-headquartered creator of Holmes. “When needing basic info on a property listed on an agent’s website, you can ask something like ‘Does this home have a newer roof?’, and Holmes will instantly respond on behalf of the agent.”

    According to Nick Kljaic, president of Apartment Ocean in New York City,…
    Source: Mobile Tech Today

    Polaroid Swing Reboots Brand To Inspire Artists and Marketers

    In the 20th century, Polaroid was associated with artists who included Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol and David Hockney. Now the rebooted brand is hoping to walk a similar road and inspire a new generation.

    The Silicon Valley startup Polaroid Swing will this week offer more than 200 photographers equipment, exhibition space and possible commissions in its new artist support program.

    “Our purpose as a company is to inspire artistic expression,” said its British co-founder Tommy Stadlen. “We exist to champion artists and we take that really seriously.’

    The company, which launched its Polaroid Swing app last summer, has taken the name and spirit of Polaroid and repackaged it into a new enterprise with a mission, it says, to create a “living photograph,?EU? a step toward something you might see in the Harry Potter movies.

    “Photographs should be alive,?EU? said Stadlen. “Every photograph in the digital world and eventually in the physical world, why can’t you move it? Why can’t you have the composition of a still and be able to see it move?”

    The concept is based on humans seeing the world in “short moments, not photos or videos,” he said. So with a Swing photo you will see the wave crash or the eye blink.

    The artist support program is inspired by the one Polaroid’s founder, Edwin Land, created in the mid-20th century, which gave important support to artists such as Warhol, Hockney, Robert Mapplethorpe and Robert Rauschenberg.

    It was a mutually beneficial arrangement, and that is something Stadlen hopes to replicate. “Artists helped to make Polaroid a ubiquitous brand and if we can inspire a whole generation of artists to use this medium then it is going to be great for us, great for them.”

    The idea is that applicants will use the Polaroid Swing app to take pictures which they then submit through social…
    Source: Mobile Tech Today