Motorola Solutions Acquires PTT Provider Kodiak Networks

Motorola Solutions today said it has agreed to acquire Kodiak Networks for an undisclosed sum. Motorola Solutions is the not the Lenovo-owned company behind Motorola smartphones; rather, Motorola Solutions is a separate corporation that handles first-responder and push-to-talk hardware, and wireless networking equipment. Kodiak Networks is a privately-owned company that developed PTT-over-cellular (3G, 4G) technology. Kodiak’s tech has been adopted by network operators such as AT&T, allowing modern smartphones to include PTT functionality without requiring the old iDEN-based technology used by Nextel a decade ago. Motorola Solutions said the acquisition is a good fit for its networking business and will help improve its own technology offerings. The deal is subject to traditional regulatory and closing conditions.

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YouTube Ad Boycott Could Spell Trouble for Alphabet's Google

YouTube’s inability to keep big-brand ads off unsavory videos is threatening to transform a rising star in Google’s digital family into a problem child.

It’s not yet clear whether a recent ad boycott of YouTube will be short-lived or the start of a long-term shift away from the video service — one that could undercut Google’s growth and that of its corporate parent, Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet’s first-quarter results, released Thursday, provided few clues. Major advertisers didn’t start pulling their money from YouTube until the three-month period was nearly over.

The company’s earnings rose 29 percent to $5.4 billion while revenue climbed 22 percent to $24.8 billion. Shares surged nearly 5 percent, to $933, in Thursday’s extended trading.

Cloud Over YouTube

But the fallout from the YouTube boycott is likely to be felt through the rest of this year. Skittish advertisers have curtailed their spending until they are convinced Google can prevent their brands from appearing next to extremist clips promoting hate and violence.

“There is no entity in the world that is more risk averse than a senior marketing person,” says Larry Chiagouris, a marketing professor at Pace University in New York. “They don’t want to go with a media choice that presents problems for a brand, and they don’t have to because they have many other choices.”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told analysts during a Thursday review of the first quarter that the company has had “thousands and thousands” of conversations with advertisers as YouTube takes steps to protect their brands. “We are evolving overall to a better place,” Pichai said.

At another point, he assured analysts that YouTube is still experiencing “extraordinary” growth without providing specifics.

Even if YouTube continues to lose advertisers, it won’t leave a huge dent in Alphabet’s earnings. That’s because marketers are expected to keep feeding the company’s golden goose — Google’s dominant…
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Awesome Fitbit Watches that Meet your Fitness Tracking Needs

Are you fond of doing various types of exercises or do you want to know your heart rate? Fitness should be fun and everything you do add up to a healthier you. This is why the Fit Bit watch was made to track all your day’s activities like steps, distance and calories burned no matter […]
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Twitter Ties Up with Bloomberg To Stream TV News

In a bid to diversify and expand, Twitter has now partnered with Bloomberg for a round-the-clock streaming television news service.

Reports stated that as per the deal, Bloomberg will produce news programming specifically for Twitter.

The programming will include a mix of live news reported from Bloomberg’s global bureaus along with videos posted by verified Twitter users – streaming around the clock.

In a statement, Bloomberg Media’s CEO, Justin Smith, said that the service would “be focused on the most important news for an intelligent audience around the globe,” saying that it would be “broader in focus than our existing network.”

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the yet unnamed channel is expected to begin operations this fall.

Over the past few quarters, Twitter’s user growth has stalled and the company has been trying to convince advertisers that it will strengthen its user base.

As part of its efforts, Twitter has updated its product offerings including live video broadcasts from its app and launched new features to attract users.

In an internal memo last October, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that one of the company’s missions was defined as being the “people’s news network.”

Over the last year, Twitter has made a push into news and sports on mobile devices.

Anthony Noto, Twitter’s COO and CFO, said that the Bloomberg deal made Twitter a viable alternative for cord cutters.

Adding, “We really think we can reach audiences that are not paying for TV and are watching television on the go and we think Bloomberg is the perfect partner for us to start with.”

The terms of the deal have not been revealed so far.

Twitter has previously worked with Bloomberg to stream 2016’s U.S. Presidential debates.
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Samsung Rolls Out Bixby Voice In Korea; U.S. Launch Still Unknown

Samsung today began distributing the Bixby Voice user interface to Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets in its home market of South Korea. Bixby was included on the S8/S8+ at launch without support for the voice functionality. For the moment, Bixby is limited to generating information cards and creating reminders. Once Bixby Voice is installed, Galaxy S8 owners will be able to talk themselves through the entire user interface of select apps, rather than just issue short commands for one-time actions. Bixby Voice fully supports 10 apps at launch, including the gallery, messages, settings, phone, contacts, weather, calculator, reminders, Bixby Vision, and the camera. Samsung says people will be able to test Bixby with 20 more apps through its Bixby Labs program. Some of those apps include Samsung Pay, Samsung Health, notes, My Files, email, and the internet browser, and third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and YouTube. Applications still in the Bixby Labs will come to Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets over time. Samsung did not provide details concerning the U.S. launch of Bixby Voice. For now, the launch is still slated for later this spring.

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Uber’s Self-Driving Head is Forcibly Sidelined Amidst Lawsuit on Stolen Tech

Anthony Levandowski is now being called “the brother from another mother” of Travis Kalanick. He has also been forced to officially step down as the head of Uber’s self-driving car division. Levandowski is the key suspect in a lawsuit filed by his former employer, Google, that claims he stole technology that Uber is now incorporating […]
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Scientist Reveals Math for Time Travel is Possible, but No Machine Yet

Since HG Wells first popularized the idea in 1885, time travel has remained a steady theme in science fiction. Popular films such as 12 Monkeys, Looper, and the Terminator film series has shown variations on the theme of time travel, leaving it as something that would remain as fiction, something unreachable even by technology. But […]
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Now Available: Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Samsung recently released the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and the initial feedback is glowing with praises. Both models are innovative, sophisticated, and full of interesting features.   With the two flagship phones, Samsung has stirred the market and made a lot of people excited about getting their own units. Both models are described as being […]
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Online Videos of Killings are a Real Headache for Facebook

Technology has never been so easy and accessible, especially when posting videos of live murders taking place on the internet. Recent cases of murder videos uploaded in the U.S. and Thailand has made this a tricky issue and an urgent headache problem that Facebook needs to tackle. On Monday, a 20-year-old Thai man broadcast a […]
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How Payment Service Venmo Hatched and Later Sold to PayPal

It only took a few drinks — and a much-younger Iqram Magdon-Ismail forgetting his wallet at home one night — for him and his friends to come up with one of the most popular ways of splitting a bill: Venmo.

Magdon-Ismail is the co-founder of Venmo [pictured above], the payment service that allows people to send each other cash for any purpose whatsoever.

He spoke with the AP about how Venmo got started and how his unique upbringing helped spark the concept for Venmo, which is now owned by PayPal. Below are the highlights of the interview, edited for length and clarity.

Q: How did you and your co-founder come up with the idea for Venmo?

A: We came up with the idea over a series of brainstorming sessions. The first one was at a bar in Philadelphia where my friend was playing with his band. There’s a common thing bands do where they pass a tip bucket around, and they were asking for everyone in the audience to give them cash to buy some beers at the end of the night if you enjoyed the show. And (Andrew) Kortina and I, the other co-founder of Venmo, were wondering about ways to tip the band without having to go down and put cash in the bucket, and that’s kind of where the original idea for Venmo started.

We kind of let the idea sit for a while. About two or three weeks later I went up to visit him in New York and we were just hanging out. When I left my place I forgot to take my wallet. I had my BlackBerry with me, and then that’s kind of when this behavioral concept of people always carrying their phones everywhere they go started to click with us.

Q: As a kid, were you entrepreneurial? Were…
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