Cloud&Heat Tech Lowers Data Server Emissions Dramatically

DRESDEN, Germany — August 29, 2017 — Cloud&Heat Technologies, a leading infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and private cloud computing provider, today announced that it has lowered data server emissions by 180 tons of CO2 per year with direct water cooling. By combining the demand for computing power and heating energy, companies which add ten server cabinets with the Cloud&Heat Technology to its datacenters, with Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 2.0, can also reduce energy costs for cooling and save heating costs. The reference data server with this technology additionally exhibits the world’s lowest PUE and thereby undercuts the PUE of flagship-data centers from Google and Facebook.

“Our numbers show an undercut of up to 4 percent for PUE and 42 percent for the Energy Reuse Effectiveness (ERE),” says Nicholas Röhrs, CEO of Cloud&Heat Technologies. “At 4 percent, the potential savings for power costs is in two-digit-million figures for companies like Google or Facebook. The C02 emissions would also be reduced — up to multiple hundred thousand tons annually — and that is without even considering reusing the waste heat.”

The waste heat can also be used to produce cold air by using an adsorption cooling device. Buildings in major cities like New York can be provided with heat during winter and with cool air during summer time. This way, a year round usage of the waste heat can be achieved with the Cloud&Heat Technology.

How the Innovative Direct Water Cooling Concept Works

Cloud&Heat has developed an innovative direct water cooling concept which takes up the heat directly from the emitting IT components. The process follows:

?EU? Due to an optimal design of the surface coolers for each component, the heat is taken up very efficiently;

?EU? The cooling medium is transported within the server blade through…
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Apple Teams with Accenture To Build Mobile Enterprise Apps

Under a partnership announced today, the global consultancy Accenture aims to help its enterprise customers transform their businesses through a business service based on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

The latest addition to Accenture’s Digital Studios business, the new dedicated iOS consulting practice will include experts from Accenture and Apple. To be offered in “select locations around the world,” the service will focus on helping enterprises better engage with customers through the use of iPhones and iPads.

Today’s announcement represents another step forward in Apple’s mission to make its devices essential work tools for large organizations. Apple formally launched that mission in late 2014 when it unveiled a partnership with IBM to develop iOS-based mobile apps for nine key industries, including banking, healthcare, insurance, and retail.

Enterprises ‘Just Scratching the Surface’

In a statement, Accenture chairman and CEO Pierre Nanterme called iOS “the superior mobile platform for businesses.” He added that the new collaboration with Apple will enable Accenture to help its customers “transform the way they work.”

Together, Apple and Accenture plan to work to develop new tools and services that connect backend enterprise systems to the wider digital ecosystem, make better use of data through Internet-of-Things applications, and ease migration from legacy infrastructure to iOS apps.

“We believe that businesses have only just begun to scratch the surface of what they can do with our products,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the statement.

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 11, is expected to be released sometime next month. Dubbed by Apple as “the biggest software release ever for iPad,” iOS 11 will bring updated capabilities for the Siri digital assistant, on-device machine learning, and augmented reality, among other features.

Other Partners Adding Apps and Services

In recent years, Apple has teamed up with a number of technology…
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Tech Tools for Donating to Harvey Relief Efforts

Charities are stepping up their donation requests in the wake of Harvey, a severe, Category 4 hurricane that has devastated South Texas and could still lead to worse flooding in the days ahead.

But this is not an excuse to clean out your closet. Money is the quickest, most effective contribution most people can make during times of disaster, charities and philanthropy experts say. And donating directly through a website gets money to a charity faster than a text donation, even though the text might seem easier.

Here’s how to make sure you are giving in a way that matters the most.

Give to Established Relief Agencies

GuideStar’s website has a database that lets you vet charities. You can find information on a charity’s expenses, assets and revenue, as well as its programs.

Stacy Palmer, editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, also suggests looking at a charity’s website for information on how it will use donations. And look through local news reports for information on a charity’s work, or contacting the local United Way and the local Community Foundation — in this case Houston’s.

It’s up to you whether to go with a local charity that might know the area better, or a national charity that has wider reach. Palmer says “both kinds of organizations have their place right now.”

Texting To Give?

It might be tempting to make a donation through text and have the phone company charge it on your phone bill. It’s easy, and it might feel as though it’s the quickest way to get money to a charity.

But Palmer says that’s not the case, as charities have to wait for the phone companies to release the money.

The quickest way to give is to go to the charity’s website and donate directly, using a credit or debit card. That said, relief agencies will need money…
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Uber's Choice for CEO Brings Skills, Experience

For a surprise choice, Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi appears to check the boxes needed to tackle the massive job of leading Uber from a rapidly growing but dysfunctional money-loser to a company that can turn a consistent profit.

Like Uber, Expedia is a global juggernaut that uses an internet platform to process millions of transactions every year. Expedia went through a big growth phase just like Uber, and has mastered making money on travel booking transactions, something that’s only an aspiration for Uber.

Khosrowshahi also has experience leading a public company, which Uber wants to become, and he has handled vocal investors and strong-willed board members, which Uber has.

“The businesses he was in are all about wringing efficiency out of underutilized assets and using a network to do it,” said Gartner analyst Michael Ramsey. “He’s really in the same business.”

Uber’s fractious eight-member board voted Sunday to offer the job to Khosrowshahi, 48, who has spent most of his career at Expedia or what was once its parent company, IAC/InterActiveCorp. Expedia’s board chairman confirmed the offer in a note to employees, but as of late Monday there was no announcement from Uber, where Khosrowshahi reportedly was meeting with employees.

At Uber, Khosrowshahi will face a multitude of problems that led to the ouster of contentious CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick. Board members are engaged in a very public fight, one that has spilled into the courts and influenced the CEO pick. An investigation by an outside law firm found rampant sexual harassment and bullying and there have been allegations of theft and deceit.

To right the company, Khosrowshahi must calm employees, showing them he’s got a specific plan to change culture and make money, Ramsey said.

He has the credentials to do that, RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Mahaney wrote Monday in a note to investors….
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HTC U11 UK pre-orders now live for the 128GB version

If the HTC U11 review sparked your interest, but you want a touch more storage space, today is the day for you. The one we looked at had 64GB, but now you can pre-order the unlocked 128GB version on the HTC website.

Now, we should perhaps point out that the 64GB version of the HTC U11 does support up to 2TB microSD cards, so you can easily get yourself additional storage by dropping in a card that way. As an example (and I’m not even looking at a cheap store), Argos do a 64GB card for £32.99, so you can get 128GB in the £649 64GB version by slotting that in.

HTC U11 UK pre orders now live for the 128GB version

However, with the 128GB version, which is £699, it’s dual-SIM only, so we assume you don’t get a microSD slot because of that. HTC have sent us a press release that touches on the dual-SIM (no microSD) slot subject here…

The beautifully designed handset will boast a dual SIM and come with 6GB of RAM.

Currently they only have the “Solar Red” 128GB model set for the September shipping schedule, but the “Amazing Silver, Brilliant Black and Sapphire Blue” versions will be coming soon.

Don’t forget to have a good look at our HTC U11 review to learn more about this handset. The 64GB model is available from EE and O2.

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  • Here’s your Olympic medal. Some of it used to be a Nokia.

    Provided that Japan still exists and North Korea haven’t fired another ruddy missile at it, then they’ll be holding the Olympics in 2020. The medals, which usually cost a small fortune to create, are going to be made in a very different way this time.

    Heres your Olympic medal. Some of it used to be a Nokia.

    Members of Japan’s Olympic organising committee are looking to use your old smartphone as part of the medals. Our phones contain some precious and rare medal. I’m talking about platinum, palladium, lithium, nickel and stuff like that. So, they’re looking to recycle phones and use them in the medals.

    During the 2016 Rio Olympics each medal weighed 500g each and they were 1cm thick. More than 5,000 medals were made for the Olympics last year and is properly expensive. The gold medals, though, were actually mostly sterling silver. The bronze ones were predominantly copper.

    Reducing electronic waste is definitely going to help promote recycling, and as long as there’s the minimum amount of gold in a gold meal, the athletes will be none the wiser.

    Anyway, here’s a video telling you all about it…

    The post Here’s your Olympic medal. Some of it used to be a Nokia. is original content from Coolsmartphone. If you see it on another news website, please let us know.


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  • Google Finds Space for More Parking Features In Google Maps

    Google today expanded the availability of Google Maps’ parking tools. To start, the existing “how difficult is it to park” feature is accessible to 25 new cities outside the U.S. People planning trips need only tap the parking icon to see how easy or hard it might be to find a spot. The new cities include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cologne, Dusseldorf, London, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Toronto, Valencia, Vancouver, and others. Google Maps for Android gains a new feature that Google says will help U.S.-based users locate a place to put their car. A new “find parking” icon on the directions card will bring up a list of parking garages and lots near the final destination. Users can then tap the garage or lot and navigate directly to it. Maps will even serve up walking directions to get people from the parking lot to their intended destination. The expanded reach of the basic parking difficulty tool is being made available worldwide to users of Maps for Android and iOS today, while the find parking tool is reaching U.S. users of Maps for Android. Google Maps is free to download from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

    Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

    Device Unveils KeyScaler Update for Simplified Security Integration

    Device Authority, a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announces the availability of KeyScaler 5.6, with additional features that include ThingWorx Always-On protocol support and enhanced PKI Signature+.

    Following the launch of KeyScaler 5.5 in June this year, additional and enhanced features simplify the authentication for low footprint, low-power and constrained network devices.

    The enhanced PKI Signature+ authentication in the KeyScaler platform further simplifies the automated PKI provisioning and authentication for low-power devices to deliver robust IoT device identity. This includes the detection of counterfeit devices. For enhanced security, all requests and responses between the device and KeyScaler are encrypted and signed by each party which assists in avoiding issues such as cloning and impersonation.

    PKI Signature+ provides automated, policy-driven PKI based authentication and crypto key management enabling strong device identity and data privacy at IoT scale. KeyScaler makes it easy for device makers to implement high assurance IoT Security for their applications.

    ?EU?Recently InVMA partnered with Device Authority on a medical device project because of KeyScaler?EU?s proven ability to secure constrained devices using PKI Signature+ and its seamless integration with PTC?EU?s ThingWorx application platform,?EU? said Patrick Nash, Managing Director of InVMA.

    This latest software release also includes upgraded support for PTC?EU?s ThingWorx platform Always-On protocol, to further enhance the offering to ThingWorx customers and partners. This includes data security and privacy through transparent, policy-based encryption for device applications connected to ThingWorx.

    ?EU?KeyScaler supports embedded resource constrained devices such as smart meters and medical devices?EU? said Darron Antill, CEO at Device Authority. ?EU?We are enabling our partners and customers to build comprehensive security into their IoT products even when they have low footprints?EU?, he added.

    KeyScaler version 5.6 is available from September 4, 2017.
    Source: Mobile Tech Today

    MediaTek's Helio P23 Chip Targets U.S. Mid-Range Phones

    MediaTek today announced two new processors for mid-range handsets and one of them takes aim square at U.S.-bound smartphones. The Helio P23 system-on-a-chip is centered around eight ARM Cortex A53 cores clocked at 2.3 GHz that are enhanced by Mali G71 MP2 GPUs. The SoC can be paired with memory modules up to 6 GB. The P23 supports dual camera configurations, a feature that has become popular on high-end handsets and some mid-range phones. The P23 can handle two cameras up to 13 megapixels in color/color, color/mono or wide/telephoto configurations for effects such as bokeh, or a single camera at 24 megapixels. MediaTek says the P23 includes its new Imagiq 2.0 suite, which helps minimize grain, noise, aliasing, and chromatic aberrations. A revised camera control unit helps manage auto exposure speeds. On the connectivity front, the Helio P23 packs CAT 7/13 LTE and what MediaTek calls its 4G LTE WorldMode modem, a radio that can handle many of the world’s LTE frequencies. Among them is support for 600 MHz, which is being deployed by T-Mobile. This means phone makers can bring affordable handsets with support for two cameras and T-Mobile’s new LTE network to U.S. consumers. The P23 also includes GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and FM radios. Rounding out the feature set, the P23 offers MediaTek’s CorePilot 4.0 technology to help manage thermals with power needs for efficient computing. The Helio P30, also announced today, has slightly higher specs than the P23 though it mainly targets China. MediaTek says the Helio P23 is sampling now and will be available in volume by the fourth quarter. It expects to see handsets with the Helio P23 inside during the early months of 2018.

    Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

    Magic xpi Recommended by Ovum in Latest OTR Report

    Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., a global provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility, cloud applications, and business integration, announced today that Ovum, a leading analyst firm, has recognized Magic as a well-positioned integration platform (middleware) provider in the latest Ovum ?EU?On the Radar?EU? report. Written by Saurabh Sharma, Principal Analyst at Ovum, the report states that the solution includes built-in connectors for a variety of industry-leading enterprise applications, and a wide range of standard IT protocols and standards.

    Magic?EU?s drag-and-drop approach to data mapping shortens the time required to integrate applications and data sources in an organization or on the cloud, allowing both skilled integrators and non-developers to implement integration processes. The organizations using the solution are able to go live within only three weeks on average.

    The report states that the Magic solution is a good option for small-and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) because the platform is code-free, is compatible with the market?EU?s leading technologies, and shortens project completion times.

    ?EU?Magic xpi Integration Platform is a good option for organizations in need of a scalable approach to on-premises, cloud, mobile, and IoT application integration that does not require highly skilled or specialized developers,?EU? Saurabh Sharma wrote in the report. ?EU?While its ?EU?ease-of-use?EU? and simplified user experience (UX) are aligned with the requirements of small-and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), Magic xpi Integration Platform is also an end-to-end solution for enterprise-scale integration initiatives. Magic Software has expanded the IoT application integration capabilities of its Magic xpi Integration Platform, and is working on offering a full-fledged integration PaaS (iPaaS) solution.?EU?

    For large organizations, the report recommends putting Magic xpi ?EU?on the radar?EU??EU? because the solution decouples the business logic from the integration layer and includes development tools and built-in connectors, ?EU?simplifying the development and execution of integration flows. This reduces the skill level required for composing business processes…
    Source: Mobile Tech Today