Experts Warn that Connected Internet of Things Run Risk of Spying and Hacking: 40% of People Now Have Them in Their Homes

At least 40% of households – at least in Australia – have at least one home ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) device. These are refrigerators, lights, window blinds, locks, alarms, and other devices that are connected to the internet. While the Internet of Things may lead to more efficiency in people’s daily lives, some expert research […]
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Verizon Closes Yahoo Acquisition, Launches Oath

Verizon Communications today said it has finalized its purchase of Yahoo. Now that the deal is complete, Verizon is merging its Yahoo and AOL assets into a new media company called Oath. Oath encompasses some 50 brands, including HuffPost, Yahoo Sports,, Makers, Tumblr, Build Studios, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Mail, and many more. Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer, a former Google exec, has resigned effective today. Yahoo’s properties will be managed by Tim Armstrong, who already oversees Verizon’s AOL business unit. The $4.8 billion deal was first announced in July 2016. The process suffered a major blow when Yahoo disclosed a material security breach that impacted more than 1 billion users. The two companies later agreed to drop the sale price by $350 million, with the final price tag landing at about $4.48 billion. Marni Walden, executive vice president and president of Product Innovation and New Businesses at Verizon, presided over the acquisition. Armstrong will report to her. The company is expected to shed as many as 2,100 jobs as it integrates AOL and Yahoo’s properties. Verizon Communications is the parent company of Verizon Wireless.

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Cutting-Edge Tech for Diabetes on the Horizon

It’s become a punchline in the tech industry that every start-up is out to change the world. When it comes to medical technology, however, some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley are poised to do just that.

Apple, Google and Amazon have announced or are reported to be developing cutting-edge technologies for managing diabetes, one of the fastest-growing chronic illnesses, affecting more than 420 million people worldwide.

Experts say we’re at the dawn of a new era of personal technology for a variety of chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

“It really isn’t a surprise you’d see companies like Apple and Google focusing on this,” said Mike Matson, a senior analyst at the investment firm Needham & Co. “They’re always looking for new opportunities for growth and healthcare is a big market.”

Managing a chronic condition can depend on easy access to data, he said. “If you’re a Google or Apple, you know how to manage data.”

The latest diabetes-related tech endeavor to be announced is the Alexa Diabetes Challenge, which focuses on finding ways for the Amazon Echo smart speaker — and its Alexa digital assistant — to assist people with Type 2 diabetes in living healthier lives.

Type 2 is by far the most common form of diabetes, frequently associated with obesity. Roughly 95% of the nearly 30 million Americans with diabetes are Type 2.

The Alexa challenge features a $125,000 grand prize for whoever comes up with the best diabetes app for the Amazon Echo, as well as $25,000 each for up to five finalists. Funding is being provided by the drug company Merck, manufacturer of the Type 2 meds Januvia and Janumet.

Not surprisingly for the tech industry, the contest boasts a very fast pace. It was announced in April. The deadline for submissions was last month. Finalists will be announced…
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Vidder Protects Against Compromised Devices and Backdoors

CAMPBELL, Calif., June 13, 2017 — Vidder, Inc., the pioneer and market leader in Trusted Access Control, today announced the addition of endpoint trust assessment to its PrecisionAccess™ solution.

With trust assessment, PrecisionAccess allows only trusted clients to access enterprise applications — isolating compromised devices from accessing them — a first for access control solutions. PrecisionAccess already protects applications and servers from unauthorized users, unregistered devices, and attackers with stolen credentials, whether the apps are internal or cloud-based.

Vidder?EU?s compromised device detection augments existing endpoint security controls to defeat attacks against its encrypted application tunnels. The result is a broader role for access control solutions in organizations that have distributed apps and users and depend upon multiple point security solutions to protect increasingly complex networks.

?EU?Vidder?EU?s PrecisionAccess has delivered effective security against sophisticated attacks, including nation-sponsored attacks,?EU? said Bob Flores, Partner at Cognitio Corporation and former CTO of the Central Intelligence Agency. ?EU?Now, with the addition of trust assessment, Vidder defeats external attack vectors against protected enterprise applications.?EU?

The unique PrecisionAccess architecture operates at the connection and application layers, as opposed to using traditional network-based controls. The result is a lower cost and more effective approach to cyber security that doesn?EU?t require costly infrastructure upgrades or painful cutovers. Attack surfaces are significantly reduced with a single layer of enforcement deployed seamlessly across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

?EU?Vidder?EU?s PrecisionAccess is helping us to enhance security and user experience while reducing costs by moving away from traditional hardware investment,?EU? said Mo Ahddoud, CISO of SGN, a gas distribution company that distributes natural and green gas to nearly 6 million homes and businesses. ?EU?Vidder?EU?s software defined perimeter technology is a key part of our strategy of limiting dependence upon the traditional perimeter model and reducing the network footprint with all of its related…
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BlackBerry Says CDMA Version of KEYone Now At Best Buy

BlackBerry Mobile today said the Verizon-ready, CDMA model of its KEYone smartphone is available at Best Buy stores. The phone is sold unlocked with support for Verizon’s 3G and 4G networks. Earlier versions of the KEYone supported only GSM-based 3G service. The KEYone runs Google’s Android operating system with BlackBerry Mobile’s security and communications software on board. The phone’s defining feature is the physical QWERTY keyboard. It costs $549.

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Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases – Review

Head to and you’ll find a range of cases for the iPhone plus LG, Sony, HTC and Motorola handsets. There’s lots of designs and types to choose from, but one thing in common you’ll find is the fact that they’re properly drop tested. Today we’re looking at their new Galaxy S8 cases, but they also do a range for the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

We’ve got a selection of their cases below and, for most of them, you’ll find that they’re lightweight and drop-tested from 3 metres, which is 10 feet in old money. They tell me that it’s “impact force” that causes the damage, so it’s not just the drop that your phone needs protecting from, but also the amount of force. On the cases below there’s laboratory testing, with each cases dropped 20 times so that you hopefully don’t have to test that yourself.

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review

As we’ve got quite a few here, I’m going to go through them one by one with video reviews, but what I can say about all of them is that they’re very high quality and have precisely-positioned buttons that pass through to the keys on the Samsung Galaxy S8. The S8 slips into each case easily and you still get to see those curvy edges of the screen, even if the case does cover them slightly.

All of the cases, apart from the Pure Clear one we’re going to start with, have that 3 metre drop-testing and something called FlexShock impact protection. This is the impact-absorbing technology with the ribbed finish inside of the case. Add this to the frame and it’ll cushion and absorb impacts.

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review

First though, the clear Galaxy S8 Pure Clear case. It’s £29.95 and available here and has a 2 metre (6.6 foot) drop protection. Despite this, it’s 50% thinner and 50% lighter than the “market leading clear case” according to Tech21. Inside is something called “Bullet Shield” which, with the ribbed construction around the edging, absorbs knocks and drops.

Popping it on is relatively easy and there’s a hard outer shell to protect the back. As with all these cases, the cut-outs for the external speaker, audio and charge port plus the microphone up top are perfectly placed. The buttons work well although, and this is one thing I’ll say about all of these cases, they may seem a bit hard to press to begin with. This will get easier after a few presses, so don’t worry too much.

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review

Once on, and again – the same with all of them – there’s no wiggle or wobble. It’s a solid fitment and it’s perfectly tight. This particular case is very slender and clings to the phone nicely. It’s scratch resistant and Tech21 promise that this won’t go yellow after you’ve had it for a while (some cheaper cases do this in the sun etc). It’s also very easy to remove and place back onto the phone.

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review
Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review
Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review

For the same amount of cash (£29.95) you can get this Evo Check case above. It’s available in both rose, white (clear) and – as you’ll see here – blue and black. Head to the Tech21 product page for more information.

These are slightly thicker, but you get more protection from drops – a 3 metre drop protection and that FlexShock protection to ensure that the sides and back of your phone are protected. If your phone falls straight on the screen then it might be worth getting yourself a screen protector.

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review

Tech21 Evo Check

This is called the “Check” due to the check pattern on the back of the case. It certainly looks rather nice, I’m sure you’ll agree. Although it’s ever-so-slightly thicker than the Pure Clear, there’s still not a great deal to it.

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review

Again, fitting it to your S8 is easy and the keys / holes line up perfectly. The edging looks good and also comes to the right point on the edge of the screen so that you can a fair trade-off between protection and screen usability.

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review

Tech21 Evo Tactical

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review
Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review
Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review

Next up , the Evo Tactical. Again, it’s available for £29.95 and comes in red or black. There’s another cool design on the back and feels more sturdy this time. It’s again very easy to put your S8 in and has that same 3 metre drop protection whilst looking pretty cool.

With your current phone offering a good cash-in value for your next handset, keeping it in the best condition possible is well worth doing, so if you put this onto your S8 it’ll definitely mean that you’ll have a good trade-in value when you hop up to the next handset.

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review
Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review
Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review

Finally, and with a definite added thickness, it’s the Evo Go, and this one is £59.95 in either black or pink. The Tech21 Evo Go is 13mm thick and has a similar design to the others but with a real leather trim and a small door which opens up to reveal a hidden credit card slot. You can put a couple of cards in here and it’ll keep your cards and your phone safe.

Again, all the slots and holes are perfectly cut and easily accessible. Likewise, all the cases have a camera hole which sits flush against the phone with no flapping around.

Tech 21 Samsung Galaxy S8 cases   Review

The case also has a smooth inner layer to protect the back of your phone. Again, the 3 metre drop protection is there and it’s still pretty lightweight too.

Overall? The Tech21 cases are very well made, well designed and thoroughly tested so, if you do drop your phone, you’ll hopefully be able to pick it up and use it again. Pricing? Well, I’ll admit, the £29.95 price-tag on most of these did seem a little high, but the quality of just how well each case sat on the S8 was definitely noticeable. The Evo Go one is £59.95 which really is rather pricey, so it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it to store your cards.

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  • Zelle Promises Quick P2P Payments Via Mobile Banking Apps

    Many of today’s popular mobile banking apps will soon support a rapid person-to-person (P2P) payment feature through a new service called Zelle. Zelle, developed by Early Warning Systems, is supported by more than 30 of the nation’s largest banks for sending funds from one person to another. There are already a handful of established P2P payment services, including Venmo and Square Cash. These services typically require a day or two for funds to actually transfer between accounts. Zelle claims it can move cash in mere minutes using only the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number. Zelle’s service will eventually be baked into mobile banking apps from the likes of Bank of America, Capital One, Citi, Citizens Bank, Fifth Third Bank, First National Bank, JP Morgan Chase, KeyBank, M&T, PNC Bank, TD Bank, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, and more than a dozen others. Zelle is, at its simplest, a network that runs in the background to connect various financial institutions around the country. It does not require a separate app download for consumers to use, though it will be up to individual banks to adopt the service. Zelle’s functionality will be rolled out gradually over the next 12 months.

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    Google's GBoard App for Android Lets You Draw Emoji

    Google today updated its GBoard keyboard application for Android handsets and made it possible for people to draw emoji. In the emoji search tool, GBoard can recognize finger-scrawled pictures and then automatically insert the correct emoji into your text. The keyboard app also introduces phrase suggestions to help speed up texting time. Once users have typed two or more words, the phrase suggestion tool can add several more to complete well-known phrases, such as “looking forward to it.” This is available only in English for now, though more languages are on the way. GBoard also picks up expanded search tools. Now, searches performed in GBoard show multiple results cards that can open directly in other apps, such as Google Maps. Last, the app picks up a handful of new languages, pushing to total supported to more than 200. Some of the new ones include: Azerbaijani (Iran), Dhivehi, French (Belgium), Hawaiian, Maori and Samoan. GBoard is free to download from the Play Store.

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