Enghouse Systems Limited Acquires Survox

Enghouse Systems Limited announced today it has broadened its contact center portfolio by acquiring Survox, Inc. of San Francisco.

Survox is a well-established, multi-mode, voice-based survey automation software and services provider. Its offerings enable market research, facilitate opinion polling and enhance brand equity by efficiently conducting surveys.

The company’s open survey automation development platform delivers best-in-class phone-based research solutions. Its online survey tools provide the broadest set of survey options for customers available. Survox has over 75 client deployments, supported by more than 25 employees.

?EU?The Survox solution enhances our contact center portfolio and empowers decision makers to gain fast, accurate insights from a precisely targeted set of respondents,?EU? said Steve Sadler, Chairman and CEO of Enghouse. ?EU?We are very pleased to welcome Survox’s customers and employees to the Enghouse Interactive organization.?EU?

About Enghouse

Enghouse Systems Limited is a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions serving a variety of vertical markets. Its strategy is to build a larger and more diverse enterprise software company through strategic acquisitions and managed growth within its business segments: Contact Center, Networks (OSS/BSS) and Transportation/Public Safety. Enghouse shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:ENGH).

About Survox

Survox® respondent targeting and phone data collection solutions empower decision makers using market research or public opinion polling to gain fast, accurate insights from a precisely targeted set of respondents. We provide a unified platform for respondent targeting and multi-channel survey execution across a mix of modes — phone, online, and IVR — and vendor solutions.
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VeloCloud to Present Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN at Key Industry Events

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 18 2017 — VeloCloud™ Networks, Inc., the Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN company, today announced the company has been invited to present VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN™ at important industry events in Australia and Europe later this month.

VeloCloud will exhibit and present at the following events:

?EU? Telstra Vantage; Melbourne, Australia; where Joseph Chung, VP Asia Pacific, will participate on a panel titled ?EU?Start-up Battlefield?EU? on Sept. 20 at 3 pm AEST. Other participants on the panel include Gurpreet Ghuliani, Telstra Ventures; and Luke Francis, Channel Director, CrowdStrike. VeloCloud is also exhibiting at the event Sept. 19-21 in Booth C17.

?EU? SD-WAN Summit; Paris, France; where Sanjay Uppal, Co-Founder and CEO, will participate on a panel titled ?EU?Management at the Edge: Capabilities of SD-WAN Devices?EU? on Sept. 27 at noon CEST. Later, Mr. Uppal will present ?EU?An Outcome Driven Approach to SD-WAN?EU? on Sept. 27 at 3 pm CEST. VeloCloud is also exhibiting at the event Sept. 26-28 in Booth Number 8.

?EU?Europe and Australia are key growth markets for VeloCloud,?EU? said Michael Wood, VeloCloud Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. ?EU?With our strong channel partnerships and a foundation of significant enterprise deployments, we are looking forward to further advancing business opportunities in these regions.?EU?

VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN enables Enterprises to securely support application growth, network agility, and simplified branch and end-point implementations while delivering optimized access to cloud services, private datacenters and enterprise applications. Global Service Providers are able to increase revenue, deliver advanced services and increase flexibility by delivering elastic transport, performance for cloud applications, and integrated advanced services all via a zero-touch deployment and operations model. Both enterprises and service providers benefit from the multi-tenant cloud gateway architecture and the ability to support real-time applications over private, broadband and wireless links. With VeloCloud, The Cloud is the Network™.

About VeloCloud

VeloCloud Networks™, Inc. is…
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Asus Reveals the ZenFone V for Verizon

Asus recently unwrapped the ZenFone V, an Android smartphone that’s exclusive to Verizon Wireless. The ZenFone V features a metal chassis with 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass on the front. The handset sports a 5.2-inch AMOLED display with full HD resolution. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor, Qualcomm’s 2016 flagship chip, with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. The main camera has a 23-megapixel sensor with optical image stabilization, dual-LED flash, an aperture of f/2.0, and phase detection autofocus. The front camera boast an 8-megapixel sensor with a GIF maker and aperture of f/2.0. Other features include a 3,000mAh battery with rapid charging, high-resolution audio, fingerprint reader, and USB-C. The phone runs Android 7 Nougat with Asus’ ZenUI, and it comes in black. Pricing and availability have not yet been disclosed.

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Software Update Lets Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note8 Owners Disable Bixby Home Button

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note8 smartphones can now modify the behavior of their handset’s dedicated Bixby button. The hardware key, located on the left edge of the phone, automatically calls up Bixby Home with a short press or Bixby Voice with a long press. A new software update that recently hit S8, S8+, and Note8 phones adds a toggle for controlling the Bixby button. Owners of these phones can opt to disable the short press function, which launches Bixby Home. This prevents accidental presses from opening the app. A long press still calls up Bixby Voice. The Bixby button has been a point of contention with some S8, S8+, and Note8 owners who’d prefer the button handled other tasks. The update from Samsung also makes a few performance tweaks.

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Essential Phone Now Compatible with Verizon's Network

Essential Products says its smartphone, the PH-1, is now fully able to run on Verizon Wireless’s network. The company announced the news via its Twitter account. Essential didn’t say what changed, or what it might have updated to make the phone work more properly on Verizon’s network. The handset is already for sale unlocked and from Sprint. Verizon does not actually sell the phone. The PH-1 is a high-end Android handset with a bezel-less design. It supports magnetic modules that attach on the back via magnets. It costs $699.

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Verizon's Brazen Attempt To Bribe You To Give Up Privacy

Would you give up your privacy for a shot at free concert tickets, Uber rides or Apple Music tunes? Verizon is betting the answer is yes.

The telecom giant has unveiled a new loyalty program that it says will provide customers with “experiences you won’t stop talking about” and “rewards you really, really want.” All you have to do is spend at least $300 on your wireless bill or some other Verizon service.

Oh, and one other teensy-weensy thing: You have to enroll in a marketing program called Verizon Selects, which “uses information about your web browsing, app usage, device location, use of Verizon services and other information about you” to target you with ads.

“All sorts of companies — Google, Facebook — are already in the data-collection business,” said Paul Schwartz, a law professor at UC Berkeley and co-director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology.

“Now we’re seeing older companies — cable companies, cellular companies — placing a greater emphasis on it,” he said.

Verizon’s brazen attempt to bribe people into giving up their privacy underlines the growing importance of leveraging customer data as a revenue source, especially for businesses that may not be experiencing significant growth in sales or market share.

“Information and a competitive edge derived from a large number of users whose data a company can mine, and to which it can market, is in some cases the most valuable asset of a digital company these days,” said Orly Lobel, a law professor at the University of San Diego.

Give Verizon this much credit: It’s not just snatching away people’s privacy without offering something in return. The company’s rewards program, called Verizon Up, does provide some nifty perks.

Along with discounts on future device purchases, Verizon says credits can be used to “get exclusive access to prime sporting events, shows, concerts and…
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Old Phones Piling Up? Here's How To Reuse, Recycle or Sell Them

It’s natural to get the phone-upgrade itch when the likes of Apple, Samsung and others keep coming out with newer models. And sometimes your old phone is just kaput.

But what do you do with a serviceable but outdated gadget? Rather than relegate an old phone to a desk drawer, consider reusing, recycling or reselling it. Of course, there’s also the option to donate.

Here’s a guide for figuring out what you might do with last year’s model (or even older ones).

Donate to Charity

Several charities accept old phones as a donation. But these groups probably won’t physically give your old phones to people in need. Instead, they’ll often sell your phone to recyclers and keep the money.

A nonprofit group called Cell Phones for Soldiers will take your “gently used” phone and sell it to a recycling company. It will then use the proceeds to buy international calling cards for soldiers so they can talk to their loved ones back home.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence works in a similar manner. About 60 percent of the phones it collects are refurbished and resold. The money goes toward supporting the coalition. The remaining 40 percent of the phones are recycled, according to the group’s website. It pays for shipping if you are mailing three or more phones. The group also accepts other electronics such as laptops, video game systems and digital cameras.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Once new models come out, older ones will flood onto eBay and other resale sites, so it might make sense to wait a little. How much money you can make off your old phone depends on the brand and how much wear and tear it’s seen.

The resale site Gazelle, for example, is offering $140 for a Verizon-ready Samsung Galaxy S7 in “good” condition. What does “good” mean? The phone has no…
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Apple Addresses Face ID and Safari Privacy Concerns

Apple this week provided more detail concerning some of the behaviors of its forthcoming Face ID tech on the iPhone X and Safari in iOS 11. Concerning the former, Apple executive Craig Federighi explained to Techcrunch that “[Apple does] not gather customer data when you enroll in Face ID, it stays on your device, we do not send it to the cloud for training data.” Instead, all the data created by the dot projector is processed locally on the A11 bionic chip. Critically, the feature needs to see the user’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Face ID will work with most sunglasses, though certain IR coatings can scramble Face ID. “If you’re a surgeon or someone who wears a garment that covers your face, it’s not going to work,” explained Federighi. “But if you’re wearing a helmet or scarf, it works quite well.” This means Face ID may not work with some masks required at work, or some religious head coverings. The feature works from multiple angles and distances, but it absolutely requires user attention: the owner must be looking at the iPhone X in order for Face ID to work. This means people can’t unlock others’ phones when they are sleeping. Last, people will be able to instantly disable Face ID by simultaneously squeezing the buttons on either side of the phone. Doing so will switch to the passcode backup. There are instances that will require a passcode, such as when the phone has been rebooted, if Face ID has not be used in 48 hours, or if there have been five failed attempts at Face ID. Concerning Safari, Apple recently took heat from advertisers because iOS 11 blocks intelligent cookies that track users across the web. The advertising groups in question maintain that this practice is vital for providing timely and relevant advertising. Apple thinks different. “Apple believes that people have a right to privacy … and Intelligent Tracking Prevention is a more advanced method for protecting user privacy,” said the company in a statement provided to The Loop. “Ad tracking technology has become so pervasive that it is possible for ad tracking companies to recreate the majority of a person’s web browsing history. This information is collected without permission. The new Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature detects and eliminates cookies and other data used for this cross-site tracking, which means it helps keep a person’s browsing private.” Apple further explained that Intelligent Tracking Prevention does not get in the way of ads that are served normally on the web. It can be disabled in Safari’s settings if people wish.

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Vodafone release iPhone X contract prices

Vodafone release iPhone X contract pricesVodafone release iPhone X contract prices

In the early hours of this morning here at Coolsmartphone towers, we had a piece of paper pushed under the portcullis door. It had some very interesting information from Vodafone revealing contract prices for the latest greatest iPhone line up.  

“Meh”, you may say, but these contracts are competitively priced, and have some actual useful add-ons.

The main bullet points are :-

  • The iPhone X will be available to pre-order from 27th October
  • If you order any of the iPhone line up before the 13th November on a 8GB data plan or above, you will receive an extra 10 GB of data free.
  • 24 month extended warranty on new iPhone orders.
  • Customers will benefit from global roaming – meaning you can use you allowances in 50 countries.

Some examples of contract pricing for the 64GB iPhone X are, (all are 24 month contracts)..


Vodafone Red Extra 4GB Bundle. Monthly Cost £62.

Up front cost £200, unlimited voice and text messages, 4GB data, 

Vodafone Red Entertainment 8GB Bundle Monthly Cost £68.

Up front cost £200, unlimited voice and text messages, 8 GB of data + 10 GB free, choice of Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or NOW TV for 24 months.

Vodafone Red Extra 16GB Bundle, Monthly Cost £68.

Up front cost £150, unlimited voice and text messages, 16GB of data + 10 GB free.

Vodafone Red Extra 40GB Bundle.Monthly Cost £74.

Up front cost £100, unlimited voice and text messages, 40GB of data + 10 GB free.

Vodafone Red Entertainment 32GB Bundle, Monthly Cost £74.

Up front cost £150, unlimited voice and text messages, 32 GB of data + 10 GB free, choice of Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or NOW TV for 24 months.

Vodafone Red Entertainment 60GB Bundle, Monthly Cost £80.

Up front cost £50, unlimited voice and text messages, 60GB of data + 10 GB free, choice of Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or NOW TV for 24 months.

So some nice extras are included from Vodafone, and if you are already a subscriber to one of the included entertainment services you can cancel and save that monthly outlay.

If your interested in one of the contracts above head over to Vodafone and get your name on the list.


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