This Inflatable Greenhouse Could Feed Astronauts on Other Planets

The ability to produce food on a regular basis will be a vital requirement of human colonization of other planets. Astronauts will need more sources of food if they plan to inhabit other planets someday. NASA thinks that astronauts aside from the nutritional value of fresh harvest, should also get a psychological improvement with farming. NASA […]
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Coolsmartphone Podcast 203 Matteo’s Still Bitter

Coming up in this episode of the Coolsmartphone Podcast: Khellan, Majid and Matteo talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google’s commitment to the Nexus/Pixel lines and Matteo’s lasting bitterness. It’s Coolsmartphone Podcast 203 Matteo’s Still Bitter.

Our ternium of podcast hosts also touch on Microsoft’s latest announcements, Chromebooks and the frustrating lack of deliveies from

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  • Better than Facebook? Nextdoor Broke the Social Network Mold

    Nextdoor, the social network that helps neighbors talk to each other, has a billion-dollar valuation and a presence in streets from San Jose to Liverpool. But according to its CEO, none of the tech giants are interested in acquiring it.

    “Facebook, Google, those guys haven’t actually come and talked to us,” said Nirav Tolia.

    “It’s maybe hard, when you’re the big Goliath, to take some of these little mice seriously,” he added. “And we’re OK being a mouse… Because the mouse is getting stronger every day.”

    Tolia, 45, is a fast-talking businessman with a string of startups and a penchant for hubristic mouse metaphors. He is the archetype of a California tech entrepreneur.

    Nextdoor, in contrast, breaks the Silicon Valley mold.

    The company — an unapologetically utilitarian place to share recommendations about dentists, find out where to dump a used sofa or receive alerts about local police activity — has been expanding across the US over the past seven years.

    It has been a very different path to the shooting-star trajectory of viral, app-based startups. “We’re not Snapchat, we’re not Instagram,” Tolia said. “We don’t have 50 million users in six months.” One reason for the delayed growth has been Nextdoor’s reliance on a kind of crowd-sourced approach to defining neighborhoods, in which communities themselves draw the borders to their communities and name them.

    But that “slow and steady” approach is starting to pay off, Tolia said, adding that the company now has “tens of millions” of users. (A company spokesperson later said the figure is usually described as “millions.”)

    Still, the growth has been impressive. Five years ago, Nextdoor had just 7,000 neighborhood groups. Today it claims to have more than 137,000 — which it says amounts to roughly 70% of America’s neighborhoods. And now the company is making forays into Europe, via recent launches…
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    Senator Spills What FBI Paid for San Bernardino iPhone Hack

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate committee that oversees the FBI, said publicly this week that the government paid $900,000 to break into the locked iPhone of a gunman in the San Bernardino, California shootings, even though the FBI considers the figure to be classified information.

    The FBI also has protected the identity of the vendor it paid to do the work. Both pieces of information are the subject of a federal lawsuit by The Associated Press and other news organizations that have sued to force the FBI to reveal them.

    California’s Feinstein cited the amount while questioning FBI Director James Comey at a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing Wednesday [May 3].

    “I was so struck when San Bernardino happened and you made overtures to allow that device to be opened, and then the FBI had to spend $900,000 to hack it open,” Feinstein said. “And as I subsequently learned of some of the reason for it, there were good reasons to get into that device.”

    Comey hinted at a ballpark range last year, saying the government paid more than he would earn in his remaining seven years on the job, an amount that would have been at least $1.3 million .

    The federal government paid the sum as it cut short an extraordinary court fight with Apple Inc., which was resisting a judge’s order to help the Justice Department hack into the phone of Syed Rizwan Farook, who along with his wife killed 14 people in a San Bernardino attack in December 2015. An unidentified third party came forward last March with a solution to open the phone.

    The AP and other news organizations last year filed a public records lawsuit to learn how much the FBI…
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    Smart Machines To Recover Lost Memories, Mind Your Children

    Intelligent machines of the future will help restore memory, mind your children, fetch your coffee and even care for aging parents.

    It will all be part of a brave new world of the not-so-distant future, in which innovative smart machines, rather than being the undoing of people — as some technophobes have long feared — actually enhance humans.

    Many expert say technology will allow people to take on tasks they might only have dreamed of in the past.

    “Super-intelligence should give us super-human abilities,” said Tom Gruber, head of the team responsible for Apple’s Siri digital assistant, during an on-stage talk at the prestigious TED Conference.

    Smarter Machines, Smarter Humans

    “As machines get smarter, so do we,” Gruber said.

    “Artificial intelligence can enable partnerships where each human on the team is doing what they do best,” he told the popular technology conference.

    Gruber, a co-creator of Siri and artificial intelligence research at Apple, told of being drawn to the field three decades ago by the potential for technology to meet people’s needs.

    “I am happy to see that the idea of an intelligent personal assistant is mainstream,” he said.

    Now he has taken his innovative approach to smart machines, and is turning the thinking about the technology on its head.

    “Instead of asking how smart we can make our machines, let’s ask how smart our machines can make us,” Gruber said.

    Already smart technology is taking hold, with popular digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, created Gruber.

    South Korean giant Samsung created Bixby to break into a surging market for voice-activated virtual assistants, which includes Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana.

    Amazon appears to have impacted the sector the most with its connected speakers using Alexa. The service allows users a wide range of voice interactions for music, news, purchases and connects with smart home devices.

    Remembering Everything

    Gruber envisions artificial intelligence — AI –…
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    Oral-B Smart Series Bluetooth Toothbrush: Helps You Achieve Great Oral Health

    Dentists always urge us to brush our teeth three times a day. It is always what we hear in advertisements and from parents. Just like what dentists recommend, brushing teeth every day with the right length and never missing a zone is very important. People usually brush only for about 45 seconds and some shorter […]
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    Nintendo Introduces 2DS XL Handheld Console

    The rising popularity of smartphones has pushed Nintendo away from the limelight for quite some time now. Although the video game company reported that its fiscal year (ending March 2017) has jumped back to ¥102.6 billion from ¥16.5 billion, this can be attributed in a large part to the Seattle Mariners, of which Nintendo has […]
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    Keep Your Home Safe 24/7 with Nest Security Cameras

    Are you sick of worrying about what’s going on in and outside of your house when you’re out on vacation?  Who’s creeping around the backyard or who’s stealing your stuff right off your front steps and taking them away?!  If you’re thinking about home security monitoring, then this camera will surely help you out. This […]
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    Bedbox Jet Kids: A Travel Gadget for Children

    If you’re traveling with kids, you know “preparation” is key to help you make the trip with less stress. Travelling with kids is not a hassle and it can be one of the greatest experiences you can have as a family. Many families don’t like to travel by air with their children until they are […]
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    Google Wifi: The Best Wi-Fi System on the Market is Now Available in Canada

    Can you imagine a life without Wi-Fi or internet connection? Regardless of the fact that many of us have a life before Wi-Fi, it is now impossible to imagine our personal and working lives without it. Being connected to the internet means we can achieve things far quicker and more efficiently than in the past. […]
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