OnePlus 5 Earns Its First Software Update

OnePlus pushed a small bug-fixing update to the OnePlus 5 over the weekend. According to the change log, the improved software resolves app installation and system update failures. It also makes optimizations to camera, Bluetooth, network, and system performance while improving compatibility with third-party apps. The update weighs in at just 36MB and can be downloaded and installed over the air.

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Coolsmartphone Podcast 209 We’ve Had The Time Of Our Lives

This week the Podcast Editing Elves took longer than usual to do their job, but what they did complete was a work of art with a beautiful audio Easter Egg at the end of the episode. CoolsmartPhone Podcast 209 We’ve Had The Time Of Our Lives is now available to download on your podcast client of choice, to listen to here on or you can watch the live video of the recording on Youtube.

As usual, we love to keep the conversation going even after the episode has been recorded. Would you like to take  part? Twitter is the best place to do that.

Android O (8) Google Play Music notifications are looking good! #google #android #o #PixelXL

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Would you like to purchase some excellent music we discussed in this episode of the Coolsmartphone Podcast? It’s easy at this link:

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  • The Road to Xenotransplantation – Growing Organs in Pigs – is Paved with Ethical Questions

    There’s a worldwide organ shortage, and xenotransplantation has long been floated in major medical circles as an alternative solution. For some time, attempts at xenotransplantation meant putting chimpanzee kidneys in humans, which didn’t turn out to be successful in any way. The large problem with transplantation of any kind is that the immune system will […]
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    A Unique Electric Racecar Will Be Running in Le Mans 24 Hours Next Year

    If you’re familiar with the new sport featuring the BattleBots, then you might think that the new Green4U Panoz Racing GT-EV may be one of them, or a giant version. But it’s actually a new all-electric racecar that could run in the 24 Hours of Le Mans by next year. The GT-EV was created by […]
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    Review: The LittleBits Code Kit for Kids

    Programming is a pursuit that rewards creativity and problem solving, but even for those interested in computers, it’s not exciting or glamorous. When it comes to getting young people interested in computer programming, this can be a problem. We all know most devices today are dependent on the achievements of enterprising engineers and software developers, […]
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    Amazon is Spending $13.7 Billion to Buy Whole Foods

    On Friday, Amazon announced officially that it is buying American supermarket chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. The online retail giant further announced that the acquisition is technically happening as part of a merger agreement that will see Amazon take over the supermarket’s total existing debt and buy out its stocks at $42 for every share. All Whole […]
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    HTC Testing More Squeezable Edge Sense Actions for U11

    HTC today demonstrated a handful of new Edge Sense actions it is testing for the U11. In the video, posted to HTC’s Facebook page, the company shows how Edge Sense can be used to zoom in and out of maps and photos, answer and end phone calls, dismiss alarms, and change views in the calendar. HTC did not say if or when any of these tools might be advanced to the U11, though it did ask its community of fans for suggestions on other potential Edge Sense actions. The U11 smartphone includes sensors in the left and right edges that when squeezed initiate a handful of actions.

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    Review: OnePlus 5

    The OnePlus 5 is the latest flagship from OnePlus. This Android smartphone boasts an appealing design, top specs, and solid performance in most respects. For those who prefer unlocked handsets and want to spend less than $500 on a top-tier phone, the OnePlus 5 might be worth your while. Here is Phone Scoop’s full review.

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    Google to Stop Scanning Gmail for Ads

    Google today said it will stop poking through users’ inboxes for ad customization purposes. Google has nearly always scanned the emails of its free Gmail users in order to help personalize and suggest advertisements. Google says the forthcoming change will put its free Gmail service in line with its paid G Suite business email. Google contends that ads are shown based on users’ settings, which can be adjusted at any time — up to and including disabling ads personalization completely. The change will be put in place later the year. G Suite will continue to operate free of ads.

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    According to the UN, World Population will Grow by 1 Billion by 2030; In 7 Years India will Overtake China as Most Crowded Country

    The world’s population will have an additional one billion people by the year 2030, and may even reach almost 10 billion by the year 2050, according to a United Nations report. The world is currently at a population of 7.6 billion. This predicted population ballooning is mostly driven by high birth rates in Africa. Also […]
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