The Honor 7S arrives in the UK

The Honor 7S arrives in the UKA few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a hands-on with the Honor 7S. It’s a budget smartphone and we’d been given a privileged early look at it.

When we asked about the price we were told that it would sell for “around $110”. If you convert that it’s around £82 / or €93 but, as we said at the time, it would “probably round up to £99.99 / €99.99 when it’s on sale”.

Well, guess what? We were absolutely bang on. Honor have just confirmed that the device is indeed going on sale for a mere £99.

For that you get Android 8.1, and a big 5.45″ 1440×720 18:9 295PPI screen. It’s powered by a Mediatek MT6739 quad-core CPU, which is a bit of a departure for the company behind Honor (Huawei) as they normally use their own chips. It’s a quad 1.5 GHz chip with 2GB RAM and 16GB of on-board storage. The end result, in terms of performance, is a tiny-bit laggy as you’ll see from our hands-on video below. The cat liked it though, so…

Specs, as we mentioned before, include a 5 megapixel selfie camera, a 13 megapixel rear camera and there’s a microSD card for expanding that 16GB of internal memory. You also get a 3.5mm headset jack, WiFi (2.4GHz) and Bluetooth 4.2. It’ll be available in blue, black and gold according to the spec-sheet but we’re being told that you can only get the black one at the moment.

The Honor 7S arrives in the UK

Head to Hihonor, Argos or Three to purchase it. Considering the price, it has a nice, large, screen and good looks. Gone are the days of chunky budget smartphones with naff screens and cameras. This gets latest version of Android and it has a strong and well designed frame.

Honor are highlighting that display, the “Loud Voice Call” function so you can hear calls in noisy environments, the LED Selfie functionality on the front camera and the “Smart Battery Management” which should keep the 3,020mAh battery working longer.

Oh, and don’t forget that this one has a Dual SIM and microSD slot, so you can have two lines if you want. To find out more about this device, dive into our full preview.

Honor Launches 7S:
A Game-Changer for New Smartphone Users 

Full View for All

[London, 28 June] – Honor, the trend-setting smartphone e-brand, today launches the Honor 7S smartphone. Featuring a vibrant FullView display, powerful receiver, and a LED flash on both front and back cameras, amongst other features, this new smartphone out-performs every other phone in its class. Priced at only £99 now even buyers on a budget can enjoy a premium experience with the Honor 7S.

Features such as the “Loud Voice Call” function and smart battery management mean users can rely on their smartphones when they are on the go. These useful innovations further demonstrate Honor’s commitment to understanding the new generation of smartphone users and improving their experiences in the real world.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of the innovative Honor 7S,” said Michael Pan, President of Honor Western Europe Region. “By offering a smooth user experience at a competitive price point Honor has created a smartphone that is stylish and guarantees great performance for digital trendsetters.”

Wilkin Lee, Honor UK Sales and Marketing Director adds “The Honor 7S has been created with our customers in mind. With a large, vibrant HD display, an incredible battery life and quality rear-facing and front-facing cameras the Honor 7S hosts remarkable features at an affordable price.”

The Honor 7S will be available in black for purchase from June 28th onwards. Visit HihonorArgos and Three to purchase the latest quality offering from Honor at a competitive price point.

FullView Display

The Honor 7S has a vibrant 18:9 widescreen HD display. In keeping with the trend of full screen displays in modern smartphones, the Honor 7S features a 5.45-inch display in a device body that’s still comfortable to hold in one hand, thanks to barely-there bezels. The 1440 x 720 resolution is unbeatable at this price point, delivering a better experience for viewing photos, watching videos, and getting more done.

Powerful Receiver

What use is a phone if the person on the other end of the line can’t be heard? The powerful receiver with “Loud Voice Call” function on the Honor 7S ensures that calls come through loud and clear in any noisy environment.



With a LED flash on both the front and rear-facing cameras, Honor 7S outshines other smartphones in its class. The unique LED Selfie Light provides a natural and even light for selfies in the evening or in dimly-lit conditions. Quality photos are guaranteed with the 13MP rear-facing and 5MP front-facing camera.


Smart Battery Management

The Honor 7S also leads the pack in power capacity with its 3,020mAh* battery, which is backed by Honor’s smart battery management. Simply put, that means users can enjoy using their phone all day without having to worry about recharging. And it also boasts a quad-core processor.

Dual SIM + Micro-SD Expansion 
Honor 7S supports the simultaneous use of two SIM cards for data and phone calls, as well as a microSD card for data storage up to 256GB.


#Honor #ForTheBrave

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Gemini from Planet computers to get Sailfish 3.0 soon

Gemini from Planet computers to get Sailfish 3.0 soon

Gemini PDA running Sailfish OS

I recently reviewed the Gemini from Plant Computers and I was on the whole quite impressed with the way it worked. Apart from a few issues with the build (primarily down to the pre-production status of my review device), I was left happy and enthused about the product.

One of the things that I did not delve into too much was the fact that the device can be used with other OS platforms. As things currently stand, the device can be used with Android 7 and Ubuntu (there is another Linux environment that can be used but I forget the name). Well coming very soon Gemini owners will have the option of using Sailfish 3.0 on the device too.

A lot of you may be wondering why this is news. The truth of the matter is that, whilst it is not an earth-shattering story, it shows how flexible (pun intended) this device can really be. I’ve already had the chance to have a very early play with Sailfish on the Gemini when I saw the device back at MWC earlier in the year. Things were looking pretty sweet even back then. Roll on 4 months and things look even better.

The adoption of the OS on the Gemini will bring all the benefits of Sailfish to the table including:

  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Jolla Store access
  • End-user support
  • Full support for landscape user-interface (UI)
  • Encrypted user data and communications
  • Android app support
  • Refreshed user interface, with improvements like redesigned email

The one thing I really liked about Sailfish was that the UI had no need for home buttons or multitasking buttons. This makes navigating the UI a very gesture oriented experience. The last device I used with such a fluid gesture-based UI was actually the forefather of Sailfish – the Nokia N8. This ran the Meego OS. Later it developed into what we now call Sailfish 3. I really like what I saw and I am very keen to find out what Sailfish can bring to the Gemini Party.

If you are fortunate enough to own a Gemini, you can download and setup this community-supported version based on Sailfish OS 2.0. It’s free and available to download now –

As you can see this also has a partition and this means that you can actually set up a dual boot option. Very cool indeed.


View this release online at:

Follow news from XL Communications at:

27 June 2018

• Gemini PDA running Android and Linux – including Sailfish and Debian operating systems
• Gemini users can use new Planet Computers online platform to customise device
• Gemini PDA is being showcased at CommunicAsia 2018 – Marina Bay Sands, Level 5, 5L4-10

London, UK: Planet Computers today announces quad-boot functionality on the Gemini PDA, providing users with the capability and freedom to run a number of different operating systems – including Android (both standard and rooted), Debian and the new Sailfish for Gemini Community Edition.

Since the Gemini PDA’s official launch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2018, Android has been the default operating system loaded onto each device. The Planet Computers team and the wider Linux community have spent the last six months developing the code to allow both Sailfish and Debian OS to run smoothly on the mobile device.

Both Linux distributions – Debian and the Sailfish Community Edition – are now fully operational and available for the Gemini PDA. The device will also run the new Sailfish X OS once it launches in late 2018 – improving the Linux user experience even further.

Planet Computers has also developed a new online management platform that allows users to customise their device by selecting their primary, secondary and tertiary operating systems, as well as a recovery mode. Once selected, users are provided with the relevant tools to download and flash the selected OS onto their device.

Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel, CEO of Planet Computers, comments: “It has always been our mission to open up the Gemini PDA to the Linux community. By developing the online management tool, users now have the option to partition their Gemini in any way they want – customising it to their individual needs. The Gemini PDA can now run entirely on Linux, achieving our goal of providing support for non-Android options.”

You can access the Planet Computers online partition tool here.

Gemini PDA has raised more than $2.3 million in investment to date, with all Indiegogo backer orders now fulfilled. For the latest updates, click here.

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Microsoft return to smartphones

WORLD EXCLUSIVE   Microsoft return to smartphones
Thought that Windows Phone was dead? Was it really the end for Microsoft Smartphone, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile?

Nokia phones, after being purchased by Microsoft, re-appear with the Microsoft mobile Operating System, but have now returned yet again with Android. The Windows Phone OS, which was the latest in a series of reboots for Microsoft, was perhaps the best, but struggled to compete with Android and iOS. It also didn’t keep developers on board, and sadly – although the GUI of Windows Phone was smooth and fluid – the lack of apps and updates meant that customers went elsewhere.

Now though, we can tell you about the next stage. Let me welcome you to………….. Windows 95 Mobile..

No, of course it’s not real. It’s a bit of a joke but it’s so nicely done we just had to include it here. Can you imagine Clippy on your phone instead of Cortana or OK Google ?

WORLD EXCLUSIVE   Microsoft return to smartphones

If you really do want your phone to look like Windows 95, there’s themes and you can try an emulator too.

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Trump Tasks CFIUS to Keep China Investments In Check

The Trump administration has backtracked a bit on planned restrictions to Chinese investment in U.S. technology firms. Rather than institute a blanket ban, Trump will rely on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to manage individual transactions as they are needed. “CFIUS is able to respond appropriately to different threats on different technologies posed by different entities from different countries,” said a Treasury Department official. Congress recently expanded the powers available to CFIUS to protect national security issues.

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Review: BlackBerry KEY2

The BlackBerry KEY2 takes the basic design of last year’s phone and makes improvements all around. The phone has a decent-sized screen, physical QWERTY keyboard, and metal chassis. It runs Android Oreo with BlackBerry’s business software on board. Combine all this with a snappy processor and a big battery and you have a potential winner. Is anything holding this phone back? We find out in our in-depth review.

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Samsung ISOCELL Plus Camera Sensor Captures Color More Accurately

Samsung today introduced an update to its CMOS sensors called ISOCELL Plus. ISOCELL sensors work by placing a physical barrier between pixels to prevent light and color from bleeding between them. In Samsung’s existing sensors, this barrier is made out of metal. The new ISOCELL Plus sensors put a new material made by Fujifilm to use, which Samsung says minimizes optical loss and light reflection. The end result is better color, better low-light performance, and sharper photos. Samsung claims the new sensor improves light sensitivity by 15% while also delivering higher color fidelity. The new material also allows Samsung to create pixels as small as 0.8 micrometers, which can help when designing super-resolution sensors with over 20 megapixels. This allows more pixels to fit in a smaller space. Samsung is showcasing the technology this week. It didn’t say how soon ISOCELL Plus technology will reach its phones.

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Twitter to Mandate Email or Phone Number Verification for New Accounts

Twitter is rolling out a number of changes to its platform in order to fight spam and malicious content. One step it is taking will require new users to confirm either an email address or phone number when they sign up to Twitter. Twitter says this will help prevent bad actors from taking advantage of its openness. The change will be rolled out later this year. Twitter also has other changes in the works. The social network is reducing the visibility of suspicious accounts in Tweet and account metrics, meaning Tweets that come from suspect accounts won’t reach user timelines and follower counts may go up and down more frequently as Twitter kicks spam accounts off the platform. The company is auditing accounts for signs of automation during the signup process. Twitter says this alone is helping it ward off 50,000 new spam accounts per day. Last, Twitter is doubling down on its search for malicious content. It’s looking for accounts that pump out exceptionally high volumes of Tweets as well as keywords and hashtags that are abusive. Twitter is asking people to be vigilant with their own accounts, to use two-factor authentication, to not re-use passwords from other sites, and to review third-party app access to their account. Twitter hopes all these changes will make the platform less abrasive.

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Alexa for iPhone Now Hears Your Spoken Voice Requests

Amazon has updated its Alexa mobile app for iOS devices with the ability to support voice requests. The Android Alexa mobile app has had this feature since January. Now, iPhone users can issue voice commands to Alexa from their phone in order to access playlists or tap into Alexa’s various skills. The app does not support wake word functionality, which means people will need to open the app in order to make voice-based requests. The updated Alexa app with voice control is available from the iTunes App Store. Alexa is free to download.

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SOLO 500X-EQ and Primordial Radio app review

We were asked to review the Studio19 London’s SOLO 500X-EQ Bluetooth Speaker, which we covered its release back in February this year. Studio19 successfully crowdfunded the new speaker using the IndieGoGo platform. We have used the Primordial Radio application to test the speaker and we talk about their platform at the same time.

SOLO 500X-EQ Features

  • BT Connectivity options for versatile play with TWS support (True Wireless Stereo – connect 2 Solo’s together automatically for dedicated Left/Right stereo channels)
  • HDMI – Connect to your TV for an enhanced sound bar experience
  • Active 3-band Graphic EQ to tailor your sound
  • Enhanced 360° Optimised Sound for omnidirectional audio
  • Advanced DSP for a full dynamic range
  • Dual Pressure Air Compression Technology for a super bass experience
  • Movie/Music/Gaming modes to optimise for your sound source
  • Available in Space Grey & Gold

Primordial Radio

So, who are Primordial Radio? We used their application for a good reason, the station has been set up for the rock and metal community using a subscription service just like Spotify but with no adverts or constant selling of other people’s merchandise. Last year, they successfully crowdfunded the station using Seedrs to make the station happen. The directors came from the ashes of Teamrock radio, which didn’t survive the DAB to Internet Radio change in 2016.

The other interesting element of the station is that they regularly broadcast on the road using mobile phones to present their shows which is heavily dependant on the 4G signal. There is no massive radio centre, as the studios are set up all around the UK from wherever they want to broadcast from. We hope to interview the guys at Primordial Radio soon to find out more about their technology to make the station possible.

You can sign up for one month free trial of the station normally, but if you use this exclusive link, you get THREE MONTHS free!

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Just £10 for a Chromecast when you buy a Google Home Mini

Just £10 for a Chromecast when you buy a Google Home MiniWant to get a diddy little smart speaker which you can talk to ? One where you say, “OK Google, what’s the weather going turned be like today?”, and it’ll tell you?

Get a Google Home Mini. It’s £49 and it’ll give you personalized help throughout your day. Not only that but it’ll also help with reminders, calls and you can send music to it too.

If you’re thinking of getting one, now is a good time because after you’ve added it to your basket you’ll have the option of getting a Google Chromecast for just £10. A Chromecast is normally £30 on its own. Whack that into the back of your TV and instantly make your TV super smart. You can send YouTube videos to your TV, play Spotify tracks and – with your Google Home Mini working in tandem – you can control your TV with your voice.

Most people tend to put the Google Home Mini helps in the kitchen as it’s great for timers and step-by-step recipes when your hands are full. It’ll also work with your smart home, adjusting your heating when you want, switch or dimming lights etc.

Head to the Google Store for the offer.

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