OutSystems: Mobile Low-Code Development Platform Leader

OutSystems, the number one platform for low-code application development, has been recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Mobile Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2017.

In one of the most comprehensive assessments of the low-code mobile development market, Forrester identified the 11 most significant vendors and evaluated them based on a rigorous 24-point evaluation. The result: OutSystems was recognized as a leader achieving the highest possible score in 13 criteria including integration, app scale and performance, mobile offline, number of customers, partner ecosystem, pricing strategy, and strategy assessment.

“We?EU?re thrilled to be cited as a low-code leader in two Forrester Waves, one for general-purpose low-code development and now one specifically for mobile low-code development,” said Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems. “I believe that this is another great validation that the market is embracing low-code platforms for enterprise app development.”

According to Forrester, “Mobile low-code development platforms are an offshoot of the broader category of low-code platforms designed to support the particular needs of mobile apps … These products go beyond general-purpose low-code development platforms by including features closely associated with mobile infrastructure services platforms or mobile middleware products, including support for mobile notifications, enterprise mobile management tools, and support for offline caching and filtering of data when devices aren?EU?t connected.”

Forrester recognized OutSystems as a leader, and also recognized the following points:

–OutSystems strong performance “reflects its commitment to enterprise customers via extensive low-code tooling for semi-professional and professional developers.”
–OutSystems strengths include its “broad features and tools for database, integration, and collaboration, coupled with an extensive set of mobile features.”
–OutSystems customer references “like the easy maintainability of the apps they?EU?ve created, and ?EU? the ability to use a wider range of developer skillsets to build mobile apps.”

Read a complimentary copy of The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2017…
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Magic Becomes Certified Tech Partner for ServiceMax

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., a global provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility, cloud applications, and business integration, announced today it has become a certified technology partner in the Technology Alliance Program for ServiceMax, a GE Digital company, the leader in cloud-based field service management solutions. As a result of this partnership, Magic Software is launching a prebuilt, certified ServiceMax connector for its popular Magic xpi Integration Platform.

Magic?EU?s new dedicated ServiceMax connector enables real-time business process integration between ServiceMax and other enterprise software, such as ERP systems, enabling ServiceMax customers to streamline field service processes, eliminate duplicate data entry, and increase productivity. For example, integration can allow a company?EU?s ERP system to be automatically updated when technicians complete time cards or order replacement parts. With Magic?EU?s code-free drag, drop and configure approach, users easily connect the data and business processes they want to create efficient and innovative business processes across systems.

“We’re pleased to welcome Magic Software as a technology partner and to feature their listing in the ServiceMax Marketplace,” said Blake Wolff, Senior Vice President Services & Alliances at ServiceMax. “Magic?EU?s proven integration capabilities can help our customers maximize the value of their ServiceMax platform.”

“We?EU?re excited to join forces with ServiceMax, the global leader in field service management software,” said Yuval Lavi, VP Technology at Magic Software Enterprises. “Magic xpi?EU?s ServiceMax connector and unrivalled connectivity give organizations the ease and flexibility to transform their businesses with end-to-end processes that increase customer satisfaction and technician productivity. We look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship.?EU?

Bobby Culberston, software developer at joint customer Westmor Industries, adds, ?EU?I have been using Magic to integrate ServiceMax and JD Edwards (E1) and can’t imagine the success of our system without it.?EU?

About ServiceMax

ServiceMax, a GE Digital company, leads the massive global industry of field service…
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Samsung Says No Refurbished Galaxy Note7s In the US

Galaxy Note7 fans in the U.S. will not be able to buy a refurbished model, reports Reuters. Samsung “will not be offering refurbished Galaxy Note7 devices for rent or sale in the U.S.,” according to a statement provided by the company. On Monday, Samsung announced plans to sell reconditioned Note7s in select markets, though it has yet to say where. Phones that cannot be reconditioned will be broken down into their individual components so Samsung can scavenge them for use in other devices.

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T-Mobile Pitches Free MLB Content to Customers

T-Mobile today said baseball fans will be able to watch every regular season Major League Baseball game on their smartphones for free. T-Mobile has again partnered with MLB and is providing customers with access to a free year of MLB.TV Premium, which includes MLB.com At Bat Premium. T-Mobile customers can stream every out-of-market regular season game to their Apple or Google smartphone and tablet via the MLB.TV app. At Bat Premium is a mobile sports app for watching home and away broadcasts, and it also includes player stats, highlights, and other information. T-Mobile One customers don’t need to worry about streaming on their plan thanks to unlimited data. T-Mobile says games will be streamed in standard definition by default, but can be viewed in HD if customers wish. The free year-long subscription will available for just 24 hours on April 4. T-Mobile customers will need to redeem the free subscription via the T-Mobile Tuesdays application and then sign up for MLB.TV Premium no later than April 11. T-Mobile made a similar offering to customers last year.

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Samsung Needs Galaxy S8 Phone To Impress, Mend Its Reputation

The Galaxy S8 will feature Samsung’s Bixby virtual personal assistant. Samsung will on Wednesday [March 29] hold an event in New York, which will be live-streamed around the world, to launch its flagship Galaxy S8.

The South Korean electronics company needs to repair its brand perception as a viable smartphone manufacturer after its flagship phablet device, the Galaxy Note 7 [pictured above], had to be recalled last year and eventually cancelled after a fault in battery design led to the smartphones catching fire.

The launch of the S8 was pushed out by a few months. Samsung’s new handsets are normally launched in February every year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year, the company apparently wanted to fully resolve the battery issues that led to the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Information officially released by the firm, and a series of leaks from Korean-based tech blogs, have given customers a glimpse into what to expect this week.

Bixby, which will be included in the S8. Bixby is the firm’s Siri and Google Assistant equivalent. The virtual personal assistant (VPA) will supposedly be more conversational than Apple’s Siri and ask follow-up questions if it did not understand the request.

Samsung says Bixby will let users control compatible apps via voice only. In Apple’s latest update, Siri can interact with other apps, like order an Uber, but users still have to physically touch the phone at some part in the process to complete the order.

Adverts for the Galaxy S8 launch have been taking up prime-time slots on television for the past few weeks.

The ads feature a black screen with two white lines that outline the top and bottom of the device. This suggests the S8 will have a small bezel — the space between the screen and edge of the device — and no home button.

This is…
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New Amplicomms M9500 elderly-friendly smartphone announced

We’ve previously seen Doro delivering easy-to-use-yet-clever smartphones for the elderly. I like them because it’s not just a matter of big buttons and a big screen – it’s the remote access that friendly and family can have to the phone.

Now a company called amplicomms are getting in on the act, and are launching their elderly-friendly phone – the M9500. They claim (although I’m not so sure after seeing the Doro kit) that this is the first smartphone that turns into a remotely controlled device. It comes with a “Help” function to let others operate the phone and a remote call-in status check system. 
New Amplicomms M9500 elderly friendly smartphone announced

Like the Doro kit, it also has an SOS button for emergencies. There’s also a Google GPS map to locate the caller and it’s compatible with hearing aids too.

This one is powered by Android 5.1 but also has a second operating system, simply called “amplicomms OS”. There’s an adjustable loud call volume (up to 40dB), an extra loud ringer (up to 90dB) and a vibration alert. It also comes with an 8 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front cam. 

Specs also include 4G, Dual SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 960*540 qHD 5″ screen. It has 1GB RAM, 8GB of on-board storage and a microSD card slot to boost that further. All of this is powered by a MTK 6735 M Quad-cortex 1 GHz CPU.

Here’s a little YouTube video to show you more about it..

For more information, head to the HearingDirect.com website, where they’ve knocked it down to just £169.99 SIM-free. 

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  • Netflix Leads Streaming Wars, But Hulu Has Loyal Users

    One big difference between regular TV and streaming TV is that streaming TV is pretty murky when it comes to numbers: We don’t know much about how many people are watching streaming TV services, or what they’re watching.

    So here’s a little bit of light, courtesy of a new report from comScore: A chart that shows us the relative popularity — and usage — for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and YouTube.

    Most important caveat here: ComScore’s data, from December 2016, is measuring video streamed over Wi-Fi, at home, to TV sets. So it’s missing what’s happening on phones in and out of homes — which is a big deal — and what’s happening over wireless networks — a smaller deal.

    Still, if we assume this data is at least directionally correct, it’s helpful.

    We did know that Netflix is far and away the leader when it comes to streaming TV – the service says it has about 50 million subscribers. And comScore’s data syncs up with that, pegging the service’s penetration at about 40 percent of homes with Wi-Fi.

    It is interesting, though, to see how far behind YouTube is when it comes to getting video to your TV. The world’s biggest video service gets to TV sets in less than 30 percent of the U.S., per comScore.

    That may explain why YouTube is going to launch its own pay TV service – though YouTube has taken pains to describe YouTube TV as a “mobile first” offering.

    And while Amazon and Hulu have been making a big push to build up their offerings, they’re still far behind. On the other hand, if you compare comScore’s data to earlier estimates from broadband services company Sandvine, they may be making progress. (Yet another caveat: Sandvine is measuring the amount of data those services push out; comScore is measuring how…
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    Facebook Folds More Snapchat Features Into Its Main Mobile App

    Facebook today expanded the way people are able to share photos and videos by bringing new camera tools to its mobile application. First, the camera is more accessible from within Facebook. A tap will turn it on. The camera includes dozens of effects like masks, frames, and interactive filters that people can apply to their pictures or movies. Reactive effects, specifically for videos, let people interact with on-screen animations in real time. Facebook is partnering with several movie studios and visual artists to ensure that the selection of effects changes over time. Second, Facebook is bringing stories, pioneered by Snapchat and later adopted by Facebook’s own Instagram, to the main app. Stories will appear above the news feed and disappear automatically after 24 hours. Stories do not show up directly on users’ timelines unless they want them to. Third, the app includes more sharing tools. Stories, as well as regular photos and videos, can be shared directly with others for one-time viewing. Photos and videos sent via the new Direct tool can be seen once, though the recipient will be able to respond. These new features are available to the Android and iPhone versions of Facebook mobile this week. The apps are free to download from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, respectively.

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    Guidance Software and Demisto Partner on Incident Response

    PASADENA, Calif., March 28, 2017 — Guidance Software, the makers of EnCase®, the gold standard in forensic security, today announced a strategic partnership with Demisto, an innovator in Security Operations Technology. The Guidance and Demisto integration enables customers to orchestrate incident response across multiple security products, saving time, resources, and ensuring forensic-grade remediation of threats.

    ?EU?Demisto is the critical link connecting our customers?EU? security infrastructure and teams,?EU? said Rishi Bhargava, Co-founder, Demisto. ?EU?Our integration with Guidance enables customers to streamline critical incident response processes to speed final remediation and free resources for other security tasks. We are excited to partner with a market-leader like Guidance and leverage their extensive customer network to bring our comprehensive security operations platform to market.?EU?

    Together Guidance and Demisto enable customers to add context to security alerts and automate response and evidence preservation. This partnership also improves visibility into incident response operations with case management capabilities and integrations with IT ticketing and workflow systems.

    ?EU?The right balance of automation is critical for security teams facing an ever increasing number of threats,?EU? said Guidance President & CEO Patrick Dennis. ?EU?Integrating EnCase Endpoint Security with Demisto allows our customers to more quickly and strategically deploy EDR capabilities to detect, triage and remediate threats that bypass perimeter security. Demisto?EU?s advanced security orchestration capabilities will help our customers resolve threats more quickly, while saving resources and improving security ROI.?EU?

    To demonstrate the integration and how Guidance and Demisto work together to streamline incident response, the companies will hold a joint webinar on March 29 at 11 am PST. Click here to register for the webinar. The webinar will also be available on-demand after March 29.

    EnCase Endpoint Security is the market-leading EDR tool according to Gartner research. With 360-degree visibility into the endpoint, EnCase Endpoint security empowers InfoSec teams to detect sophisticated threats earlier,…
    Source: Mobile Tech Today

    Artificial Intelligence on YouTube is able to Describe Sound Effects

    YouTube has always had automated captions since 2009 for its videos, and is now expanding the feature to include captions made for sound effects. The video service will use machine learning to detect sound effects in videos and add the captions for applause, music, and laughter to millions of videos.  These will come out on […]
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