Sprint Rolls Out Enticing Samsung Galaxy S9 Offer

Sprint said those who preorder the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ can save up to $500 on the new handsets. First, Sprint is offering $350 off the Sprint Flex price for those who preorder and trade-in an eligible handset. This knocks the monthly price of the S9 to $13.55 and S9+ to $18.55. Further, Sprint will reward those who port in a number with a $150 Visa gift card. The $150 gift card does not require a trade on its own. Sprint says the deals will be offered for a limited time. Samsung is also offering a $350 promo for consumers who preorder the Galaxy S9 or S9+ with a trade. Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ kick off on Friday, March 2.

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Best Buy to Shutter 250 Mobile-Focused Stores

Best Buy will close 250 of its small store stores, which are mostly located in malls and focus on selling mobile devices. “The mobile phone business has matured, margins have compressed and the cost of operations in our mobile standalone stores is higher than in our big box stores,” said Best Buy in a memo seen by Reuters. The bulk of the stores will be closed by May 31. Best Buy noted that the stores, often just 1,400 square feet, contributed only 1% to its overall revenue. The typical Best Buy store is about 40,000 square feet. The move doesn’t impact Best Buy stores in Canada. Best Buy said it will do what it can to help its mobile-focused employees migrate to other positions at its larger stores. Best Buy’s 1,000 big box stores will continue to sell wireless goods and services.

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#MWC18 – The Coolsmartphone Mobile World Congress HQ

#MWC18   The Coolsmartphone Mobile World Congress HQ

The story so far then, and I’ll try to keep this brief. Coolsmartphone has been hanging around these internetz for over 15 years now and, for the last 8 years, we’ve been lucky enough be on site to cover the Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona.

As an insight into the event, some may see it as a big party. Indeed, there are bloggers, vloggers, and other press who come out here to enjoy the free food and drinks which are inevitably on offer at invite-only dinners and parties. If we ONLY did that then, well, nothing would ever get written, the press guys wouldn’t be impressed, then we wouldn’t be allowed into the event and we wouldn’t get to show you all the new phones and gadgets.

#MWC18   The Coolsmartphone Mobile World Congress HQ

Both Garry and I have been given press accreditation, so we’re usually to be found either in the press centre, running around the mass of halls or back at an AirBNB or hotel (if we’re lucky) uploading content to the site.

Ah yes, the “mass of halls”. I tried to describe this to my taxi driver early on Sunday morning.

“Barcelona aye? That sounds like great fun, I’ll be it’ll be nice weather”

#MWC18   The Coolsmartphone Mobile World Congress HQ

Well, we rarely find out sadly. Mobile World Congress is held in a set of simply huge exhibition halls. Have a look at them on Google Maps. They’re connected together by one central walk-way which has travellators to try and reduce the miles and miles of walking you’ll be doing. Apart from the off-site launches from the likes of Samsung and Huawei, this is where you’ll be spending a lot of your time. You’re under a big roof and almost everyone speaks English.

To be honest you could be in Birmingham, you really wouldn’t know the difference.

Getting here? That’s cheap enough, the flights cost less than actually parking at the airport – my easyJet return was £35. The accomodation charges have risen though, and each year hotels and AirBNB renters learn just how much money the mobile industry has.

For us it’s slightly different. We’re based in, and appeal to, the UK market mainly. Without changing our coverage and output drastically, we’ll perhaps not achieve the huge revenue streams that the big America tech sites can bring in. We do all this in our spare time and don’t get paid a penny for it. It’s like a hobby that went awry somewhere 🙂

This, then, is why we had to ask for donations for the cost of staying here. In the end we got £26 from you lovely people, which was a tad short of the amount needed for the shared accomodation we’d looked at near to the event.

The answer, after me and Garry dropped in about £220 each, is this – our all-new Coolsmartphone Barcelona HQ for 2018..

#MWC18   The Coolsmartphone Mobile World Congress HQ

..yes, we’re in a boat. For me it’s a serious step up from last year, when I slept in a rather run-down camper van with questionable sanitation that was parked on a busy street. This time, with both of us covering the event, Garry is the Captain of the SS Coolsmartphone and I’m a rather terrible ship-mate who generally clutters up the place.

#MWC18   The Coolsmartphone Mobile World Congress HQ

#MWC18   The Coolsmartphone Mobile World Congress HQ

In here we’ve got almost everything we could need. Thanks to a MiFi unit from Cellhire, we’ve got speedy WiFi on-board, and there’s even an oven, microwave and fridge – somewhere to keep the beer cool whilst writing. It’s toasty and warm thanks to a heater and the two double beds at either end are surprisingly spacious and comfortable. Although there is a small toilet / shower “cupboard” (as I call it), there’s also a shower block not far off.

#MWC18   The Coolsmartphone Mobile World Congress HQ

As I mentioned before, this is a big step up from last year for me. The only minor down point was the location, which was behind at the other end of the city from the main MWC event. Still, it kept to our budget and it just shows that – thanks to a some WiFi and a strong 4G signal, you can generally work from anywhere.

#MWC18   The Coolsmartphone Mobile World Congress HQ

#MWC18   The Coolsmartphone Mobile World Congress HQ

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  • Social Media App Vero Blows Up, But Success Creates Problems

    Frustrated with social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook that display posts based on an algorithm, users are swarming to a new, paid service that promises to show social items in reverse chronological order.

    Vero has actually been around for a while, but recently began a strong push for new users by promising that the first million to sign up would have the service’s subscription fee waived for life.

    It has been wildly successful — maybe too much so. Once you download the app from the iOS or Android app stores, you may or may not be able to sign up, post or approve friend requests. My first item, praising the 2017 movie “Baby Driver”, is stuck in “Post Failed” limbo.

    According to Mashable, Vero has been around since 2015, languishing at the bottom of download lists on both app stores. But its current push has it perched at the top of the iTunes App Store.

    Vero was started by Ayman Hariri, a billionaire who’s also the son of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri of Lebanon. He wanted to create a social network that didn’t use advertising as payment, instead requiring users to pay to play. After all, when a service is free and monetized by ads, its users are the product, not the customer.

    You can post photos, links, talk about music or movies or books, and check in at a place. It’s similar to Instagram, completely with filters and photo editing, but with more structure for posts.

    In addition to being ad-free, Vero also shows posts in reverse chronological order. Users on Facebook and Instagram, which Facebook also owns, complain constantly about its algorithmic approach to posts, which don’t let you see all the items posted by friends. On Facebook, you can temporarily view posts with “Newest First”, but it still won’t show…
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