HTC Bringing 60 FPS Recording to U11

HTC today said a future update will add 60 frames-per-second video capture to its U11 flagship. The feature will be rolled out to the U11 in various markets around the world over the next few months. Higher capture frame rates lead to smoother video playback, particularly at full HD and 4K resolutions. The update will be free for U11 owners to install.

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OnePlus 5 now in Soft Gold for a limited time

OnePlus 5 now in Soft Gold for a limited time
OnePlus are a company who make flagship spec hardware but do not charge sky high prices.

A few months ago they announced availability of the OnePlus 5, a brand new dual camera flagship going head to head with the big guns.

Grey and Black were the two colours available, the latter being the 8GB RAM, 128GB storage version.

Today OnePlus announced a third colour, Soft Gold.

This new colour takes specs from the Grey version, so that’s 64GB storage and 6GB RAM, hardly a slouch by any means.

This limited edition version really is limited, once they have gone they have gone!

Head on over to the official OnePlus site and order yours before it is too late and you miss out.

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  • YouTube Mobile App Gains In-App Sharing and Chatting

    Google today updated its YouTube mobile application and made the process of sharing videos far simpler. Moving forward, people can share videos directly with one another within the YouTube app itself. Shared videos appear in a new tab in the app, bypassing third-party apps entirely. Further, senders and recipients of shared videos can discuss them in the new chat feature that is part of the shared tab. Google says people can respond with videos of their own, as well as invite others to join the conversation. Users will still be able to share videos through third-party apps (Facebook, messages, etc.) if they wish. The new feature, which Google has been testing in select markets since last year, is available in the YouTube mobile app for Android and iOS. YouTube is free to download from the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

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    iOS 11 Beta 5 for Developers Now Available

    Apple today seeded the fifth beta of iOS 11 to application developers. This beta is not yet available to public beta testers, though Apple typically releases new public betas shortly after it updates the developer code. Apple continues to refine iOS 11 and add features based on developer feedback. The company did not call out any specific changes concerning iOS 11 Beta 5. Apple will release more betas, generally once every other week, ahead of the expected final release in September. iOS 11 targets the iPad more than the iPhone, but both platforms gain expanded Control Center tools, a refreshed App Store, new camera features, Siri improvements, as well as updates to iMessage, the Keyboard, files, and more. Apple today also released new beta builds of watchOS, tvOS 11, macOS High Sierra 10.13, and Xcode 9.

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    Google Drops August Security Patches for Android

    Google today made its monthly security patches available to select Android devices. This month’s patches plug a significant number of security holes that threaten most Android devices. Google found dozens of vulnerabilities, including a number of which classified as critical, or able to remotely execute code. Some of problems are related to specific hardware and the associated software drivers that control them. Google is pushing two separate patches to cover these vulnerabilities, one dated August 1 and the second dated August 5. As always, Google is delivering the patches directly to its own Nexus- and Pixel-branded devices first. Google has already posted factory images for download from its web site. Google’s handsets will receive both patches in a single download. As far as Google is aware, none of these security holes have been exploited by hackers or other entities. Google has already given the patches to its device-maker partners. Phone manufacturers are responsible for updating their own smartphones with the patches.

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    Google Cuts Pixel Phone Price, Facing Commercial Suicide?

    Ahead of the expected October launch of its second-generation Pixel smartphones, Google is dropping the price on current models (pictured above) by up to $200. The discount is presumably to clear inventory for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, but their future is also in doubt. At least one industry watcher predicts “serious problems ahead” for the new models.

    Announced by Google yesterday, the latest promotion cuts the cost of last year’s Pixel by $125 and reduces the cost of the larger Pixel XL by $200. Buyers of either phone will also be able to add Google’s Daydream View virtual-reality headset for no extra cost. Google said the offer will continue “while supplies last.”

    In the meantime, recently leaked images show the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are not expected to feature several of the latest design elements that are appearing on competing devices. One “missing” design element is a nearly bezel-free front display like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which was released in April. The 10th-anniversary iPhone, anticipated to launch by the end of the year, is also expected to be bezel-free.

    Front Bezels, Single Rear Camera Remain

    The new promotion on last year’s Google smartphones brings the starting price down to $524 for the Pixel and $569 for the Pixel XL. Meanwhile, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are expected to arrive with a “premium” price-tag similar to that of a new Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone, according to comments made earlier this year by Google senior vice president of hardware Rich Osterloh.

    However, this year’s Pixels appear likely to forego their competitors’ “increasingly-common flagship features,” noted mobile tech writer Evan Blass, who has published numerous accurate leaks about other devices in the past.

    On Friday, Blass posted a leaked photo that purports to show…
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    OnePlus 5 Arrives In Soft Gold

    OnePlus today made a new soft gold version of the OnePlus 5 available via its web site. The gold model comes with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage for $479. Other than the color, the gold model has all the same specs and features as the black and gray models. OnePlus also said the gray version is now available with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage for $539. Previously only the black model was available with the higher memory / storage combination. The soft gold OnePlus 5 is available immediately from OnePlus’ web site. Quantities are limited.

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    DirecTV Now Adds CBS, The CW, Other Channels

    AT&T today improved its DirecTV Now television service with the addition of CBS and other channels. DirecTV Now has offered content from ABC, FOX, and NBC since launch, but not CBS. Today’s news means DirecTV Now subscribers in 25 metro regions will have access to live CBS and The CW programming. The initial batch of markets includes New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas – Ft. Worth
    San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Boston, Detroit, and others. In addition to CBS, DirecTV Now also gains CBS Sports Network, Showtime, and Pop. AT&T said it plans to add 30 more live ABC, FOX, and NBC channels to markets around the country. The new content rollouts to DirecTV Now are scheduled to begin this week. AT&T allows its wireless customers to stream an unlimited amount of DirecTV Now over the mobile network without impacting their monthly data limit.

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    Will the iPhone 8 Be Able To Scan Your Face?

    The iPhone 8 reveal is almost here, and we will soon get our first official look at the latest flagship. However, until then we can expect leaks and tips, and here is what the latest ones talk about.

    The first leak shows X-Ray shots of the phone from Chinese social network Weibo, and Apple tipster Benjamin Geskin. This leak shows two iPhone templates in production, one with a TFT-LCD screen, and one with an OLED screen, which could be the iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 respectively.

    The iPhone 8 scan also looks like it has bigger room for battery.

    The templates also show room for a charging coil which could mean that wireless charging is coming to the phone. Earlier rumors also hinted at a glass back for the iPhone 7S Plus, which could enable wireless charging more easily than the usual metal finish.

    Another feature talked about is the new face recognition capability, or Face ID. After some digging into the HomePod firmware code, a reference for a resting state popped up, which suggested that you’ll be able to unlock your iPhone with a glance even when it’s sat down flat on a surface.

    We can’t confirm the authenticity of these rumors and leaks. However, they do back up earlier rumors. We will know more once the phone is officially announced next month.
    Source: Mobile Tech Today

    Samsung Note 9 May Feature Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

    The Samsung Note 8 is not here yet, but rumors of the Samsung Note 9 have already started to pop up. This time it is about the embedded fingerprint sensor, a hot topic this summer.

    While Apple has called it quits for the feature to arrive on this year’s iPhone, Samsung might be working on it for next year’s Note 9. This comes from the prediction of analysts at KGI Securities, who released a new report on Samsung’s plans for 2018. KGI is known for its accurate smartphone information, so it is worth listening to their comments on the market.

    With smartphone makers crossing the hurdle of removing bezels, they were faced with the new challenge of the fingerprint scanner’s placement. This is what led to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus having their fingerprint scanners at the back of the device.

    According to KGI, Apple’s move means the pressure’s off Samsung. In doing so it has, “no need to risk adopting under-display optical fingerprint solution in a hurry” in the words of the analysts. However, we might see the tech soon.

    KGI also reports that the fingerprint sensor might be on the rear for the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well. However, it may be repositioned for a more ergonomic experience. We will know more once the phone is announced.
    Source: Mobile Tech Today