Researchers Create Old and Obese ‘Modern’ Crash Test Dummies to Better Reflect ‘Realistic Americans’

Crash test dummies used to have bodies like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. However, there’s a new generation of crash test dummies coming out that will be older and packing more pounds to better reflect the present crop of American motorists. Researchers have revealed two new models that they believe will better reflect American society.…
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The Nintendo Switch – It’s coming!

My son and, to be fair, my wife, are both big Nintendo fans. My wife used to have a Game Boy Color and my son has gone through the Nintendo 2DS, 3DS, Wii and the Wii U. Even though he’s now moved onto the big world of Playstation, he still pops back onto the Wii U where (in my opinion at least), it’s a more family-friendly fun place to be.

Did I really want him to have a Playstation for Christmas? No way. The whole thing has driven me insane. Setting up parental controls and ensuring that spending limits were setup and the whole sub-account thing was done right took far too long and involved a couple of email addresses, about half a dozen confirmation emails and a lot of faffing about. It was almost as if it didn’t want me to have any parental control over it at all.

The Nintendo Switch   Its coming!

In reality the upcoming Nintendo Switch was a preference, but it’s not out yet. We do now know more though, and it’s arriving in stores on March 3rd. But what is it exactly? Well, you can call it “hybrid video game console”. You can take it with you where ever you go or slide off the side-controllers – each called a “Joy-Con” and use these with the main console propped up with a rear supporting leg. You can also use a grip accessory to click them together and continue playing.

The Nintendo Switch   Its coming!

When you’re at home, simply slot the device into a “Switch dock” and use a controller (which looks a lot like a PS4 controller) to put the same games on the big screen. It’s all very seamless and there’s a rather nice video which I can show you below..

Those Joy-Con controllers can either be put into both hands, or two players can take each one so that you have a more Nintendo Wii-style experience. There’s motion control and “HD rumble”, which is an advanced vibration system. Up to 8 Nintendo Switch systems can be used together for face-to-face multiplayer games. Team playing and online team games are all possible.

Imagine a tablet that you can attach controllers onto, then add Mario and all the usual Nintendo ingredients and mix well. 🙂

The Nintendo Switch   Its coming!

Without the Joy-Con controllers the tablet / device weighs 297 grams. With them it weighs 398 grams – just a bit heavier than the Nintendo 3DS XL. Specs also include a 720p 6.2″ touchscreen, but you get a 1920 x 1080 Full HD output onto your TV. The 4310 mAh battery should see you for 6 hours of play on the move, but this can vary quite a bit depending on the game.

Head to for more information.

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  • Tech Companies Beware: Oculus Fined $500M over Code Violation

    A Texas jury on Wednesday found that Facebook’s virtual reality (VR) unit Oculus directly infringed on the copyright of video game publisher ZeniMax, as well as ZeniMax-owned id Software. For this and other legal violations, jurors ordered Oculus and two of its executives to pay ZeniMax a total of $500 million.

    Facebook has said that it plans to appeal the decision, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Oculus also released a statement welcoming the fact that jurors rejected some of ZeniMax’s allegations, which combined could have led to total damages of $2 billion.

    Oculus, which released the first commercial version of its Oculus Rift VR system last year, was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion in 2014. ZeniMax and id Software filed a complaint against Oculus and co-founder Palmer Luckey in May of that year. The lawsuit was later amended to add Facebook, former Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe and John Carmack, a co-founder of id Software — acquired by ZeniMax in 2009 — who left that company to join Oculus, where he serves as CTO.

    Findings Include Copyright, Trademark Infringement

    In its original complaint, ZeniMax said that it had provided Oculus and Luckey with access to intellectual property that it had developed “after years of research and investment. This valuable intellectual property included copyrighted computer code, trade secret information, and technical know-how.”

    Despite having signed a binding non-disclosure agreement regarding that property, Oculus and Luckey “commercially exploited it for their own gain” and stood to reap “billions in value” from that information, ZeniMax added.

    In a 90-page summary of its findings, the jury hearing the case dismissed some of ZeniMax and id Software’s complaints, but decided in their favor on a number of issues, including copyright infringement, breach of contract, trademark infringement and false designation. The jury ordered Oculus…
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    Microsoft Outlook for iOS Adds Support for Third-Party Apps

    Microsoft today updated its Outlook email application for iOS devices and gave the app the ability to support add-ins. Microsoft says add-ins let Outlook users do more with their email thanks to powers enabled by third-party applications. For example, adds-ins will negate the need to leave Outlook to perform certain tasks, such as translate text, insert GIFs, or save items for safekeeping. Some of the launch partners include Evernote, Giphy, Nimble, Trello, and Smartsheet. Microsoft says add-ins are only available when reading emails for now, but it plans to add support for add-ins to the email composing/replying screens before too long. Moreover, add-ins are being made available to Office 365 subscribers first, with users to follow. Add-ins will be added to Outlook for Android at a later date. Microsoft Outlook for iOS is free to download from the iTunes App Store.

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    FCC Chairman Pai Pledges to Be More Transparent

    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai today said he hopes to make the agency more transparent and accessible to the American public. Primarily, Pai wants to ensure that FCC documents are available earlier in the process ahead of votes and/or adoption by the Commission. “The text of a document that the FCC votes on at its monthly meetings is sent to Commissioners at least three weeks before the vote, but it isn’t released publicly until after the vote takes place. This is precisely the opposite of transparency,” said Pai. “The best that average Americans will get is selective disclosures authorized by the Chairman’s Office. More often, the public is kept completely in the dark.” Beginning immediately, Pai will make Notices of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRMs) and Reports and Order available to the public the same time they are given to Commissioners. This gives the public time to assess any proposed rules before the FCC discusses them. Pai is piloting this program to see how it works ahead of the Commission’s scheduled Feb. 23 meeting. Pai also hopes to make sure all agenda items for monthly Commission meetings are available well in advance of this meetings. If these tests go well, Pai will make it FCC policy. “My goal is a simple but powerful one: equal access to the administrative process,” concluded Pai.

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    Google to Scuttle Hands Free App

    Google today said it is cancelling its Hands Free mobile payment service. The company has been piloting Hands Free Payments since March 2016. Hands Free allowed people to pay for goods and services without taking their phone out of their pocket. It relied on location data, WiFi, Bluetooth beacons, and other sensors to detect nearby participating stores. Pilot testers needed only to say “I’ll pay with Google” to the cashier, who confirmed shoppers’ identity with their initials and profile photo. Google said it has learned a lot from early adopters. “Based on all the positive feedback, we’re now working to bring the best of the Hands Free technology to even more people and stores. To focus our efforts on that, we’ll be shutting down the Hands Free app on February 8,” said the company. Google suggests people interested in mobile payments take a look at Android Pay, which is available to most NFC-equipped Android smartphones.

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    AT&T Launching Ultra-Fast 5G Networks in 2 US Cities

    During its Innovation Summit in San Francisco yesterday, AT&T unveiled plans to begin moving toward 5G wireless Internet services with launches in Austin and Indianapolis in the coming months.

    The move toward faster, next-generation connection speeds is part of a larger network innovation program that AT&T is kicking off with the nonprofit Linux Foundation. That program, also announced yesterday, was set into motion when AT&T transitioned its network automation platform, called ECOMP, into an open source software project led by the foundation.

    The project “will allow software, network, IT and cloud providers and developers to rapidly create new services in response to evolving customer requirements,” according to the foundation. AT&T’s ECOMP platform takes its name from the software service areas it covers: enhanced control, orchestration, management and policy.

    ‘5G Evolution Markets’

    Meanwhile, as part of its latest network upgrade plan, AT&T will roll out faster wireless services to customers in Austin and Indianapolis over the next few months. Initially, those first “5G Evolution Markets” will offer wireless connectivity with theoretical speeds of 400 Mbps (megabits per second) or higher, AT&T said.

    “As we continue densifying our network and deploying technologies, like carrier aggregation and LTE-License Assisted Access (LAA), we expect to enable theoretical peak speeds up to 1 Gbps [gigabit per second] in some areas in 2017,” the company noted in a statement.

    As part of its transition to next-generation network services, AT&T said it also expects two new 5G test beds now in development at its labs in Austin go “on-air” this spring. Those testbeds will explore 5G deployment at both indooor and outdoor locations and will feature “flexible infrastructure to allow modifications and updates as 5G standards develop,” the company said.

    The “massive bandwidth and low latency” that 5G technologies will make possible will help advance applications ranging from virtual…
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    Chrome for iOS Gains QR Scanning Tool

    Google today updated its Chrome browser for iOS devices and added a novel tool: a QR and barcode scanner. iPhone owners can scan a QR code or barcode by using 3D Touch on the app logo or by searching for “QR” in iOS’s Spotlight search bar. Google says it also redesigned the tab switcher layout for the iPad to make it easier for people to access open sites. Chrome 56 is free to download from the iTunes App Store.

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    Google Pushing Chrome 56 to Android Devices

    Google has made the latest build of its Chrome browser available to Android handsets and tablets. Chrome 56 adds several new features, including the ability to easily use emails, addresses, and phone numbers that are buried within web pages by tapping on them. Chrome 56 also makes it simpler to access downloaded files and web pages, as well as download article suggestions with a long press on the new tab page. The browser has also been given a nice performance boost thanks to new page reloading behavior. Google says its new methodology improves reload times by 28% while also cutting down on power usage and bandwidth. Google Chrome 56 is free to download from the Play Store.

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