Survey Finds Roadblocks to SAP HANA Migrations

Panaya, an Infosys company, and a leader in ERP change analytics and cloud-based testing revealed that based on a survey of over 200 SAP managers from large enterprises around the globe, a majority (51%) have committed to move to S/4HANA, yet most of them (69%) still trying to define the business case.

The survey conducted by Panaya, found that more than one third (35%) who have committed to make the change have not decided on the best implementation approach. Close to one third (31%) of those who have decided, chose system conversion or a brownfield approach over SAP’s recommended re-implementation, due to the high cost of new installations and their reluctance to throw away decades of customizations embedded in existing systems.

To address the concerns of enterprises who are inclined to make the shift to S/4HANA, Panaya has created the Panaya SAP S/4HANA Discovery Pack which provides SAP customers the insights they need to identify the optimal conversion path that meets their organization?EU?s needs. Provided as part of the Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite for S/4HANA, the Discovery Pack incorporates experience gained from over 80 HANA migrations and over 9000 successful SAP migration projects, to evaluate and compare the different migration routes to HANA DB, S/4 Finance, and S/4HANA.

The Discovery Pack also includes a full impact report and simulation tools to ensure that code will work fast and optimally on the new HANA database. Proven to reduce time and effort by 50%, and ensure zero defects at go live, Panaya delivers a safe and clear path to S/4HANA with prioritization and acceleration for all SAP changes.

“Many SAP customers are slow to move to S/4HANA as it is still considered uncharted territory and the associated costs and impact on existing systems are unknown,”…
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The First Spider Web Necktie by Bolt Thread Costs $314

Bolt Thread believes that the answers to our problems can be found in nature. They are inspired everyday by the amazing materials they can work with and has a desire to turn these materials into incredible products. Can you imagine wearing a tie made from spider webs? Well, you can wear one now. Bolt Thread […]
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The “Mirage” Ranch House Covered with Mirrors is a Tribute to Al Beadle

Art is designated in ways unimaginable to the viewing masses. Art is an expression, as well as an outburst, or emotions. Artists differ in their ways and choice of mediums to recreate their imagination. These are mostly reflected on their personal belongings, to an extent, they apply it in recreating their homes. In sunny Palm […]
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Sally: The Robot Salad Maker that Keeps People Healthy has Raised $5 Million

Chowbotics Inc. is the one that created Sally – is salad robot that has the capacity to make custom salads that are chef inspired. Sally is designed to prepare food in different restaurants, hotels, malls, cafeterias, airports including hospitals. Chowbotics, a San Jose-based startup that seeks to bring robotics to the food industry. Sally has […]
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Venturer PrimePro 12 TS 2-in-1 notebook – Review

Venturer PrimePro 12 TS 2 in 1 notebook   Review

A short time ago I carried out a review of the EliteWin S 11KT mini 2-in-1 notebook. It was also created by Venturer, and you can view the full review here. Now the company have sent me through the their latest device, the PrimePro 12TS

Good Points: 

  • Good design with integrated case/keyboard.
  • Full version Windows 10.
  • Very little overall lag.
  • Mini HDMI port.
  • Micro SD Card expansions available.
  • Nice bright screen.
  • Micro USB can be used for charging.
  • Keyboard and track pad good to use.


Bad Points:

  • Fingerprint magnet, on both screen and case.
  • Difficult to hold in tablet mode with the case attached.
  • Case not very supportive when used on the knee.
  • Low quality camera’s front and rear.
  • Quite heavy overall.
  • Windows took and absolute age to update.

Device Spec’s:

  • Screen 12,2″ 1920 x 1200 pixels.
  • Operating System Windows 10.
  • Processor (CPU)Intel AtomTM (up to 1.83GHz).
  • Display Multi points Capacitive Touch Screen.
  • Memory 4GB RAM.
  • Storage 64GB Flash.
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Camera (MP) 2MP 2MP (Front & Rear).
  • Sensor G-sensor.
  • Connectors USB, Headphone, Mini HDMI DC Jack.
  • Micro SD, Micro USB (For Charging Only).
  • Audio Speakers, Microphone.
  • Battery Life Up to 8 Hours.
  • Dimensions Approximately 300 x 206 x 11.8 (WxDxH) mm excluding keyboard keyboard.
  • Approximately 300 x 213 x 24.6 (WxDxH) mm with keyboard.
  • Weight Approximately 907g excluded keyboard, 1500g .
  • Detachable Keyboard Trackpad, Angle Adjustable


The PrimePro 12 TS is basically a 12 inch Windows tablet, but with a leather keyboard case attached. It’s similar in appearance to a Microsoft Surface/ case setup. The tablet connects to the case via a magnetic connector, which lets you switch between tablet and notebook with ease.

I say ease, but the magnetic connection is really strong, so it does need a really good pull to get the two to separate.

Venturer PrimePro 12 TS 2 in 1 notebook   Review
Venturer PrimePro 12 TS 2 in 1 notebook   Review

The keyboard is the standard chicklet-type case style and I did find it quite pleasurable to type on. There is a specific Windows key that opens and closes the Windows Start screen. Below you’ll find the trackpad, which was very responsive, although for the life of me I couldn’t get the scroll direction to reverse (down to scroll down and visa versa ). The pad didn’t click down and I found this very hard to get used to.

The keyboard features a wrap-around case which not only protects the tablet when in transit, but also acts as a prop for the screen. I found it wasn’t quite sturdy enough to support the screen while being used on your knee.

Venturer PrimePro 12 TS 2 in 1 notebook   Review

Venturer PrimePro 12 TS 2 in 1 notebook   Review
Venturer PrimePro 12 TS 2 in 1 notebook   Review

On the left-hand side of the tablet are the ports. These consist of a microphone, mini HDMI, micro USB port (which is used solely to charge the device, power switch, USB 3 port and a Micro SD card expansion slot,

Venturer PrimePro 12 TS 2 in 1 notebook   Review

The package as a whole is quite heavy, with quite a number of sharp feeling edges to its industrial design. I found that folding the case over to use in tablet mode was quite an awkward affair. It also wasn’t pleasant to hold but was a lot better if you remove the tablet from the case first.

The Venturer PrimePro 12TS boasts 4GB of RAM, an Intel Atom Quad Core brain, and 64GB of built-in storage. This can obviously be expanded thanks to the Micro SD slot. I found that this made the device able to handle Windows 10 very well, even with a multiple apps, programs and web pages open and running simultaneously.

In Use:

As I’ve said in previous posts, my main machine of choice is my beloved Chromebook. For this review I put my Chromebook away and solely used the PrimePro as my main device. The first thing I noticed was the speed that the device booted up -well under 30 seconds. This is somewhat speedy in the Windows world, but felt like an absolute age compared to the 5-6 sec boot up time of my Chromebook).

Once powered up I had to update the Windows 10 OS. This was a very, very painful experience and it absolute ages to do (this wasn’t a Venturer issue but more of a Windows problem.)

Venturer PrimePro 12 TS 2 in 1 notebook   Review

The device screen is clear and sharp. I found it excellent to consume media on, especially in tablet mode. The device speakers were OK for watching a movie or podcast.

The Venturer PrimePro’s internal battery should provide up to eight hours of use, but in my tests I found that 5.5 to 6 hours was nearer the mark. Apart from the extra weight and bulk, of the PrimePro, I had no issues using it at all. It did raise some inquisitive looks and comments when I was using whilst out and about.


If you’re considering a Windows 10-powered device that has the flexibility of a tablet and laptop combined, the PrimePro 12 TS definitely needs some consideration.

Yes the cameras are not of the highest quality, but to honest you’re never going to use it to take serious photos. They were more that adequate for video calls etc.

It is a fingerprint magnet and I did find myself having to give the screen and case a wipe over more than I would have liked. I did enjoy using it.

Will it draw it away from Chromebook? Well the jury is still out on that one.

The Venturer PrimePro 12 TS is currently available from Venturer and Amazon  for £349:99

The post Venturer PrimePro 12 TS 2-in-1 notebook – Review is original content from Coolsmartphone. If you see it on another news website, please let us know.


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  • Microsoft Targets Slack with Teams for Office 365

    Redmond is making a play for the enterprise collaboration tools sector with the announcement yesterday of the global release of its Microsoft Teams chat platform for all Office 365 users. The new tool is now live by default for all users with a Business Essentials, Business Premium, or Enterprise plan.

    “Microsoft Teams is a digital workspace built on four core promises: chat for today’s teams, a hub for teamwork, customization options and security teams trust,” Kirk Koenigsbauer, Microsoft?EU?s corporate vice president for the Office team, said in a blog post yesterday. The workspace has been in preview since November, with more than 50,000 organizations already using it, the company said.

    Alternative to Slack

    Microsoft is positioning Teams as an alternative to the popular Slack platform, which allows coworkers to collaborate via chat in a similar way. The company said it has already added several new features to Teams since the preview, including audio calling from mobile devices. It also currently supports video calling on Android devices, with support coming to iOS and Windows phones in the future.

    The tech giant has also added a variety of features in response to direct customer feedback, such as the ability to email a channel, including attachments, send messages with markdown-based formatting and receive notifications about all posts in a channel.

    Other features that have been recently added include support for open, public teams within an organization, scheduling capabilities such as free/busy calendar availability for team members, event recurrence and easier transitions from chat to voice and video.

    Office 365 and Third-Party Integration

    But the big selling point for Teams is its integration with Microsoft’s other Office 365 applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Power BI, according to the company.

    Microsoft is also selling Teams on the strength of its ecosystem of third-party integrations. More than 150…
    Source: Mobile Tech Today

    U.S. Charges Russian Officials, Hackers in Mass Yahoo Breach

    Two Russian intelligence agents and two hackers have been charged in a devastating breach at Yahoo that affected at least a half billion user accounts, the Justice Department said Wednesday in bringing the first case of its kind against Russian government officials.

    The hack targeted the email accounts of Russian and U.S. officials, Russian journalists, and employees of financial services and other businesses, officials said.

    “We will not allow individuals, groups, nation states or a combination of them to compromise the privacy of our citizens, the economic interests of our companies, or the security of our country,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord.

    One of the defendants, Karim Baratov, has been taken into custody in Canada. Another, Alexey Belan, is on the list of the FBI’s most wanted cyber criminals and has been indicted multiple times in the U.S. It’s not clear whether he or the other two defendants who remain at large, Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchin, will ever step foot in an American courtroom since there’s no extradition treaty with Russia. The indictment identifies Dokuchaev and Sushchin as officers of the Russian Federal Security Service, or FSB.

    But, McCord said, “I hope they will respect our criminal justice system.”

    The charges arise from a compromise of Yahoo user accounts that began at least as early as 2014. Though the Justice Department has previously charged Russian hackers with cybercrime — as well as hackers sponsored by the Chinese and Iranian governments — this is the first criminal case to so directly implicate the Russian government in cybercrime.

    The announcement comes as federal authorities investigate Russian interference through hacking in the 2016 presidential election. One of the defendants, Belan, was among the Russians sanctioned last year following those hacking efforts, though U.S. officials said the investigations were separate,

    Yahoo didn’t disclose the 2014 breach until last…
    Source: Mobile Tech Today

    Headphones explode on user mid-flight

    Headphones explode on user mid flight

    Using a battery powered device on a flight? It’s not just phones you need to be concerned with. In Australia authorities are now issuing warnings for powered headphones​. It comes after a passenger on a Beijing to Melbourne flight suffered burns and blisters as her headphones exploded mid-flight.

    The female passenger was quietly dozing and listening to music when she was woken by the sound of an explosion. The un-named passenger immediately removed her headphones to find them sparking, catching fire and beginning to melt.

    Quick-acting flight crew poured water on the headphones to extinguish the fire, but not before the headphones had melted and stuck to the floor, leaving the cabin full of the smell of burning and melting plastic.

    Headphones explode on user mid flight
    Headphones explode on user mid flight

    She later told the Australian Transport Safety Bureau..

    I just grabbed my face which caused the headphones to go around my neck. I continued to feel burning so I grabbed them off and threw them on the floor. They were sparking and had small amounts of fire.

    The report said did not mention the brand of headphones, but said it believed that a fault with a lithium-ion batteries was the likely cause.

    This is yet a further reminder of the dangers of the batteries that we carry round with us every day. Will battery-safe carry bags, similar to ones seen on Amazon going to be a requirement for all our gadgetry tech on flights pretty soon ?

    The post Headphones explode on user mid-flight is original content from Coolsmartphone. If you see it on another news website, please let us know.


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