I’m on my bike. Watch live!

Im on my bike. Watch live!
Each year, in order to stop my belly hanging over my trousers and to help a very worthy cause, I get on my bike for a lengthy and very exhausting ride. It’s all to help a charity called Edwards Trust. They provide bereavement support to parents and children in the West Midlands. It’s a fantastic cause, and I really want to get as much cash as possible this year. The help they give parents who have been bereaved, or about to bereaved, of their son or daughter is so, so beneficial. They also give support to children who are bereaved, or are about to be bereaved, of a parent, significant carer or sibling.

Honestly, the job they do is well worth your donation. I’ve now setup a page to donate on JustGiving. If you have any spare cash, it doesn’t matter how small, it would really mean a lot.

Now, onto the ride. This year we’re cycling from the West coast of England to the East coast. We’re going to do it today. All in one go, in the daylight. Our goal is to be sitting down for our meal at 8PM!

Best of all, you can watch me – LIVE. Right now, Saturday July 27th, progressing across the country with a mad bunch of lycra-wearing mates. Here’s the feed (via a great little app called Pathshare, which I heartily recommend for stuff like this!

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State Attorneys General Reaffirm Opposition to T-Mobile / Sprint Merger

New York State Attorney General Letitia James today confirmed that she continues to lead a coalition of 14 states in suing to stop the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint on anti-trust grounds, in spite of today’s approval of the merger by the US Department of Justice. The states’ concerns include specific issues with the deal announced today by the DoJ and Dish, for Dish to take certain assets from Sprint to build a new, fourth national carrier. The new concerns include: “Dish has never shown any inclination or ability to build a nationwide mobile network on its own and has repeatedly broken assurances to the Federal Communications Commission about deployment of its spectrum.” and “T-Mobile and Sprint are asking Americans to trust that this new mega corporation will act directly against its own economic interests by helping transform Dish into an independent competitor that rivals this new company” In addition to New York, the plaintiffs currently include California, Colorado, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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Dish Details Deal to Become Fourth National Carrier

Dish Network will pay $5 billion to buy significant Sprint assets in an attempt to create a new national 5G wireless network, in a deal brokered by the US Department of Justice to win approval for T-Mobile merging with Sprint. The deal includes $3.6 billion for licenses to 14 MHz of nationwide 800 MHz spectrum. For its new 5G network. Dish will use the new 800 MHz spectrum alongside 600 MHz, 700 MHz, and 1,700 MHz spectrum it already owns. Dish will also pay $1.4 billion to acquire Sprint’s prepaid business, including Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Sprint Prepaid. That purchase includes 9.3 million customers and 400 employees. Dish has made a new commitment to the FCC that it will build its own 5G network capable of serving 70 percent of the US population by June 2023. Dish will pay a penalty of up to $2.2 billion if it fails to meet that deadline. Dish will have access to the new T-Mobile / Sprint network for seven years while it builds its own network. Dish will also lease T-Mobile some of its 600 MHz spectrum for several years to smooth the transition. Dish will also have the option to acquire certain tower, network equipment, and retail assets that will be decommissioned as part of the Sprint / T-Mobile integration process.

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DoJ Green-Lights T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

The US Department of Justice has given its blessing to the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. Several conditions — including a comprehensive deal with Dish intended to create a small fourth national carrier — have satisfied the federal government’s anti-trust concerns. The FCC has already announced it will allow the deal, meaning the deal is cleared at the federal level. Five state attorneys general joined in supporting the deal. However, ten state attorneys general have filed suit to block the deal on anti-trust grounds, including those for New York and California. Those states are not signed on to the deal announced today. That action remains outstanding and could still delay or scuttle the deal. The required deal with Dish will see Dish acquire all of Sprint’s prepaid business, including the Boost and Virgin brands and 9 million customers with those brands, along with radio spectrum licenses. Dish will also have “robust access” to the new T-Mobile/Sprint network as an MVNO for at least seven years, giving it time to build out its own physical network. T-Mobile/Sprint will also be required to “make available” at least 20,000 tower sites and hundreds of retail locations, in order to facilitate Dish building its new network and wireless business. Dish has a long history of hoarding spectrum licenses while promising — but failing — to build any significant network to use them.

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OPPO Reno 5G arrives on EE

OPPO Reno 5G arrives on EE
As expected, the rather cool OPPO Reno 5G has now made it’s way to the EE website in both ocean green and jet black.

You get 256GB of on-board RAM, a healthy 4065mAh battery to keep things ticking along and, of course, that 5G capability. Other specs include that rather cool “shark fin” pop-up camera that we looked at in detail here. It has a massive 6.6″ 2340 x 1080 pixel screen (402 ppi) which is Full HD AMOLED and that 16 megapixel selfie shooter which sits on the fin.

OPPO Reno 5G arrives on EE

Meanwhile, at the back, a triple camera system features a 48-megapixel primary lens, a 20MP secondary zoom lens and a ToF (Time of Flight) 3D camera. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with Qualcomm’s X55 modem and has 8GB of RAM. No slouch.

Other features include GOS, dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC.

For me it has to be the green one to go for. Lovely colour. Buy with EE in-store, online or over the phone today. The prices start at £54 per month for a 10GB plan, including two Swappable Benefits. There is a £100 upfront charge though.

Swappable Benefits include the BT Sport App, the Gamer’s Data Pass, Music Data Pass, EE Video Data Pass and Roam Further Pass. All of these are detailed in our earlier story. Upgrade your smartphone anytime with the “EE Upgrade Anytime”, which comes as standard too.

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Three to deliver 5G to all with no extra cost

Three to deliver 5G to all with no extra cost
Three is the latest network to unveil its plans for 5G services and there’s a lot for consumers to get excited about. The big headline is the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy the upcoming 5G network (provided you’ve got a compatible phone) for no additional cost. Unlimited data on a £20 SIM-only deal is pretty excellent value.

Three to deliver 5G to all with no extra cost

The announcement from Three makes them cheaper than EE, who are charging more for access to the 5G network, and Three promise to have the UK’s fastest 5G at launch.

The roll out begins later this year across 25 cities, with Three customers benefiting from that 100MHz of contiguous spectrum for the only “true” 5G experience in the UK. The network currently has the least amount of 3G / 4G spectrum, but they will have the most 5G spectrum, which will no doubt please their data-heavy customers.

Three to deliver 5G to all with no extra cost

Plans which are “5G Ready” are now available from their site, so you know you won’t be paying any more when that 5G symbol does pop up on your handset. The network is planning to have 80% of their network traffic moving over the 5G network in the next three years.

Three will be carrying Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, which is on sale with them today, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G – both of which will follow within the month.

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Vodafone 5G Roaming goes live, and it’s the same price as 4G

Vodafone 5G Roaming goes live, and its the same price as 4G
There’s 55 cities and towns across Europe where you can now get Vodafone 5G roaming. That’s more than any other network. So, if you’re off on your holiday and you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G or the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, you can roam for no extra charge.

Vodafone 5G roaming is live across four countries, and – thanks to the EU membership benefits our wonderful Prime Minister is trying remove us from – Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK all get the same benefit.

Stream music from the sunbed, download podcasts by the pool, watch live TV and sport at the airport, or play games on the go at speeds of up to ten times faster than 4G. If you’ve got one of the Vodafone Entertainment packages, you can benefit from Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile TV or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass.

For 4G speeds, there’s already Vodafone roaming in 156 destinations – more than any other UK network provider.

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Apple Snaps up Intel's Phone Modem Division

Apple has agreed to pay $1 billion for the majority of Intel’s smartphone modem business. The deal includes approximately 2,200 Intel employees, along with associated equipment and leases. The deal also includes numerous related patents. Intel will retain access to that intellectual property for non-smartphone applications. Apple’s Johny Srouji, senior vice president of Hardware Technologies, said the deal “will help expedite our development on future products and allow Apple to further differentiate moving forward.” The deal is expected to close by the end of the year. In April, Apple reached a deal with Qualcomm to use their modem chips exclusively, in order to resolve a long-running patent dispute. At the same time, Intel canceled its 5G modem project, which was intended for future iPhones. Prior to the Qualcomm deal, Apple had used both Qualcomm and Intel modems in its iPhones.

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Winston – A Kickstarter gadget to protect your online life

Winston   A Kickstarter gadget to protect your online life

Pizza and a pint of water. These guys are professionals!

Right. I’ve tried. Believe me, I’ve tried, but every time I mention a “VPN” people just lose interest. Getting a VPN is great. It protects you, it can also anonymize you, preventing tracking and spying etc.

Trouble is, it can be a bit of a faff, even if the “faff” just involves downloading an app and logging into something.

For me, I tried a different approach, and setup a separate router which I described in this earlier article. It basically means that I have one “normal” WiFi to connect to and one “secure” one.

Anyway, fast forward a bit and it looks like someone has had a similar idea. This is called Winston and it’s available on Kickstarter. Put simply it’s a hardware filter which protects you from the baddies on the internet, plus all those other creepy weird snooping and monitoring that goes on. You basically plug it into your router and then, anything that connects to the “Winston” will be protected.
Winston   A Kickstarter gadget to protect your online life

Hopefully it’ll have some WiFi hotspot built in, because from what I can see you either need to do this…

Your router -> Winston -> WiFi Access Point

…or this….

Your modem -> Winston -> Router / WiFi Access Point.

Winston   A Kickstarter gadget to protect your online life

I’ve asked whether there’s a WiFi hotspot in this. Will let you know when I hear back.

Winston   A Kickstarter gadget to protect your online life

This does far more than a VPN. It’ll protect you from the prying eyes of adbots, trackers, and cookies. Also it’ll block the most sophisticated fingerprinting techniques which try and work out who you are and what you’re doing online. They also tell me that, unlike most VPNs, they can maintain video streaming experiences so that they’re smooth and uninterrupted.

Install should take minutes, and it’ll stop Facebook spying, ad-tracking, surveillance and more. The people behind it also say that you’ll get less adverts, a speedier internet experience and a fully customizable block list to organise which ads and pop-ups you may want to see if that’s your thing.

Prices will (when it goes to retail) start at $249 with an $8.25 monthly subscription.

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Mobile Industry – Poised for a revolution in FPS Gaming

Wait, what? FPS Gaming might be a confusing phrase for some, but it basically means “First Person Shooter”. Not (as I initially thought) “Frames Per Second”.

Think about the biggest games on mobile though and the likes of PUBG and Fortnite are right up there. Recent developments in gaming and mobile technology have opened the door to a new standard in mobile FPS gaming. Of course, this has already existed on some level for years, but limitations regarding connectivity, processing power, and input, have so far kept the bar lower than many would like.

Indeed, even recently – when Fortnite came to the iPhone – it was only certain iPhones which could run the game. This was a really popular game yet even some modern phones couldn’t run it. Now it can be done, and streaming solutions are coming online which will let your play games on more phones – all you’ll need is a fast internet connection.

But, and it’s something we’ve touched on fairly recently there’s still a few hurdles to overcome.


The most immediately obvious issue when it comes to playing a first-person shooter on a mobile phone is that of control. While some games, like turn-based or strategy games, are perfectly suited to touch screens, the same cannot be said for First Person Shooters..

Mobile Industry   Poised for a revolution in FPS Gaming“FIX TOUCH MAPPING” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by TheBetterDay

As you can see, the rise of gaming controllers which are geared to smartphones means that a pure touch-based input isn’t the only way forward. With so many options out there, we’ve seen a growing market for dedicated mobile controllers. This, combined with greater levels of support within the games themselves, is effectively leaving this issue behind. The biggest First Person Shooter games now have a large amount of specific controllers which will work with their offerings.


As we touched on earlier, one of the most exciting developments this year is the promise of game streaming with the likes of Google Stadia. In effect, this allows users to enjoy desktop-level games anywhere with an internet connection. All it takes is a device powerful enough to receive and send a live signal. In other words, this is a perfect fit for mobile.

While single-player games will work just as many other genres, what many players are most excited for is the potential which this holds for live mobile multiplayer gaming. MMOFPS games such as Destiny 2 are proving to be enormous hits, and with this technology, users will finally be able to play these on the go.

Supporting this form of gaming are the future advantages of speed. The upcoming 5G mobile networks will help push this type of gaming into a whole different stratosphere. While these new networks are only just rolling out (and 5G phones aren’t hugely popular right now), the potential in terms of bandwidth and latency is immense. Latency is especially important, standing as the last major step for the viability of this technology.

Virtual Reality

Mobile VR adapters like the Samsung Gear VR might not operate on the same level as dedicated devices such as the HTC Vive, but their current generation of devices still gives you  incredible experiences. Combined with better input options, and the advantages of game streaming, virtual reality FPS games on mobile are primed to reach the next level.

Mobile Industry   Poised for a revolution in FPS GamingSamsung Gear VR” (CC BY 2.0) by pestoverde

This is a technology which will only improve and cheapen over time, which makes fans of this form of involved gaming all the more excited for what is coming.

Coming Soon

The technology as listed in this article exists in its early forms already. Controllers can now be purchased easily through stores like Amazon, and the same can be said for VR mobile headsets. Google Stadia, for those interested, is slated for release in November 2019, at which point it should at least function well from most home networks.

We wouldn’t anticipate that streaming technology reaches true public viability until the launch of 5G, given the lag associated with many public connections points. 5G should start seeing widespread integration in major cities starting 2020, and it could require an upgrade of your current mobile device.

Whatever the case, at least we have single-player FPS games like Doom to enjoy until this system’s launch, and we’re not tired of that classic yet.

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