Xiaomi – An early look at the Boxing Day offers!

Xiaomi   An early look at the Boxing Day offers!

Yes folks, it’s not even Christmas yet and we’re getting details of the deals you’ll be able to get after the event. Xiaomi have sent us their offers, which include the Redmi 6, Redmit Note 6 Pro, Pocophone, the A2 and the Mi 8 in their Westfield store.

For those of you who are still puzzled about “Mi” and “Xiaomi”, don’t forget to read our earlier coverage, where we even tell you how to pronounce that name.

In addition to the in-store offers, which give a slightly better discount, there’s online offers available at mi.com. These will include £50 off the Mi 8, £70 off the A2 and more. These deals all begin on Boxing Day (December 26th), but you can also get deals right now on their Amazon store.

The lovely press people sent us a spreadsheet with all the deals in, so we’ve whacked it into this article so that you can prep your shopping ahead of time!


BOXING DAY OFFERS (26th – 31st December)

Offer available while stocks last – unless unit limit is stated.

Product RRP Sale Price
(26th – 31st Dec)
Mi 8 64GB  £459  £399 £60
A2 128GB  £319  £245 £74
POCOPHONE 128GB  £349  £309 £40
Redmi 6 32GB  £149  £129 £20
Redmi Note 6 Pro 64GB £249 £199 £50
Eco Products RRP Sale price
(26th – 31st Dec)
Noise Cancelling Headphones £46.99 £39.99 £7.00
Noise Cancelling Type C £48.99 £39.99 £9.00
Bath + Face Towels £37.99 £19.99 £18.00
Mi Band 2* (*100 units only) £14.99 £4.99 £10.00

Boxing Day Offers (26th – 28th  December)

Spend over £399 between 26th – 28th December and get £50 off your next shop (credited to a Mi account, redeemable on smartphones only when purchased between 1st – 14th Jan 2019)
Product Original price Boxing Day deal(26th – 28th Dec) Saving
Mi 8 Pro (8+128) £499 £479 £20
Mi 8 (6+64) £459 £409 £50
Mi 8 Lite(6+128) £279 £249 £30
Mi A2 (6+128) £319 £249 £70
POCOPHONE (6+128) £349 £309  £40
Redmi S2 (3+32)  £179 £149 £30


From 21st December – 28th December

Until stocks last

Product Original price Christmas deal

(21st – 28th Dec)

Mi A2 EN 4+64 Black  £      259.00 £205.00 21%
POCOPHONE F1 EN 6+128 Steel Blue £      330.77 £282.00 15%
Mi A2 Lite EN 4+64 Black £      199.00 £144.00 28%
Redmi Note 6 Pro EN 3+32 Black £      204.99 £174.00 15%
Redmi Note 6 Pro EN 3+32 Blue £      159.99 £140.00 12%
Redmi Note 6 Pro EN 4+64 Blue £      220.03 £185.00 16%
Redmi Note 6 Pro EN 4+64 Black £      210.03 £179.00 15%
Mi 8 Lite EN 4+64 Midnight Black £      259.95 £204.00 22%
Mi 8 Pro EN 8+128 Transparent Titanium £      499.95 £449.00 10%

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The Christmas gaming charts

Let’s face it, the PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch are hugely popular. The likes of Fortnite, Fallout 4, Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider and the like. Go into a gaming store over this last Christmas shopping weekend and you’ll find it rammed with people buying games and accessories. They’re hugely popular.

However, something is happening.

On the high-street, if you’re looking to buy a game in a traditional box, you’ll find perhaps one solitary store selling it. Buying online and downloading games direct is now the preferred way of getting content. Now, as with smartphones, people are used to buying through an online store and playing a game without having to actually get the bus, head into town and buy the game on a disc.

The Christmas gaming charts

On smartphones, you merely head to Google Play or the App Store. In the top charts right now there’s a slightly different breed of games. Due to the fact that smartphones are touch-screen and there is a lack of a controller, you’ll find a different category of games riding high in the charts.

Console charts tend to be filled with single-person shooters, football and car-racing games. However, with smartphones you’ll find ball games, puzzles, and games that utilise the g-sensor or tilt-sensor on your phone to control an object through a maze. There’s also building games and fun games such as “Heads Up”, where you use the smartphone on your head to guess the word displayed on the screen.

Today, one of the biggest reasons that more and more people turn to smartphone gaming is simply the wide range of games available. In addition to the large array of games, there’s also some incredibly useful apps, plus you get all the social media, all the on-demand video and TV content and streaming music. Far more than you would get on many consoles and, let’s not forget, it’s all in your pocket, so you can play any time, any where.

The Christmas gaming charts

This portability – the chance to just play immediately without being shackled to a monitor or TV screen – is something that Nintendo have been eager to reproduce with their Nintendo Switch console. You can get “home console gaming quality” on the go.

However, let’s be honest, smartphones are super-powerful and you can already get console-quality graphics on a lot of games. High-end graphics, excellent sound and internet-connected group gaming is now considered the norm for most flagship smartphones.

Plus, it’s also opened the door to many online casino and gaming companies. They’ve long been shackled as high-street bookmakers or restricted to offering the traditional casino experience only on cruise-liners and in places like Las Vegas. So, the aim for them is to try and replicate this experience, as much as possible, in your pocket. Now, thanks to the smooth graphics and a connection to the internet, there’s the ability to try “risk free” apps where you can play bingo, roulette and slots. In addition, with providers like Stakers Casino, you can also dive into real-money gaming and get a familiar casino experience without having to travel to a physical casino.

The Christmas gaming charts

Yes, I know we’ve mentioned this before, but if you’ve been to an “offline casino”, you’ll also notice that actually playing on your phone can be a less risky experience. Physical casinos tend to implement lots of little tricks to get you to stay longer. As an example, you’ll get free drinks delivered to you by pretty ladies and many land-based casinos don’t have clocks set up, or if they do, they’re not usually in a place that you can find them easily. You can easily lose track of time, which is why – in places like Las Vegas – people don’t know if it’s midnight or mid-day.

Plus, the truth is that you are actually much safer at home. Your winnings will be securely deposited into your account, there’s less chance of your getting distracted and this is possibly why people are feeling more willing to download casino apps. As a result, they’re now riding high in the gaming charts for smartphone users, and it’s usual to see card and slot machine-type apps alongside all the other categories we mentioned earlier.  Not only that, but a huge amount of these apps have had fantastic feedback, with higher ratings than most other games in the top 30 games.

As we head towards Christmas then, the likes of Coin Master, Word Stacks, Pokemon Go and PUBG Mobile sit alongside slot games and card games. So, whether you’re into brain games, or puzzles, or fishing, pool, racing, shooting or football, there’s something for everyone on your smartphone this festive season.

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T-Mobile to Offer Same 5G Samsung Phone As Other Carriers

T-Mobile today said a 5G phone will be among its first mobile 5G devices, and that phone is the same Samsung device that AT&T and Verizon confirmed earlier this month. “That’s right,” exclaimed Neville Ray, T-Mobile CFO, in a blog post. “T-Mobile is working on that phone too — and other 5G devices with other OEMs and chipset manufacturers. In fact, we expect to have multiple 5G devices — that will work across multiple spectrum bands — in 2019.” Ray said that rather than focus on being the first to market with 5G, something he believes AT&T and Verizon are “hyperventilating” about, it will focus on “getting it right.” Verizon kicked off fixed, non-standard 5G service in a handful of markets in October. AT&T’s mobile, standards-based 5G services goes live December 21 with a mobile hotspot. T-Mobile has only specified that it will launch 5G in 2019. The company hopes for a much broader launch so it can deliver 5G to more people at once.

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German Court Says Apple Infringing Qualcomm Patent, Apple Plans to Pull Some iPhones from Stores

Apple today indicated that it will yank at least some versions of the iPhone from store shelves in Germany after a court ruled that Apple is violating patented Qualcomm technology. The court said Apple could not sell devices in Germany that contain a specific part. The part comes from Qorvo and the court says it infringes on a Qualcomm patent pertaining to envelope tracking, a method of saving battery life when sending/receiving wireless signals. “We are of course disappointed by this verdict and we plan to appeal,” said Apple in a statement provided to Reuters. “All iPhone models remain available to customers through carriers and resellers in 4,300 locations across Germany. During the appeal process, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models will not be available at Apple’s 15 retail stores in Germany. iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR will remain available in all our stores.” Qualcomm and Apple have been battling one another over patents in court rooms around the world. Apple says Qualcomm uses anti-competitive licensing practices, while Qualcomm says Apple is using its technology without permission. There are currently significant cases in progress in the U.S. and China.

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OnePlus Offers the 6T Its First OxygenOS Open Beta

OnePlus today made OxygenOS Open Beta 1 available to the OnePlus 6T, the first beta build for OnePlus’ most recent flagship. OnePlus says the beta updates the Android security patch to December 2018 and adds a toast notification when corruption interrupts parallel apps. The beta also introduces a call history view for incoming calls from unknown numbers and optimizes the interface for handling spam calls and messages. Last, the OnePlus Switch function now supports migrating data from an iPhone. The beta is free for members of the beta program to download.

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Google Photos Live Albums Now Support Up to 20,000 Images

Google has updated the limit it initially placed on the number of photos and videos that can be added to a Live Album. When launched in October, the service supported up to 10,000 photos/videos. That number is now 20,000, twice as many as before. Google does warn that extreme album size may limit some features of Live Albums, though it didn’t elaborate as to which ones. Live Albums relies on object recognition to automatically identify people and pets and build albums around those identities.

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Apple Makes It Possible to Gift In-App Purchases

You may soon be able to send or receive in-app content from the App Store as a gift. Apple recently updated the App Store Review Guidelines and therein gave developers new powers to entice users. The relevant language in the new Guideline says, “Apps may enable gifting of items that are eligible for in-app purchase to others. Such gifts may only be refunded to the original purchaser and may not be exchanged.” Apple did not spell out how developers should implement this feature, nor did it explain how the feature will work for end users. Before this change, it was only possible for people to gift apps to one another and not the content within.

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Review: Jitterbug Smart2 for GreatCall

The Jitterbug Smart2 for GreatCall may be an Android smartphone, but the interface has been simplified so your older relatives can handle it. It also gives the elderly access to select healthcare services directly from their phone. Can the Jitterbug Smart2 fill this vital role for your loved ones? Find out in Phone Scoop’s in-depth report.

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Ezviz – C6T Pan & Tilt Smart Home Security Camera – Review

Ezviz   C6T Pan & Tilt Smart Home Security Camera   Review

As our homes become more and more ‘connected’ and ‘smart’, so the number of devices we can connect to for smart homes increase. I recently got sent through the Ezviz Pan & Tilt security camera through for review.

‘Who are Ezviz?’, I hear you ask. They are a subsidiary of Hikvision, which is the world’s leading and largest CCTV manufacturer, and the C6T is an internet-connected Pan and Tilt camera available for just £79.50.

At this price, the camera offers some pretty impressive features including:

  • Full HD
  • Cloud storage
  • Night vision
  • Local storage via MicroSD card
  • Motion tracking
  • Ability to pan and tilt to allow a much-increased area of coverage


Size-wise, the Ezviz C6T is 90mm high, with a diameter of 100mm, and weighing in at just 220g. So unlike traditional pan and tilt cameras, this one is a nice and compact affair, not much larger than a good-sized orange. The top rotating part of the camera is black, with a fixed white base.

At the rear of the camera, there is a MicroSD card slot for local recording (up to 128GB), together with a proprietary power connection, (it would have been nice to see a standardised USB Type-C or Micro USB) and a Fast Ethernet port (100mb), but there is also 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connectivity option.

Ezviz   C6T Pan & Tilt Smart Home Security Camera   Review

The Ezviz C6T offers Full HD 1080P recording at 15FPS and 720P recording at 30FPS. It has a lens that is 4mm at F2.2, featuring a horizontal view angle of 72° and a diagonal viewing angle of 92°. The camera can tilt upwards by 80° but downwards by only 10°, with a panning angle up to 340°. It includes a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication, and the night vision has a range up to 10 metres via the infrared LEDs.

Ezviz   C6T Pan & Tilt Smart Home Security Camera   Review

In Use:

Set up of the C6T is a really simple affair; install the Ezviz app (iOS or Android), create a user account, turn on the camera, register the camera and then connect it to your home WiFi… and that’s it – you’re all set up. I just wished my outdoor home security cameras were as easy to set up. The app can be secured to use fingerprint login in order to restrict to stop any unwanted access.

Ezviz   C6T Pan & Tilt Smart Home Security Camera   Review
Ezviz   C6T Pan & Tilt Smart Home Security Camera   Review
Ezviz   C6T Pan & Tilt Smart Home Security Camera   Review
Ezviz   C6T Pan & Tilt Smart Home Security Camera   Review


Unlike a traditional fixed IP camera, the C6T can pan and tilt, so there are no motion detection zones to set up within the app. The camera will pan and tilt to track any movement, which would render setting up any motion zones pointless. The app allows for a good level of customisation, such as setting up a notification schedule, motion detection sensitivity and notification sound levels.

Storage of footage is of two flavours: local storage via a MicroSD card, and a separate cloud-based service. A nice surprise coming from Ezviz is 30 days of free trial of the cloud storage when you first install the C6T. This is unlike the usual 7 day trial offered by other suppliers, but to continue to have the cloud option enabled, you either need to pay £4.99 per month, per camera for 7 days of storage, or £9.99 per month, per camera for 30 days storage. Videos can be downloaded to your phone at any time but a subscription will be needed for recording. It’s a tad pricey, given that if you choose the £9.99 option you will have paid more than the camera itself in just 9 months. But with such a low RRP, it’s no surprise Ezviz is looking at alternative sources of revenue.

One of the most important features in any sort of connected home security setup is a decent notification system: with the Ezviz C6T, you will receive an alert on your phone within a couple of seconds after motion has been detected. The video is available to view just a few seconds later. It is a tad laggy at first, but does clear up if you wait a short while, which does mean you can very quickly check if the intrusion is cause for concern or just the cat wandering around.

The camera is lightweight, some might say flimsy, but I didn’t think as such. I found that the motion was particularly good, and the camera will instantly pick you up and track your movements as you walk across the room. Be aware that anything more than a walk means that the panning motor is a little slow to keep up.

The C6T provides impressive 1080p recordings in both daylight and night vision, with a good switch between the two. In good light conditions or with night vision, the recorded image quality is excellent and is more than capable enough to identify faces at a distance, or any other detail that might be relevant.

One good feature is the ability to record footage straight from the app and then upload it to YouTube. Below this are a couple of examples of both day and night vision (allowing for YouTube compression) I just placed the camera on the side in the conservatory, apologies for the Christmas tree in the right-hand side of the fame.

The app is very simple to use. Viewing back recorded videos, downloading them and configuring the system presented no issues at all. As well as the app, you can also log in to the cloud service via a browser (not Chrome, FireFox, or Safari, unfortunately. Only IE appears to be supported). It requires the download of a plugin, but once installed you can easily browse through the recordings and download to your PC. There are various configuration options found on the app and security settings. The browser system is a little on the slow and clunky side, but it’s functional enough for what you need it to do.


The C6T is a superb home security camera packed with features and options, and it is at an excellent price point currently available from Amazon for £79.50. The camera is easy to set up and use, with the only limitation I could find was the speed of which the camera was able to pan in some situations. But if you after a connected camera that gives more than a limited view, the Ezviz C6T is well worth a look.

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New experimental Vodafone store opens on Oxford Street

New experimental Vodafone store opens on Oxford Street
If you’re in London for some last-minute Christmas shopping, try the new Vodafone store on Oxford Street. It’s got everything from a Work hub area for business customers plus interactive zones and repairs for software and hardware problems.

Nick Jeffery (CEO of Vodafone UK) helped open the new store this morning, which has three floors and goes beyond the normal retail environment. If you’re in a rush, there’s a “click and collect” area for those gifts, and there’s a team of specialists in the form of the Vodafone Techteam to help with your problems and teach new skills.

A Repairhub has a dedicared team who can help with screen repair, battery replacements, software updates and everything in-between – with same day repairs on offer too. You’ll even get a free phone loan while you wait.

Business and enterprise customers get an area which can be used as a flexible working space or for meetings. This includes free WiFi, plus you can get drinks too.

VOXI and the “Internet of Things” both have a presence in the store, plus you’ll get to see the very latest flagship devices and gadgets.

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