Adobe Unveils Initiative for Better Ad Targeting, More Data Privacy

Some 60 companies including such leading brands as Subway, Sprint and the NFL are joining forces to help each other follow you around online.

Adobe, a company better known for Photoshop and PDF files, says the new Device Co-op initiative it is organizing will help companies offer more personalized experiences and make ads less annoying by filtering out products and services you have already bought or will never buy. Under the initiative, Adobe can tell you’re the same person on a home PC, a work laptop, a phone and a tablet by analyzing past sign-ins with member companies.

The initiative comes amid heightened privacy sensitivities after reports that Facebook allowed a political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, to harvest data on millions of Facebook users to influence elections. Facebook also has been criticized for collecting call and text logs from phones running Google’s Android system.

Adobe’s initiative underscores the role data plays in helping companies make money. Many of the initial uses are for better ad targeting.

The company timed Wednesday’s announcement to a digital marketing conference it is hosting this week in Las Vegas. Adobe executives said they believed their initiative offers strong privacy safeguards and weren’t worried about a backlash in light of the Facebook scandal.

“With this stuff coming out now around Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, the bar has to be so high in terms of privacy,” Adobe executive Amit Ahuja said.

Adobe says no personal data is being exchanged among participating companies, which also include Allstate, Lenovo, Intel, Barnes & Noble, Subaru and the Food Network. Adobe says the program links about 300 million consumers across nearly 2 billion devices in the U.S. and Canada.

The program would let Sprint, for instance, know that Bob is already a customer when he visits from a new device. Bob wouldn’t get a promotion to switch from…
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Daimler and BMW Join Forces on Digital Services

Automakers Daimler and BMW have agreed to merge their transportation services businesses so they can expand offerings in ride-hailing apps, car-sharing, parking, and charging electric cars.

The two companies said Wednesday they aim to become a “leading provider” of new ways to get around cities, where more people will see cars as a service they use when needed.

Those businesses include car-sharing, an area where Stuttgart-based Daimler AG operates its car2go service and Munich-headquartered BMW AG has DriveNow. Customers use a smartphone app to find and unlock cars parked on city streets and use them for short periods when needed.

Also part of the deal is Daimler’s moovel startup, which allows users to book and pay for trains, cars, taxis and rental bikes. BMW’s digital parking service enables ticketless, cashless on-street parking and helps uses find spaces in garages.

The combined business would also offer charging services for battery-powered cars. So far, electric cars have only a small market share due to higher cost, limited range and lack of places to charge. Once electrics become as cheap or cheaper than conventional cars, their market share could expand quickly, and with it the demand for charging.

The 50-50 joint venture requires approval from regulators. The companies did not say what its name, headquarters, or annual revenue would be, or what executives would run it.

Auto companies are developing services businesses to fend off competition from industry outsiders such as Uber and Lyft. Volkswagen has set up services company Moia, aiming to develop and offer on-demand mobility; General Motors is operating its Maven car-sharing app.

“As pioneers in automotive engineering, we will not leave the task of shaping future urban mobility to others,” Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said in a statement. “There will be more people than ever before without a car who will still want to be extremely…
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Vodafone help young people with £1000 donation

Vodafone operate a scheme called the “Community Connection Award” where it donates money to great causes across the UK.

Today we have received information of a £1000 donation made in Weymouth to help young people in the area. This will go to the “STEPPs Club For Young People”, which was created way back in 1964 as Weymouth Boys Club. The club could have closed in 2016 when Dorset County Council ceased funding, but was saved when STEPs took over. Now over 3,000 young people have joined.

Vodafone help young people with £1000 donation

Previous donations to other charities of £1000 have been used to help build an Autism Library, purchase special medical equipment for taking blood samples, getting clothes for children and to run social activities.

For more information check out the press release with links below.

STEPs Club For Young People receives £1,000 award

Vodafone award will help fund activities for young people in Weymouth

29th March, 2018: Members of STEPs Club For Young People are celebrating after receiving £1,000 from Vodafone UK. The charity collected the Vodafone Community Connection Award last week after staff in its Weymouth store chose the deserving cause.

STEPs Club For Young People – founded in 1964 as Weymouth Boys Club – opened a brand new centre in 2013 following a £3 million capital grant from the government’s Myspace Programme. The club was set to close in 2016 when Dorset County Council ceased funding for all youth centres in the county, and was saved by the charity STEPs who took over the running. Since the new centre opened 5 years ago, over 3,000 young people have joined the club and benefitted from the activities available. Each year, the charity requires substantial fundraising to cover building maintenance costs, staff salaries and to run its programme of activities for young people.

Tom Lane, Principal Youth Worker at STEPs Club For Young People entered the charity for the award and said Our work provides young people with educational and developmental opportunities as well as crucial support. Currently, our focus has been on improving young people’s health as well as enabling them to gain confidence and develop self-esteem and a range of skills. On behalf of the trustees, staff and young people, I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Vodafone and those who nominated us for this fantastic award, which will be put towards funding new activities and projects at the club.”

Vodafone’s Community Connection Awards, launched in 2014, have already made a difference to more than 160 local communities across the UK. Selected by local Vodafone staff and aimed at supporting local causes, the awards have been used to help support everything from new equipment for soup kitchens and day centres for the elderly to helping people with disabilities take part in sporting activities.

Chris Stewart, Vodafone Store Manager in Weymouth said, “We are delighted to be able to help STEPs Club For Young People – they do amazing work helping to engage young people in Weymouth. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to support the hard work and dedication shown by Tom and all of the other volunteers.”

Check out how some charities have already used their Community Connection Award, or for further information on the Vodafone Community Connection Awards please see Vodafone Social, the official Vodafone blog:

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Next Retro-Phone Reboot Looks To Be the Palm Pre

It’s 2009. Obama is now in the White House. Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger makes a successful crash landing on the Hudson River. Palm is still a phone maker, and it’s seen as the main rival to the iPhone.

It’s 2018. Obama is not in the White House. Nobody has landed on the Hudson. Palm might be making a return to shelves after years in the wilderness.

Well, that’s the rumor from Android Police, who’ve spoken to a source familiar with the matter. Palm could be back as a smartphone brand – take a moment to drink that in.

TCL, the brand behind Alcatel and the recently-rebooted BlackBerry Mobile, is reported to be relaunching a Palm smartphone, in association with US network Verizon.

Wait… should we care?

OK, it’s probably true that this news doesn’t affect you much — the Palm range of smartphones, running webOS, was more about the potential they offered to the phone world, rather than actually doing anything.

They were slick in the way they worked, the ‘cards’ system was smart, and the Pre was everyone’s tip to be the phone that stopped the iPhone from gaining world domination.

While TCL rebooting the Palm brand isn’t new information, this is the first we’ve heard about a possible phone.

There’s no word on whether it is the Palm Pre that would be rebooted, but that would make sense — the Pre was an incredibly well-made phone (fun fact: you could actually slice cheese with the keyboard, it was so sharp).

We’ll await more information on this rumored new phone, but if you’re a Palm fan looking longingly at the rebooted Nokia 3310, your time might be near…
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Facebook to Sever Ties with Data Brokers In Bid to Boost Privacy

Facebook said it will end partnerships with a handful of large data brokerage firms. The companies in question help advertising firms fine-tune their targeting of Facebook users. The firms are given access to information about Facebook users likes and ad preferences in order to push more relevant ads. Facebook said it will wind down these firms’ access to the data mining tool over a six-month period. The social network is making the move in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which saw the data of millions of Facebook users passed to a company that used it to create profiles of American voters. Facebook has made other privacy-related moves the week, such as improving the visibility of its privacy settings and making it easier for users to manage or delete their data.

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Apple Education Event – 28th March 2018

Yesterday was a busy day, Huawei had their launch event for the P20 range, Garry was there covering that and has made me very interested in that device. I however was looking at this small American tech firm called “Apple” (you may have heard of it!) while doing some work for University, which is why I am writing this now instead of Tuesday. But, I have had a few days to get my head around what is to come from Apple. This is their first Education Event since 2012 and the start of a real push to get back into the classroom. Cheaper Chromebooks have slowly been gaining a foothold there and it’s something that Apple want to get into.


So what was announced?

  • A new iPad
  • Some new software
  • New Accessories

I’ll save the “meat” until last so you keep reading, or you can skip to the bottom for the iPad stuff.



First of all, there was no AirPower, you know right? That wireless charger announced with the iPhone X and 8 back in October. It looks like a promising charger, but let us wait for the price before we look into it too much. Why? Well, as with everything Apple I presume it will be expensive. So, I imagine we will see this again at WWDC later in the year.

The next was Space Grey iMac Pro accessories which were not available before. There is now the Magic Keyboard (£129), Magic Trackpad 2 (£129) and Magic Mouse 2 (£79). These are all shipping immediately.

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018 Apple Education Event   28th March 2018 Apple Education Event   28th March 2018


More Apple Watch Straps arrived too. There is the Sport Band (£49), Woven Nylon (£49), Sport Loop (£49), Classic Buckle (£149), Nike Sport and Nike Sport Loop (£49). Then there’s the Hermès Double Tour (£489) and Single Tour Rallye (£439), which all got new colours. Go check those out if you want to see the new range etitled “Vibrant Colours for Spring”.

Again all shipping now.

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018 Apple Education Event   28th March 2018 Apple Education Event   28th March 2018 Apple Education Event   28th March 2018

We also saw new colours for the 10.5 inch iPad Pro Smart cover (£49) and Leather Sleeve (£129), more spring cleaning colours I presume. These include: Lemonade, Red Raspberry (Smart Cover) and Electric Blue, Soft Pink (Leather Sleeve).

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018

Finally for new cases is the Apple Pencil in both Electric Blue and Soft Pink (£29).

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018


New Software

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018This was an Education event so if you’re looking for iOS 12 stuff I have disappointing news, again WWDC hopefully we will hear more. However, there is a tiny bit of iOS news to come. The first new bit of software is Schoolwork though. This sounds like an environment with a Dropbox or Google drive but you can set tasks and modules for students to work on in realtime.

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018

If you have been a student at a university or college in the last how many years, you’ll know TurnItIn which is something you submit your work to and then comes back with plagiarism reports and stuff like that across a database of all submitted work. This or something similar sounds like what Apple is trying to do with Schoolwork. Just more interactive. Whether it will be that in-depth we are yet to see.

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018

With a new section of iOS comes a new “kit”, This one is called ClassKit, Apple says developers will be allowed to link to the framework and expand their apps for things like giving out assignments. Apple built apps such as Garageband and Swift will have integrations along with a handful of other apps from 3rd parties. As with the times and the fact that companies such as Facebook are coming more under fire about privacy, Apple says it protects all student data, with only teachers being able to see the information.

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018

The Classroom app will be available on Mac too. This monitors students and I imagine it’ll make marking a student’s work easier on a keyboard and mouse rather than a touch screen.

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018

Students under the Education program will receive 200GB of iCloud storage for free, increased from 5GB previously. Though the limit for general users will remain, if you are running out of space you can still get 50GB for 79p per month.

Apple’s office suite, Pages, Numbers and Keynote are gaining “rich Apple pencil support” (whatever that will mean). For now its smart annotation for Pages.

Instead of free-floating annotations they can now be attached to words or paragraphs by circling the area.

iBooks Author is nearly dead and Pages now has a new book creation feature too. Now not limited to just Mac users. Apple presumably hopes that this will bring in a wider user base.

Finally for software on iPhone X and iOS in general, Clips is getting new Pixar Selfie scenes while Garageband is taking advantage of the iPhone X’s Truedepth camera to change settings on keyboards and other instruments with facial expressions.

New iPad

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018

Face ID, Low Bezels, Notch, Truedepth cameras front and back here. All things I was expecting to be talking about when a new iPad was announced. No. This is a budget iPad built for schools, so the design we are accustomed to is staying for this version. Probably to keep costs down, so using the current design makes sense. But this does not mean it doesn’t have new features, althought they are sparse. The new iPad makes use of the A10 chip from the iPhone 7, giving it a good amount of power and speed for the classroom.

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018

The only big feature I can see that might be useful for the iPad is Apple Pencil (£89). This is a great art tool and is usable on a smaller iPad which is reasonably priced. It makes great sense. Another feature is something Apple have pushed for a while – AR. Dissecting a frog is shown as an example and it looks like very intuitive and useful. It kind-of reminds me of the forgettable Hololens from Microsoft.

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018

The “house” features are here that are synonymous to Apple devices in recent times, such as Touch ID and the Retina Display. The new Dock from iOS 11 is still there, along with a 10-hour battery life. Also, the new drag-n-drop across-apps feature, which is useful for document creation.

Apple Education Event   28th March 2018Apple Education Event   28th March 2018

Pricing for the new iPad is (Not including Apple Pencil):

                      32GB WIFI – £319

                    32GB Cellular – £449
                     128GB WIFI – £409                     128GB Cellular – £539

Round up

This event wasn’t live streamed, so following it was pretty hard. It was pretty lacklustre, both as an Education and General consumer. The new iPad should have been called something different, “iPad Class” maybe, or just something that isn’t confusing, because at this point… is it the “new iPad”? Or the “new new iPad”? Or the “iPad Air 3” or what? Seriously I am confused at this point. Just call is whatever iteration we are at. It’s a guess, but I think it’s the 8th, but I am not sure. It is starting to remind me of Nintendo’s 3DS.

If you want to watch the keynote check it out here

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All-new 9.7-inch iPad now available on Vodafone

All new 9.7 inch iPad now available on Vodafone
You can, according to the press release we’ve just had, head to your local Voda store today to get the new 9.7″ iPad. It’ll also be coming to the website on Thursday 5th April, 2018.

Pricing depends on the amount of data you’re after. If you’re mostly using WiFi at home then you can perhaps pay a £20 upfront cost and get the 32GB version for £26 per month. That gets you 500MB of data through the network. Other tariffs are available which include 5GB, 20GB and 50GB of data.

The higher-capacity 128GB 9.7-inch iPad is up for £38 per month (with a £10 upfront cost) for 500MB of data.

Vodafone have setup a dedicated website on, so go there for more details.

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New Meizu 15 Plus images reveal a dual camera and ultra-slim bezels

We’ve got our hands on official images of Meizu’s long-rumoured upcoming flagship phone, the Meizu 15 Plus. We’re expecting this one to be released as part of the Meizu 15th anniversary celebrations, and it’s rumoured that the design was overseen directly by CEO Huang Zhang.

New Meizu 15 Plus images reveal a dual camera and ultra slim bezels

Based on the images, which were published by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the phone will adopt an ultra-slim side bezel design. This has been optimized for single-hand use, as well as a physical home button. It’s also clear that the design will not be a carbon copy of the Apple iPhone X, which has created a number of copy-cat “notch” devices.

The images show that the Meizu 15 Plus has dual rear-cameras. This is a first for Meizu. The cameras should allow users to capture better images in low light environments.

New Meizu 15 Plus images reveal a dual camera and ultra slim bezels

As for what’s inside the Meizu 15 Plus, it’s been reported that the internal components will be high-end. We’ve also heard the phone is being co-developed by Samsung for an improved stereo sound experience, and the device is expected to include the useful “raise to wake” functionality. Meizu will likely continue with its own Android-based OS, called Flyme, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see an updated version.

We’ll have to get our hands on the device ourselves to learn more, but we’ll bring you all the latest as it happens later next month.

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Huawei P20 Pro – Unboxing

Huawei P20 Pro   Unboxing
After the big launch in Paris, Garry has now uploaded an unboxing video for you all to enjoy. The P20 Pro, as you saw in the earlier post, has three cameras – a 40MP RGB sensor, a 20MP Monochrome sensor and an 8MP sensor for Optical Zoom. Put this all together, mix in a bit of Leica magic and you get stunning shots with a 5x hybrid zoom. There’s also a 24 megapixel front shooter.

Other specs include 6GB RAM, 128GB, Android 8.1, EMUI 8.1, WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz), NFC, GPS and a 4000 mAh battery with Supercharge. It comes with a 6.1″ OLED screen at 2240x1080px and is powered by a Huawei Kirin 970 (4 x 2.36GHz & 4 x 1.8GHz).

Here it is in the flesh. Head to the Huawei website for more.

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Google Drops Wear OS Developer Preview with Support for P

Google today released the first developer preview of Wear OS, the renamed platform for smartwatches and other wearables. Importantly, this developer preview brings with it support for Android P features. Google pointed out a number of items that developers will need to keep in mind when developing for Wear OS. For example, to improve app compatibility, Android P kicks off the process of restricting access to non-SDK methods. Moreover, the dark theme is now the default system theme, something Google says should improve the glanceability of Wear apps. The preview looks to limit background activity in order to improve efficiency. For example, apps will not be able to run in the background unless on a charger. Watch faces and their complications are the only exceptions to this for now. Similarly, this Android P-based version of Wear OS is more aggressive about turning off the Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular radios when the device detects that it is no longer being worn. This too is meant to help reduce power consumption when the wearable is in an idle state. Google says the developer preview is indeed for developers only. It can be installed via manual flash to either the Huawei Watch 2 or Watch 2 Classic smartwatches. Google expects to provide several updates to the Wear OS Developer Preview before a final production build is made available to consumers. Google hopes developers will provide feedback along the way so it can improve the platform.

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