Nokia 2 Rounds Out the Bottom of HMD Global's Android Lineup

HMD Global today announced the Nokia 2, an entry-level Android smartphone that promises two-day battery life. The phone has a metal frame, polycarbonate rear plate, and Gorilla Glass 3 front. The display measures 5 inches and offers 720p HD resolution. Underneath the hood, the Nokia 2 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage. The primary camera has an 8-megaixel sensor with autofocus and LED flash, while the front camera has a 5-megapixel, fixed-focus sensor. The phone packs a huge 4,100mAh battery for extended uptime. Other specs include CAT 4 LTE, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, WiFi, and FM radio, and support for dual SIM cards or one SIM and one memory card. The Nokia 2 runs Android 7 Nougat with the Google Assistant on board. The Nokia 2 goes on sale later this year for about $120. There’s no word yet if it will be made available to North American consumers.

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Review: Alcatel Idol 5 for Cricket Wireless

Alcatel’s mid-range Idol 5 is a bargain for prepaid Cricket’s subscribers. It combines an attractive metal-and-glass design with a near-stock version of Android Nougat and special features such as a customizable action key and stereo speakers. Here is Phone Scoop’s in-depth report.

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RAVPower 10,000mAh charger. Get it cheaper here.

RAVPower 10,000mAh charger. Get it cheaper here.
Yesterday we reviewed the 10,000mAh portable charger from RAVPower. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and is powerful enough to recharge your smartphone or Bluetooth speaker several times over.

It’s only £13.99 from Amazon but we’ve managed to get it down even further with an exclusive coupon code. It’ll give you 20% off, which is £2.80 less, bringing it down to £11.19.

Just head to the Amazon listing and then whack in the coupon code of..


Yes, yes, I know it’s missing an “f” but that’s what makes it special see. Make sure you whack in “coolstuf” and not “coolstuff”.

The code expires on November 30th.

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  • Essential's PH-1 Smartphone Gains a KRACK Patch

    Essential Products today said it has a new software patch for the PH-1 smartphone. The latest build (NMJ20D) improves touch scrolling, patches the KRACK wifi vulnerability, and makes other small tweaks and improvements along the way. The patch is small enough for an over-the-air download and is already being pushed out to PH-1 owners. Essential recently dropped the price of the PH-1 from $699 to $499. It is also offering additional discounts on some accessories, and PH1 purchases for those who’ve already bought at least one PH-1. The PH-1 was created by Andy Rubin, who helped develop the Android operating system. The PH-1 is a high-end device with large display, powerful camera, and Snapdragon 835 processor.

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    YouTube TV Finally Gains An App for TV Sets

    Google today announced that YouTube TV subscribers can now access the television service directly from compatible TV sets and streaming boxes. Until today, the service was limited to a mobile app on smartphones and tablets that needed to be cast to TV sets. Google says the YouTube TV app for TV devices is available today to the Nvidia Shield, TVs with Android TV built-in, as well as the Xbox One, One S, and (soon) One X. In the next few weeks, this same app will arrive on additional smart TVs from LG, Samsung, and Sony, as well as the Apple TV streaming box. Subscribers with any of these devices will be able to access and view YouTube TV directly from their television set and can leave their phone or tablet on the coffee table. The app for TV boxes includes the three existing tabs for live TV, recorded/library content, and the home screen. Google changed the app’s white background to black for TVs, and added a new Live Guide that’s better at displaying what’s coming on later. People will be able to use their streaming box or game controller to control live TV, and can pick up where they left off on mobile devices. YouTube TV supports up to six individual users on a single account, each of whom has access to an unlimited DVR of recordings. YouTube TV offers about 50 channels, including live broadcasts from ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, to many of the major markets around the country. It costs $35 per month.

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    Latest iPhone X Developments Ahead of this Week's Release

    If you didn’t manage to nab an iPhone X shortly after pre-ordering began Friday, you might have to wait until mid-December to get your hands on Apple’s 10th-anniversary phone, as pre-order supplies reportedly sold out quickly.

    While manufacturing and supply issues, along with the device’s $1,000 price tag, had been raising concerns that the iPhone X (pictured above) might not sell as well as previous releases, Apple said in a statement Friday that pre-ordering demand was “off the charts.”

    Those early indicators of strong demand have prompted some analysts to revise their forecasts for iPhone X sales upward. Those indicators also briefly pushed Apple stocks to a new high today, with company shares continuing to perform strongly as of this morning.

    Forecast: ‘Super Cycle’ of Upgrades

    Officially set to be released Friday, the iPhone X could see pre-order sales of as much as 50 million units, compared to previous expectations of 40 million, according to an upgraded forecast released today by the analyst firm GBH Insights. In a research note, Daniel Ives, the firm’s chief strategy officer, said that he expects the device to be a “stellar success.”

    “In a nutshell, we believe iPhone X demand will be strong in the US and especially China as overall our survey feedback indicates that 40% to 45% of iPhone upgrades in FY18 will be iPhone X devices with iPhone 8/8+ tailwinds helping set up a ‘super cycle’ upgrade over the next year,” Ives aid in an earlier note this month. “While supply chain issues will elongate the iPhone X upgrade cycle well into FY18, we believe seeing the ‘forest through the trees’ will translate into this super cycle upgrade being a major growth catalyst for Apple (and its investors) over the coming year.”

    Nomura Instinet is also predicting a strong performance for the…
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    Review: Can Google's Pixelbook Laptop Compete?

    The Chromebook family of laptops is known for two things. Firstly, they’re cheap. The devices are essentially Google’s suite of cloud software granted a physical form, a Chrome web browser inside a hard laptop shell that, in some cases, can also run Android apps.

    This leads into the second thing Chromebooks are known for: what you use them for is pretty much limited to what you can do inside a browser window. You don’t get the full functionality of a Windows laptop, but because a Chromebook typically doesn’t require much in the way of hard drive space and processing power, you also don’t get the accompanying price tag.

    The cheapest Chromebooks cost less than [$265] , and are made by a gaggle of third-party manufacturers, most notably Samsung, HP and Acer. Schools continue to be one of the biggest markets for the devices, where teachers dish them out to students like laptop confetti (although not in any of the schools I’ve ever been to).

    Much like the way Nexus phones were the result of Google stepping in to make its own Android handset, the Pixelbook [seen here] is Google’s latest attempt at making its own Chromebook from scratch. To say they’ve gone for it would be an understatement — the Pixebook is a beautiful piece of technology.

    It’s slim and ultra-lightweight, with an aluminum body and a neat (and wi-fi enhancing) glass panel spanning the upper portion of the lid, similar to that of the Pixel phones. At 10.3mm when shut and weighing less than a kilo, it’s one of the few 2-in-1 laptops that also functions comfortably as a tablet, with the 360-degree hinges allowing you to fold the touchscreen back on itself and start a-pokin’ with the ol’ fingers.

    The spot on either side of the trackpad where you rest your wrists is…
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    Switch Helps Nintendo Half-Year Net Profit Soar

    Japanese video-game maker Nintendo said Monday that its net profit jumped 35 percent in April-September from a year earlier, helped by popularity of its Switch hybrid game machine and new releases.

    The company logged a 51.5 billion yen ($456 million) net profit in the fiscal first half-year, compared with a 38.3 billion net profit in the same period a year earlier. It raised its forecast for the full fiscal year to 85 billion yen, up 89 percent from an earlier outlook of 45 billion yen.

    Kyoto-based Nintendo, which makes Super Mario and Pokemon games, said its sales rose 173 percent from a year earlier in April-September to 374 billion yen ($3.3 billion).

    The Switch Splatoon 2 game, released in July, was selling well both in Japan and overseas. “Super Mario Odyssey” for the Switch launched last week.

    Nintendo, which also makes the 3DS portable console, has also scored success in offering games for smartphones and other devices that aren’t Nintendo machines — a move the company had resisted for years, but an area that appears to offer great growth potential.

    The recent release on smart devices of “Super Mario Run” and “Fire Emblem Heroes” games has met with success.
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    Get Ready: Microsoft's Surface Book 2 Is Coming

    After being two years’ worth of patient with Microsoft, we’ve finally happened upon the Surface Book 2, a machine that’s ostensibly more focused on iterating on its predecessor than breaking new ground in an ever-flourishing market of 2-in-1 laptops.

    In spite of some presumably biased hearsay, Microsoft’s Surface devices are doing well for themselves. Sure, there’s a bump in the road here and there, but ultimately the company has the numbers to prove that its hardware is here to stick around for longer than the 2019 expiration date previously suggested by analysts.

    Here we have a laptop — one that doubles as a tablet, mind you — that ignores many of the trends we’re seeing in the Ultrabook space in favor of a garish hinge that uplifts its unwieldy screen. That was the premise of the Surface Book after all, flexibility over mobility, and it continues to set the stage for the Surface Book 2.

    Whether that’s a successful strategy compared to Apple’s push for thinner and lighter notebooks, often at the cost of keyboard quality and power, remains to be seen. What we do know for certain about the Surface Book 2 are its release date, price and features, as well as the news surrounding it, which we’ll describe in great detail below.

    Cut to the Chase

    — What is Surface Book 2? The sequel to Microsoft’s first laptop

    — When is Surface Book 2 out? November 16

    — What will it cost? Starts at $1,499

    Surface Book 2 Release Date

    Nearly two months after we thought we saw the Surface Book 2 in an Intel sizzle reel, Microsoft confirmed to TechRadar that its second full-on convertible laptop would touch down on November 16 in the United States in addition to ten other markets simultaneously.

    It’s on this date that we’ll see not only…
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    AT&T Says Axon M Will Reach Stores November 17

    AT&T today said it will open preorders for the ZTE Axon M starting November 1. The company expects the dual-screened handset to go on sale in retail stores on November 17. The Axon M is unique in that it has twin 5.2-inch displays that fold out to create one large, 6.9-inch screen. The design bring with it incredible improvements to multitasking, allowing people to run two full-screen apps side by side, as well as more easily share content with others in mirror mode. The ZTE Axon M costs $24.17 per month on AT&T Next for 30 months, or about $725.

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