Mozilla Acquires Pocket

Mozilla has purchased Pocket for an undisclosed sum. Mozilla is mostly known as the company behind the Firefox browser, while Pocket is a tool for saving and sharing content on the web. The two companies have worked together over the last year on several projects and found they had a shared vision for the future of the web. Mozilla and Pocket believe they can expand the reach of high-quality content while also protecting the openness of the web. Pocket’s mobile app is available to Android and iOS devices, but the service is also accessible from desktop browsers. Pocket will operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mozilla, and will join the Mozilla Open Source project. Terms of the deal were not made public.

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Google Tweaks Hangouts to Help Find Latest Messages

Google has updated Hangouts on the web and on mobile devices with a new user interface for finding the newest messages. Moving forward, Hangouts users will see a “Jump to Last Read” button that will take them to the last unread message in their chat. The button for discerning the number of new messages has also been redesigned to match the newer UI. This change has already reached the iOS version of Hangouts and will hit Android soon.

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Verizon to Reward Those Who Pair Wireless and FiOS Service

Verizon will give up to $500 to people who combine Verizon Wireless with Verizon FiOS service. People new to both companies will receive a $250 gift card and another $250 in the form of bill credits when switching to Verizon Unlimited and signing up for FiOS TV, internet, and phone service. People who already have either Verizon Wireless or Verizon FiOS will receive $250 in gift cards or bill credits for joining the other. Verizon says the offer will be available for a limited time.

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Stanford Team Creates High Speed Brain Interface that Allows Paralyzed to Use Computers

In 1982, a sci-fi film, Firefox, based on a 1977 novel by Craig Thomas, featured a brain-controlled jet fighter with brain-interfaced keyboard and consoles. The idea eventually caught on beginning in the 1990’s and countless research and experiments have been conducted on everything from brain-controlled computers, cars, and even aircraft, all eventually failing. But on […]
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LG’s Gram Line Laptop Variants have Gained Popularity during the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 with its Slim Body and Long-lasting Battery

In this fast-paced world we have today, we often rely on technology to complement the tasks we are given. Whether for work or play, we constantly rely on machines to make our work easier and more organized. One reliable tech that we constantly use is computers. A computer is a device that accepts information (in […]
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Hands On with the LG X power2

LG’s X power was a unique phone focused almost exclusively on having an unusually large battery. This year’s update improves almost every spec, including battery size (naturally), screen size, camera resolution, and memory. With fast charging, it’s a battery beast. What’s it like in person? We find out.

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MWC – Panzer Glass lets you smash the heck out of your smartphone, without destroying it

MWC   Panzer Glass lets you smash the heck out of your smartphone, without destroying it
Last year, way back in Hall 8, I spotted the Panzer Glass people showing off their screen protection kit. The demo involved a hammer and a knife, and the pain felt by everyone watching was palpable.

Sadly, I never uploaded the video, so I’m back again this year to ask for a demo. The results? Well, you can see for yourself below. Oh, and bear in mind that this same test phone has been whacked with a hammer all day today..

The Danish company was founded in 2013 and produces screen protection kit for smartphones and tablets too. They have their own R&D teams and their own factory. They offer up their original protector (which prevents scratches and impact damage), plus privacy glass to stop others looking at your screen. They also do covers for smart watches and offer full frame coloured PanzerGlass to match your style.

So how does it stop a hammer? It’s a mixture of oleophobic coating, tempered glass, PET film and silicone coating. It’s chip resistant and is just 0.4 mm thick.

Whatever it is, as you’ll have seen above, it works. Get more details at or head to Amazon if you want one. Prices range from £15 up.

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