OnePlus 6 launching 16th May

The news many of us have been waiting for has finally been confirmed! OnePlus will announce their latest flagship phone on the 16th May in London town!

Anyone wanting to go has the option of purchasing a ticket which is in limited quantity. However, in return for your cash you get to see the new device first, as well as get some goodies to take home with you.

OnePlus 6 launching 16th May

The event will be in London on the evening of the 16th May and we will be in attendance bringing you all the news as it happens on this exciting flagship.

Tickets start from £16 so be quick if you want to get your hands on the OnePlus 6 first.

Going by previous devices we are expecting some serious specs to blow us away. We’re also keen to see how great the new camera is.

London calling the OnePlus 6

Following its most successful year ever with the launches of the highly acclaimed OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T, OnePlus invites you to discover “The Speed You Need”at the OnePlus 6 global launch event in London at 5pm BST on 16th May 2018.

Across the past four years, OnePlus has been built and shaped around its Community. To celebrate the announcement of its much-anticipated OnePlus 6, the company will host the biggest ever Community event in its history.

The Speed You Need will see over 1,000 tickets available via from 8am BST on Wednesday 25th April. The OnePlus Community at the event will be the first in the world to try out the OnePlus 6, across a range of experience zones combining style with power.

In addition, being the first in the world to use a OnePlus 6, attendees will receive a swag bag filled to the brim with exclusive The Speed You Need event items, as well as enjoying a OnePlus party, and will receive a mystery gift when they buy a OnePlus 6.

While this is OnePlus’ biggest Community event ever and everyone is invited, the reason for putting tickets on sales is due to the limited number of seats available. To ensure no-one misses out, OnePlus is asking people to buy a ticket in advance. As with the OnePlus 5T launch event, the value of the swag bag collected at the launch event far exceeds the price of the ticket.

Early Bird tickets cost just £16 / €18 each and are available until 8pm BST Friday 27th April. Regular tickets are then available from 8.01pm BST Friday 27th April, and are £30 / €34. Buy a ‘Plus One’ ticket (minimum order of two tickets) for just £20 / €23 per ticket.

People around the world who won’t be able to make it to London will be able to tune into the livestream to see the news as it happens. To make sure to not miss out on the most anticipated launch of the year don’t forget to sign-up for the livestream here:


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Instagram Makes It Easier to Upload Multiple Photos to Your Story at Once

Instagram today improved the way its mobile app handles story uploads. The latest version of Instagram makes it possible to upload up to 10 photos or videos from your gallery at a time. Users can select each individual photo to make changes, apply stickers, and perform edits. Once done preparing the pix or vids, the group can be uploaded all at once rather than separately. The media are added to your story in the order they were selected. Moreover, Instagram is better at remembering location data so it can help users properly tag photos with location stickers even if the user has moved somewhere else. Instagram says these changes are reaching Android devices today with iOS to follow in the coming weeks.

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Spotify Improves Free Offering In Order to Convince You to Pay

Spotify today raised the volume on a change to its free service offering that takes advantage of machine learning to recommend tunes to music fans as they listen. The changes apply mostly to the mobile app. When customers first sign up for Spotify, they will be asked to name their favorite artists so Spotify’s machine learning algorithms can begin to churn out recommendations. Spotify’s free listeners will gain access to the songs they want when they want them, so long as the tunes fall into the 15 personalized playlists created by Spotify. Each playlist holds 50 songs, providing free listeners with access to up 750 on-demand tracks that can be listed to over and over. Previously, Spotify’s free tier didn’t have access to on-demand tracks. Spotify will use what it calls “assisted playlisting” to help, which means as people search for songs Spotify will automatically show them similar songs right away. This takes advantage of user interests as they build playlists for themselves. Last, Spotify introduced a low-data mode to help conserve mobile data when on the go. Spotify claims low-data mode reduces over-the-network data use by as much as 75% while maintaining quality. Spotify is rolling out the revised mobile app and experience to free users over the next few days. In the long run, Spotify hopes the improved free tools will entice more people to subscribe to its $10-per-month premium service.

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Pure Siesta S6 Digital and FM Clock Radio with Bluetooth – Review

Pure Siesta S6 Digital and FM Clock Radio with Bluetooth   Review
An alarm clock just wakes you up. Right?

Well yes, yes it does, but gone are the days of some badly-made alarm clock waking you up with some white-noise. Now we’ve got alarm-clock radios that’ll receive crystal-clear DAB stations and will accept music from your phone, so you can bop around your bedroom as you get ready to go out for the evening.

This, the Pure Siesta S6, varies in price quite a bit. You can get one from eBay for around £80 or new for £129.99. It’s a healthy price for an alarm clock radio, but let’s have a look at those specs.

First, it’ll do FM radio. It’ll do DAB radio. It’ll accept your Bluetooth connection from your phone. It’ll also let you set up to 4 alarms too, so if you have a few people needing to be woken up, it’ll do that for you. Oh, and as this is called “Siesta”, you also get a button that lets you have a little nap. You can get woken up with radio or a tonal alarm.

Pure Siesta S6 Digital and FM Clock Radio with Bluetooth   Review

Straight up, the build and sound quality were the first big impressive things for me. The range of DAB stations, especially for me living in the centre of the UK, is endless. I tend to like to listen to Union Jack radio because it’s a bit nuts and rarely has adverts. The audio was clear and crisp, and the display (which dims depending on the surrounding light so you don’t get blinded when you’re asleep but can see it in the daylight) shows the name of the current station right there on the display. There’s 40 presets available for you – 20 for FM and another 20 for DAB, although to be honest I doubt I’d use all those. It also gets accurate time from the radio masts, so you don’t need to faff around adjusting it or modifying the clock when the daylight savings time kicks in.

Pure Siesta S6 Digital and FM Clock Radio with Bluetooth   Review

The speaker at the top puts out 10W and the Bluetooth pairing is definitely very easy to do. You then crank up your Spotify or YouTube app and play whatever music you feel. You can play music from your phone for as long as you want or charge overnight thanks to the USB port in the back, although this is 1A only so trickle-charges. There’s also a headphone port at the back should you want to listen to radio through your headphones.

This is mains powered only, so you can’t easily travel with it, but for most people that won’t be a problem.

Pure Siesta S6 Digital and FM Clock Radio with Bluetooth   Review

Using the alarm clock radio isn’t complicated and I didn’t need the instructions. However, if you do dive into them you’ll find advanced details on how to adjust the snooze time, start the FM / DAB radio autoscan, how to setup the time format (12 or 24 hour) or set the language. There’s also a clear and easy explanation of how to setup alarms. You can adjust the repeat frequency (such as “weekends only”), how long you want an alarm to sound for and what station you’d like to be woken up by.

To be honest, this calls for a video!


I can’t fault this. The sound quality is excellent. The choice and flexibility of alarms is excellent. The clear auto-dimming display is excellent. The build quality, the buttons and the addition of a charging port – all great. The DAB radio and the simple, clear operation – fantastic.

The only down point was the price. It was pretty pricey. You can pick up alarm clocks with DAB radios in for around £25 now, so a £129.99 price-tag is going to prove painful.

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Windows Phone support for Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business to be dropped

Windows Phone support for Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business to be dropped

I’ll tell it like it is with the Windows Phone platform. It’s the same with any OS I write about. The moment that Microsoft effectively bribed developers to write apps for their handests and the huge difference in the choice of apps compared to Android and iOS meant that the road was already going to be long and hard. However, it was a smooth and intuitive operating system. It was relatively free of bugs and, with the Nokia branding and camera technology on some handsets, there was a huge potential.

However, it all slipped through the fingers of Microsoft, and now they’re even removing their own apps from the platform Microsoft will, next month, drop support for the Windows Phone apps for Teams, Yammer, and Skype for Business.

It’s all a bit quick and it means that, even if you’re a true Microsoft fan and you’re comfortable with a faff and largely clutter-free phone, you’re not going to be able to download any of these apps.

Windows Phone support for Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business to be dropped

Microsoft stated that Skype for Business and Yammer “may continue to work, but we can’t provide any guarantees”. Microsoft Teams “will no longer work, and users will receive an error message when they try to connect”.

More details can be found on this Microsoft support page.

What’s perhaps most annoying about this is the fact that the there’s still more than a few Windows Phones being used by businesses, and the removal of these apps could effectively force them to Android or iPhone.

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Review: Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

The Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ is a universal wireless charger that accommodates iPhones and Galaxies alike. This slim, disk-shaped charger works with most phones and offers rapid power-ups. If you’re looking for a single charging pad that does it all, this could be it.

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EU Puts the Brakes On Apple's Shazam Acquisition

The European Commission is holding up Apple’s planned acquisition of Shazam. “The Commission is concerned that the merger could reduce choice for users of music streaming services,” said the Commission in a statement. Shazam is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide to query song identities. It is available to Android and iOS devices alike. Margrethe Vestager, in charge of the EU’s antitrust unit, said the Commission wants to “ensure that music fans will continue to enjoy attractive music streaming offers and won’t face less choice as a result of this proposed merger.” The EU is also concerned about consumer data Apple will gain. The $400 million deal was first made public in December. The European Commission is going to investigate the transaction to see if it might create unfair competition. Apple didn’t immediately comment on the Commission’s decision.

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Cricket Changes Plan Names, Clarifies Plan Features

Cricket Wireless today said its service plans have new names. The new names corresponded to changes the company made to its service offerings on April 22. For the sake of clarity, the former Cricket Unlimited plan is now called the Cricket Unlimited Max plan. It costs $60 per month and provides unlimited high-speed data (up to 22 GB per month) with unlimited calls, texts, and picture messages between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The Cricket Unlimited 2 plan is now called Cricket Unlimited2. This plan costs $55 per month and provides unlimited data at speeds up to 3Mbps, and video streams capped at SD quality (480p). Like the Max plan, the Unlimited2 plan provides unlimited calls, texts, and picture messages between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Cricket subscribers can save $5 per month on either plan if they enroll in autopay. These new plans are available now.

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OnePlus Provides Peek at Glass-Backed OnePlus 6

OnePlus is expected to announce the OnePlus 6 flagship phone in the coming weeks and today it shared some information about the design. Taking the company’s blog, CEO Pete Lau described in detail the company’s design philosophy. With respect to the OnePlu6, Lau said, “OnePlus 6’s glass design is centered around creating a ‘sense of value’ and ‘premium hand-feel.’ People relate deeply to the products they use. We gave a lot of thought to how users should feel when they use the OnePlus 6. The advantages of glass over metal are manifold: glass communicates a transparent, bright, and pure feeling.” Lau said OnePlus tested more than 70 different glass prototypes before selecting one. After selecting the glass, OnePlus refined it for hand feel extensively. “The OnePlus 6’s glass back contains five printed layers of Nanotech Coating, a first in the smartphone industry.” Three layers is normal. “The degree of separation between each layer is extremely subtle and tough to discern. However, the additional layers give the back of the device a stronger impression of depth that our most demanding users will surely appreciate.” The phone will continue to make use of OnePlus’ “horizon” design philosophy, which OnePlus has refined to fit the metal-and-gass materials. “Although OnePlus is not the first manufacturer to use glass, we are confident that we are providing users with our interpretation of a familiar material,” said Lau. The OnePlus 6 is slated to arrive in May.

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Oppo F7 – The launch

Oppo F7   The launch

Oppo did a bit of a launch over the weekend too. This is their new F7, a handset with a massive 6.23″ screen (2280 x 1080) in a 19:9 aspect ratio. There’s a rear 16 megapixel shooter with an f/1.8 aperture..


It’s not all about that back camera. With this it’s the 25 megapixel (yes, 25 megapixel) front camera. This has “AI Beauty 2.0 Technology” built in and is said to be your “Personal Beauty Artist”.

Oppo F7   The launch

Launched into Pakistan, the Oppo F7 has 64GB storage with 4GB RAM in Solar Red, Moonlight Silver and Diamond Black. There’s also a 128GB version which has 6GB RAM, and that will come in either Solar Red or Diamond Black.

George Long, CEO of Oppo in Pakistan, told us..

The phone is equipped with many other features that make it a powerful, efficient tool encased in a sleek, attractive design. We keep our customers’ needs and desires at the top when putting together a new phone and this is why we are certain the Pakistani youth will love Oppo F7.

Other headline specs include the ColorOS 5.0, which is based on Android 8.1, a 3400mAh battery and a Mediatek P60 octa-core 2 GHz CPU. It has Bluetooth 4.2 and GPS, but no NFC and no microSD expansion by the looks of it.

Oppo F7   The launch

Get more detail on the Oppo website.

It also has a notch.

Oppo F7   The launch

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