Sony Brings 2:1 Display to its Midrange with Xperia XA2 Plus

Sony this week announced the Xperia XA2 Plus, a new mid-range phone with a tall 2:1 ratio display, hi-res audio, and 23-megapixel Sony Exmor RS for mobile camera with 4K video capture. The 6-inch display has Full HD+ resolution and is protected by Gorilla Glass 5. It also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor, large 3,580 mAh battery, rear fingerprint reader, fast charging, and an 8-megapixel wide-angle front camera. It will be available in Silver, Black, Gold and Green in late August 2018.

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Sprint Hikes Prices with Revamped Unlimited Plans

Sprint today announced new “Unlimited Plus” and “Unlimited Basic” plans. Unlimited Plus replaces the old Unlimited Freedom plan and raises the price from $60 to $70 per month for the first line. Additional lines are discounted, down to $42 per line for a family of five. Like the old Unlimited Freedom, Unlimited Plus offers HD video streaming and Hulu, however Tidal music streaming is now included, and the mobile hotspot allowance has increased from 10 GB to 15 GB. A limited-time offer slashes the price of Unlimited Plus by $20 per line if customers bring their own phone or buy one at full price, instead of leasing a phone from Sprint. That works out to $50/month for one line, or as little as $22/line for five lines. A new Unlimited Basic plan costs the same as the old Unlimited Freedom plan, but offers less. Video streaming is limited to SD resolution, music streaming is limited to to 500kbps, and mobile hotspot data is throttled after 0.5 GB. Unlimited Basic includes Hulu, but not Tidal. Unlimited Basic runs $60/month for the first line. Additional-line discounts bring the price per line down to $32/month for a family of five. There is no discount for using a non-leased phone, meaning Unlimited Plus is temporarily $10/line cheaper than Unlimited Basic with a non-leased phone. The new plans will be available starting tomorrow, July 13th.

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HTC. The Exodus begins

HTC. The Exodus begins
So, after losing a quarter of their remaining staff, they’ve decided to call their upcoming smartphone the “HTC Exodus”.

Hmm.. I’ve got to question the logic on that one.

Even their marketing says, “The Exodus Begins”. After losing so many staff it seems a bit .. insensitive.

They’re also using the phrase “take back control” which, as the Brexit campaign showed, was something of a disaster.

Anyhow, they’re announcing “early access” in Q3 to the world’s first blockchain handset.

OK.. we all have to ask really. What the hell is blockchain?

Well, after a quick Google I can tell you that it’s the ability for digital information to be distributed but not copied. In the HTC Exodus the company tell us that…

HTC has a vision to expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world’s first phone dedicated to decentralised applications and security. With the release of the HTC Exodus, which includes an all-important cold storage wallet, we can now make this a reality.

Partnering with Cryptokitties plus Animoca and Bitmark, they’ll be able to distribute “digital goods” and give you more control of your data and information.

In all honesty I then start to lose track of the email somewhat, with promises that the phone will have “digital scarcity and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)” with the “world’s first and most popular NFT game on the blockchain”. The HTC U12+ will be getting Cryptokitties, whatever that may be. They sign off by telling us that…

This is just the start of HTC helping to combat the commoditization of humanity.

Not a clue.

So, it you want to join the Exodus, visit Spec details will be coming soon. Hopefully by then I’ll have some idea of what the heck is going on.

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giffgaff boost their goodybag data allowances

giffgaff boost their goodybag data allowances
giffgaff, which sits on the O2 network, have long been the go-to fuss-free solution if you just want a monthly plan with no ties. However, of late other virtual networks have been muscling in, with the likes of Lebara offering 4GB for £8 per month (on the Voda network) and iD Mobile doing 3GB for £8 (on the Three network). There’s also Plusnet (on EE), Virgin Media (EE), Tesco Mobile (O2) and iQ Mobile (EE) plus many more besides.

So today giffgaff have given their packages a boost. Some of their “goodybags” now deliver more data, so you can get a £20 goodybag that’ll give you 20GB of data per month (plus unlimited everything else) and an “Always On” offering for £25.

Other packages, including the £5, £7.50 and £15 goodybags, have all received a boost in data allowance. The £10 and £12 ones remain the same.

giffgaff boost their goodybag data allowances

The goodybags are giffgaff’s SIM-only plans. That “Always On” package that I just mentioned USED TO deliver 9GB of high-speed data and then unlimited restricted speed usage. Now on the new £25 “Always on” deal, you’ll get 20GB at full speed before receiving reduced speeds between 8am and midnight thereafter. The £20 for 20GB offering is full speed for all of the package.

The new goodybags launch today, so if you’re a giffgaff customer you’ll start to enjoy these new data packages when your next goodybag begins.

Ashley Schofield, Chief Marketing Officer at giffgaff, tells us..

Recently we put our heads together to work out how we can give members more of what they value, which this time around meant bigger data bundles. So we’ve made our new goodybags even bigger on data and we’d like to thank our community for inspiring us to make these changes.

Find out more about the giffgaff goodybags here, or check out their range of phones. You can also get a refurbished phone too.

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Google Pay Gains Ticketing, Friend Payments

Google today released a major update to the Google Pay app and service. Google Pay now supports one-time tickets with QR codes, such as airline boarding passes and concert tickets. In the app, they appear in a new “Passes” tab, along with loyalty and gift cards. The Google Pay app also now lets you send money to friends, a feature that was previously available only with a separate Google Pay send app. Now that Google Pay Send is combined with Google Pay, the new unified app also supports bill splitting. You can tap on any recent payment and a “Split the cost” button lets you request money from up to five people. An iOS version of Google Pay supports these friend payments. Google also revamped the Google Pay web site.

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Update to iOS 11 Aims to Prevent Hacking via USB

Apple has released iOS 11.4.1, which improves stability and the Find My AirPods feature. It also introduces USB Restricted Mode, a feature designed to prevent a third party from attempting unauthorized access to a locked iPhone via the Lightning port and USB. When the phone has been locked for a full hour, all USB access is disabled. However, security researchers at ElcomSoft have discovered that attaching any USB device to the iPhone will reset this 1-hour clock, providing a an easy workaround for any third party that comes into possession of the phone within an hour of its last use. A new toggle in the settings lets users disable this security feature.

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Good location but bad signal? Get yourself a mobile phone signal booster!

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Good location but bad signal? Get yourself a mobile phone signal booster!

The view from the office window

My job now sees me based on a farm. The signal there is, let me tell you, non-existent. Strangely, on the drive in, the signal on the country road is fine, but when you’ve gone up the long drive it suddenly drops down. All the networks, and believe me I’ve tried, struggle to get a signal to the site. So the site owners have decided to get a signal booster. We’ve covered the legality and the things you should look out for before, but apart from using Sure Signal devices or similar kit, it seems to be the only way of boosting your signal.

In one office, there’s no less than 4 “Sure Signal” devices. They’re designed for home use and have a limited range. You hook them into your broadband connection and then the unit pumps out a small GSM signal that your phone connects to. There’s a few things to note about these though. First, the range is limited. Second, you need to register each and every phone onto the unit. Third, it’s only for one network.

So what exactly is a mobile phone signal booster? 

Good location but bad signal? Get yourself a mobile phone signal booster!

It’s a powerful signal amplifier. The booster itself can be small. It can fit right into the palm of your hand, perfect if you have limited space. When you’ve hooked it up, the amplifier will boost a weak signal, and re-broadcast it out, giving you better call quality, internet connectivity and coverage. Boosters work along with your network provider so that you get more signal in more places.

We’re looking at sites such as Mobile Repeater UK for ideas at the moment. They’ve got an easy-to-use search tool which will get you the correct repeater quickly. The key thing for us is that it’s relatively small, easy to install and it must work with as many (if not all) of the networks as possible. This is why we’ve looked at the five-band GSM/2G/3G/4G+LTE Repeaters.

If you want better signals in a larger home or, in our case, a remote office location, a mobile repeater, provided it’s approved and legal, will definitely resolve coverage issues for you. Some of these can cover up to 20,000 sq feet or more, with graphical signal meters and LCD power displays to make installation simple. Repeaters ensure that you get strong, reliable connections even in weak signal areas, which is just what’s needed. Plus it means that your phone has a slightly better battery life as it’s not always searching for a signal. 

Good location but bad signal? Get yourself a mobile phone signal booster!

One thing to look out for, if you are thinking of getting one, is the frequency bands supported. Here in the UK we use 800, 1800 and 2600MHz for 4G and 2100MHz for 3G, so bear that in mind when you’re looking around.

We’ve gone for a mobile phone signal booster, which is compatible with all voice and 3G UK networks. It’ll mean that, no matter who comes into the office and what mobile they’re using, it’ll boost EE, Three, Vodafone, O2 and all the virtual networks that sit on those masts too. We’ve gone for this one as it’s one of the most popular repeaters and it’ll do voice calls, and 3G plus 4G on EE. You can get up to 50 simultaneous users on it too.

To get it connected you just plug in the aerial antenna but, if you need help, the people from Mobile Repeater UK offer 100% free technical support. There’s also a 15-day money back guarantee, free shipping and coverage of 500sqm or more. There’s four parts to it. An aerial, the coaxial cables, the mobile repeater system and an indoor rebroadcast antenna. 


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5 Android apps you probably never knew about

As Dylan once said, the times they are a-changin’. And with each passing day, our lives are made a little more convenient with the help of gadgets. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and out of those more than 80% phones run on Android. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for us liking them is because they’re so amazingly customizable. Plus, if you want to go even further with your Android smartphone,, you can always use a root service for easy and quick root access.

Right now it’s estimated that there are over 3.3 million apps available on the Google Play Store. With these huge numbers, there’s a lot of competition and there’s a chance you’ll only know about 1% of the apps. They’re the “big” or “major” apps. The race to attain distinction has awarded us with some really useful apps over the years. So we’ve made a list of 5 Android apps that are a little more unique and idiosyncratic.

5 Android apps you probably never knew about


There are a lot of Android automation applications available on the Play Store but this free app has the friendliest user interface you’ll see. The app uses easy flowcharts with blocks for actions, conditions, event triggers, loops, and more. You can create an automation command for various tasks such as changing settings for audio volume, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. With the help of this app, you can automate almost everything.

5 Android apps you probably never knew about


If you’re a frequent movie-goer then this is the free app that is going to enhance your experience. This app tells you about the best times to “run and pee” without missing an important scene! It also provides a synopsis so that you can catch up with the storyline while you’re away. It works by vibrating the phone whenever a peetime is approaching. It is a great app for people who have a problem controlling their bladder.

5 Android apps you probably never knew about


This app is for the humanitarians; every one of us who cares about his fellow men. By using this app you’ll be helping in cancer research without actually doing any work. This app uses your idle processor time, like at night when you charge your phone and go to sleep. It works by downloading tiny amounts of data from large-scale research projects, calculating them, and sending them back to the research team. All you need to do is set up this app once and each time you plug in your device it will start work.    


Tab is an amazing app for group dinners and makes the bill splitting simple and convenient. It works by scanning a picture of the receipt and you can then check which items you ordered and it will calculate the tax and tip for you. It has loads of options for groups and you make group dinners really easy.   

5 Android apps you probably never knew about

Shake-it Alarm

There are a huge number of unconventional alarm clocks available on the digital market. Some apps make you shake them vigorously to turn off the alarm while others make you scream. Well, this one totally free app does all that, plus with the random mode it requires a different task each morning. It works wonders if you’re a sound sleeper.


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FreedomPop 15GB deal for £10 per month

This is a network which is slightly different to others. They user the Three masts here in the UK, but calls and texts are actually routed over your data connection. This doesn’t impact the amount of data you’re allocated, but it does mean that you’ll need a decent 4G or WiFi connection to send a text or make / receive a call.

FreedomPop 15GB deal for £10 per month

Right now they’ve got an offer on for the first 500 customers who purchased this plan, and it’ll deliver a whacking great 15GB of data for just £10 per month. Perhaps best of all, you get a two-week period to try it out and they’ll only charge you 1p to activate the SIM card.

If you’ve got a SIM-free phone, it might be worth a spin. For me, as someone in a bad signal area relying on WiFi for the most part, this could be just the ticket to make and receive calls on a handset which hasn’t traditionally had WiFi calling.

There’s no contract, you’ll get 4G speeds and there’s unlimited texts and calls. Interested? Head to this link for the details.

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The World Cup – Mobile use on the rise, home broadband use down

Mobile phones, as I’m sure you all know, can be very distracting. Whether you’re watching TV, sat at the bus stop, waiting for a sandwich, ordering coffee or at the park, a quick glance at the screen seems difficult to resist.

So what stops us fiddling with our phones? Is it the crumbling UK government and the potentially disastrous repercussions to the economy through a mis-managed and disastrous Brexit?

I know! The World Cup!

The World Cup   Mobile use on the rise, home broadband use down

No, not even that.

According to stats from EE, mobile demand rose as fans streamed the match on the go. Meanwhile, home broadband use dropped dramatically as people chose to watch on satellite, cable or terrestrial TV instead whilst at home.

The World Cup   Mobile use on the rise, home broadband use down

The network tells us that..

EE experienced its lowest broadband demand for a year during the thrilling game against Colombia – the World Cup is the only event that actually pulls people away from the Internet!

Facebook demand increased throughout the match, with usage spiking at 188 gigabits of traffic on the EE network every second as Eric Dier slotted the winning penalty and fans took to social media to share their celebrations.

Let’s see what happens on Wednesday people. Come on England!

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