MetroPCS Rolls Out Some Smartphone Deals

MetroPCS today kicked off several promotions meant to encourage people to sign up for its service. To start, MetroPCS is offering those who switch a $200 discount that can be applied toward the purchase of a new phone. Some phones, including the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, LG Stylo 4, Moto E5 Plus, and iPhone SE, would be effectively free after the $200 discount. This deal requires users to subscribe to MetroPCS’ Unlimited LTE plan. Second, customers who buy one iPhone can earn a $200 rebate toward the purchase of a second iPhone of equal or lesser value. This promo is good for new and existing customers. Customers who switch to MetroPCS can buy the iPhone 6 for $49. Last, customers who bring their own device to MetroPCS will receive a free month of service. These deals are available online and in stores.

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Microsoft Feeds Its Android Launcher Some Oreo

Microsoft has updated its launcher for Android phones. Version 4.12 of the app adds full support for Android 8 Oreo, while it also removes support for older Android platforms, 4.0.x and 4.1. With Oreo, the app adds folder and app icon gestures for swiping to interact with apps. Other changes include more control over the last row of the dock, and alphabetical sorting of apps within folders. Further, parents can turn on web filters via the Family card. Improvements to the user interface include animation adjustments, blur effects, and app badges in the app drawer. The Microsoft launcher is free to download from the Google Play Store.

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FCC Makes Progress Preparing for 5G Spectrum Auctions

The FCC today took more action ahead of its planned auctions for 5G spectrum. The FCC decided to keep the auction for 24 GHz and 28 GHz separate from the auction for 37 GHz, 39 GHz, and 47 GHz. The first auction is expected to begin November 14, with the second scheduled for mid-2019. This second series of bands needs more prep work before they’ll be ready. The FCC today also proposed rule changes to speed up deployments of 5G cell sites. The FCC is specifically targeting utility poles and local ordinances that tie up carriers with red tape. The FCC hopes to make it easier for carriers to get 5G cell sites approved and installed. All the major U.S. carriers are preparing 5G, with some planning to launch service late this year.

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It’s so funny, how we don’t talk any more

Its so funny, how we dont talk any moreI remember when mobile phones first started being a “thing”. I was at college and got this, the Nokia 5.1. It was also known as the Nokia Nokia 2110. Strangely the 5.1 name has now re-appeared on the Nokia site, albeit under a completely new design.. and no pull-out antenna. I wrote about it four years ago and said..

It had 3 rows of text my friends. Feel that. 10 characters per row, and it could send text messages.

That thing saw me through two years of solid drinking, in which time I was apparently studying at college. You could hammer nails in with that puppy, and you charged it every now and then – not every half a day.
Its so funny, how we dont talk any more

Back then we used to do something unusual with our Nokia handsets. We made phone calls. Texting was still fairly new and we had a tiny monochrome display plus buttons – actual buttons on the front of the phone with numbers printed on them. Real numbers.

Now though, it seems that people aren’t making phone calls on their mobile phones as much as they used to. The latest update from Ofcom reveals that the amount of voice calls placed on a mobile phone fell for the first time ever last year.

Are people making those calls on a home or office phone instead? Well, the figures don’t suggest that. Some 78% of all adults now have a smartphone and, during waking hours, people are looking them every 12 minutes on average.

Director of Market Intelligence at Ofcom, Ian Macrae, tells us..

Over the last decade, people’s lives have been transformed by the rise of the smartphone, together with better access to the internet and new services. We can do more on the move than ever before. But while people appreciate their smartphone as their constant companion, some are finding themselves feeling overloaded when online, or frustrated when they’re not.

Its so funny, how we dont talk any more

Outgoing calls, by call type

Indeed, the stats show that 71% of people never turn off their phones and 78% say they could not live without it. Although 75% say that voice calling is an important feature of a smartphone, a much higher percentage – 92% – say that data and web browsing is key.

The average time spent on a smartphone per day is now 2 hours 28 minutes. Those aged 18 to 24 are spending 3 hours and 14 minutes glued to their phones.

Head here for the full report and more detail.

* – If you missed the Cliff Richard reference, go here. Apologies in advance, you will be singing it all day.

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Rok Mobile Drops Verizon, Forcing Customers to Port to AT&T

Rok Mobile confirmed this week that it is no longer offering service on Verizon Wireless’ network. “Rok Mobile has decided not to move forward with utilizing Verizon Wireless service on our platform,” said the company on its web site. The change went into effect on July 30 and left customers who relied on Verizon for service stranded. “We will continue to support our other wireless carriers and those customers that are on that service,” said Rok. The MVNO originally allowed customers to purchase service from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. Now Rok Mobile only allows customers to purchase service on AT&T’s platform. The company no longer offers service on Sprint, but Rok Mobile customers who put their service on Sprint will not lose it. Rok Mobile customers who relied on Verizon will need to port their number to AT&T’s network to re-establish service. Rok Mobile apologized for the inconvenience.

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System Update for HTC U12 Mostly Fixes the Buttons

HTC is pushing a system update to the U12 that includes a number of adjustments for the phone. To start, the update adds two new features: auto zoom when recording video, and 4K video capture at 30fps with no time limit. The update includes the June security patch from Google, and makes improvements to battery life and general performance. Most importantly, the update improves the behavior of the touch sensitive side buttons. The U12 uses pressure sensors rather than physical buttons for adjusting the volume and unlocking the phone. The system update makes the buttons more sensitive to touch, which in turn improves their performance. The buttons were a weak spot when the phone first went on sale. With the update installed, the U12’s buttons work more naturally. The update is free to download from HTC.

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Red Hydrogen with 3D Display Clears the FCC

The Red Hydrogen, a phone first announced more than a year ago, has been approved by the FCC. The Hydrogen stands out thanks to its 5.7-inch holographic display, which promises 3D without glasses. The screen handles both traditional stereo 3D as well as Red’s Hydrogen 4-View (H4V). The phone body sports Red’s industrial design and comes in either aluminum or titanium. Another interesting aspect of the Hydrogen One is that it supports snap-on modules for shooting both high-resolution video and H4V content. Moreover, it integrates with other Red products and can act as a touchscreen and monitor for Red’s cameras. The phone also has USB-C and a microSD memory card slot. The FCC confirms several new details. For example, photos accompanying the FCC approval show the battery has a capacity of 4,510mAh. Further, the Red Hydrogen sports NFC, dual front cameras, dual rear cameras, and dual SIM cards. Critically, it offers wide support for all U.S. LTE bands with the exception of Band 71 (T-Mobile). The Red Hydrogen was initially expected to go on sale in early 2018, but Red has yet to get it to the market. The expected retail price is $1,195.

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Facebook and Instagram Debut Dashboard for Setting Limits

Facebook and Instagram today both introduced new tools meant to help people control their time spent on the two social networks. The new dashboard, which Facebook says it developed with mental health experts, lets people see how much time they’ve spent using either app with the average time for that particular app. People can set daily limits for the amount of time they want to spend using the app, and reminders to ensure they don’t surpass those limits. Facebook says users can change or cancel reminders at any time. The new dashboard also lets people easily mute push notifications so Facebook and Instagram keep interruptions to a minimum. These updates are rolling out soon on the Facebook and Instagram mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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Verizon's New CEO Takes Over Starting Today

Hans Vestberg has assumed the role of Verizon’s CEO, replacing long-time leader Lowell McAdam. The company announced the change in June. McAdam will remain with the company as Executive Chairman of the Board through the end of the year, and then transition to a non-executive Chairman role in 2019. Hans Vestberg, who previously served as the company’s Executive Vice President, President of Global Networks, and Chief Technology Officer, takes on the top spot at Verizon. Vestberg has played a large role in developing the architecture for Verizon’s fiber-centric networks, including its LTE 4G service and forthcoming 5G service. Vestberg previously worked for Ericsson. In June, Vestberg said, “I am humbled to be appointed CEO of Verizon at such an exciting and dynamic time for our company and industry. We are experiencing unprecedented changes in the way users interact in the digital world, and we are racing ahead to remain at the forefront of technology, connectivity and mobility.” Vestberg has spent the past month in the field at Verizon locations learning the day-to-day activities of its employees.

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