Facebook Facial Recognition Tool Lets You Find Yourself In Untagged Photos

Facebook today rolled out a new feature meant to help people control when and where their image is posted to Facebook. Using the same facial recognition functions meant for tagging, Facebook will now notify people when they appear in a photo on Facebook even if they haven’t been tagged. This will only work if the photo is shared within the user’s network/audience (i.e., with friends). The idea is to make it easier for people to control whether or not they are tagged or identified directly in pictures. Another new tool helps add a layer of security to Facebook; the social network will alert people if someone else uses their photo as a profile photo. The idea here is to prevent people from impersonating others. Last, Facebook is taking steps to improve the experience for those with visual impairments. Moving forward, people who use screen readers will be alerted about who appears in photos in their News Feed, even if the people in the photo aren’t tagged. Facebook says it made these controls easy to manage with clear “on/off” toggles that appear in the settings menu. The new functions are rolling out to most users over the next few days.

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Secdo Gains Momentum in 2017 with Nearly 4X Growth

NEW YORK, NY, December 19, 2017 — Secdo, a pioneer in automated endpoint security and incident response technology, today announced strong growth in 2017 as customer adoption of its flagship software increased among enterprise customers globally. Year-over-year (2016-2017) revenue grew nearly 400% percent and is on track to continue its upward trajectory in 2018 as organizations focus on achieving a proactive defense by force-multiplying current security teams ten-fold.

According to Gartner, “By 2020, 60% of enterprise information security budgets will be allocated for rapid detection and response approaches, which is an increase from less than 30% in 2016.”

2017 marks many notable achievements for Secdo as the company saw expansion of its automated endpoint security and incident response capabilities with version 5.0. The launch of the enhanced platform introduced Behavioral Based Indicators of Compromise or BIOCs. This automates the detection of unknown threats based on attack methodologies rather than forensic artifacts, while uniquely creating a platform for external threat hunting, insider threat hunting, investigation, and machine learning. Also introduced in version 5.0 is the new Secdo Response Center, delivering over one hundred forensics, containment, and remediation features, to set a new industry standard for scaled surgical response against advanced threats.

In addition to the innovations in 5.0, the software was established as the only endpoint detection and response solution in the world to automatically ingest and correlate alerts from SIEM or any other 3rd party security alerting tools. This unique feature allows for automatic correlation and forensic investigation of separate security events, providing a complete picture of an attack chain in real time. With the enhancements, Secdo solves the specialist skills shortage by allowing security teams to easily validate and respond to security alerts in seconds without manual investigation.

Advancing the company’s presence in the market, Secdo expanded its sales channel…
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Meet the man carrying over 50 mobile phones.

Meet the man carrying over 50 mobile phones.
This is Alin Marin. As you can see here, he seems to like wearing a full-body swimsuit. It’s not so that he can become a professional swimmer, oh no. This guy likes to go to rock concerts and pickpocket your mobile phones. To get away, and in order not to be noticed, he shoves the phones into his swimsuit.

West Midlands Police watched him target several people as he jostled with revellers in the mosh pit during a Royal Blood concert last month in Birmingham. The covert police operation started after reports of a similar spate of thefts at earlier performances, and resulted in Mr Marin, of no fixed address, being arrested and thrown into jail for 3 years.

Police said that…

Romanian national Marin had secreted 53 phones inside a compression suit he was wearing beneath his clothing. He was arrested in Broad Street shortly after leaving the gig – and the phones recovered from a nearby car park.

Meet the man carrying over 50 mobile phones.

You might think that this would be easy to do if a phone was in a coat pocket, but Police Sergeant Julia Slater tells us that ..

Many of the phones were taken from front jeans pockets, which people believe is a safer place to carry valuables. (However), due to the jostling in the mosh pit they simply didn’t realise they’d been targeted.

He slipped phones inside the swimsuit and effectively turned himself into a deposit box for the phones, allowing him to carry tens of phones concealed around his body.

Be wary!

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  • Samsung Launches Galaxy A8, Leaks Reveal Galaxy S9 Details

    Announced yesterday, Samsung’s new mid-range Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus will sport many of the features found on the company’s flagship S devices, including a nearly full-screen Infinity Display and dual front camera with advanced focusing technology. Set to arrive on the market sometime in January, the new phones are expected to be priced between $350 and $450.

    Meanwhile, Samsung is reportedly planning to launch its next-generation Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in February, a little less than one year after it released the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and just five months after the arrival of its Galaxy Note 8.

    Recent leaks about the design of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus suggest the new flagships will bring incremental, rather than, dramatic updates over last year’s design. This could disappoint fans looking for a Samsung equivalent to Apple’s new iPhone X, but it’s possible the South Korean firm might unveil something more revolutionary at next month’s CES in Las Vegas.

    Low-, Mid-Range Phones Led Way for Samsung in ’17

    In 2017, Samsung got back on track with solidly reviewed and well-selling devices, such as the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8, following its disastrous and costly experience with the fire-prone and universally recalled Galaxy Note 7 in 2016. However, the company reported lower earnings in the third quarter of this year due to the dominance of low-end and mid-range phone sales over its flagship devices.

    The newest of those mid-range devices, the Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus (pictured above), will come with a nearly bezel-free look that’s now expected in premium phones. The 5.6-inch Galaxy A8 and the 6-inch Galaxy A8 Plus will both run Android 7.1.1 and will support fast-charging via a USB Type-C connector.

    Both will also feature a Super AMOLED display with a rear 16-megapixel camera…
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    Hostile Takeover: Can Qualcomm Fend Off Broadcom?

    When Broadcom proposed ousting Qualcomm’s board of directors on Dec. 4, it set in motion a high stakes chess match for control of San Diego’s most iconic technology company.

    The outcome could reverberate not only locally but throughout the tech industry — possibly changing the landscape for firms ranging from Apple to Google, Microsoft to Intel.

    Qualcomm invented technologies that manage cellular communications in every smartphone. Rival Broadcom’s hostile takeover bid — launched after Qualcomm’s board rejected its $70 per share offer in November — looks like it will play out relatively quickly.

    Qualcomm’s shareholders will vote on either Broadcom’s nominees or Qualcomm’s slate of candidates by the company’s March 6 annual meeting.

    Strategies in this fight remain unclear. Both companies are being cagey about potential moves.

    But analysts say Broadcom has the ammunition to raise its price for Qualcomm — perhaps as high as $100 per share — and still come out with a deal that contributes to earnings.

    If Qualcomm’s board hopes to fend off Broadcom, analysts believe it must wrap up its slippery acquisition of automotive/Internet of Things chip maker NXP Semiconductors, which would make Qualcomm less dependent on smartphones.

    It also may need to consider new ways to mend its troubled patent licensing division and raise the specter of stiff regulatory resistance to a Broadcom/Qualcomm marriage.

    All that, plus tout its leadership in the massive market opportunity from new, ultra-fast 5G mobile networks, where Qualcomm has been investing in core technology for nearly a decade.

    “We are probably the best positioned company for 5G and the connected world,” said Chief Executive Steve Mollenkopf at a recent Economic Club of Washington, D.C., event. “We are sitting in a momentary spot where our revenue is a little bit difficult to model because of these licensing disputes. But those will get resolved, and what you’ll see is a…
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    Facebook AI Helps the Blind 'See' Images

    When Matt King first got on Facebook eight years ago, the blind engineer had to weigh whether it was worth spending an entire Saturday morning checking whether a friend of his was actually in his friend list. Such were the tools at the time for the visually impaired — almost nonexistent.

    Today, thanks to text-to-audio software, it just takes a few seconds for him to accomplish the same task. And because of a new face recognition service the social network is rolling out Tuesday, he can now learn which friends are in photos, even those who haven’t been tagged by another user.

    The facial recognition technology, which uses artificially intelligent algorithms, doesn’t appear to have changed much since Facebook began using it in 2010 to suggest the identities of people in photos. But after incorporating feedback from billions of user interactions, Facebook felt confident enough to push its use into new territory.

    “What we’re doing with AI is making it possible for anybody to enjoy the experience,” says 52-year-old King, who lost his sight in college due to a degenerative eye disease and now works at Facebook as an accessibility specialist. In addition to the improved facial recognition, Facebook has in recent years also automated descriptions of what’s happening in a photo. (Those remain relatively primitive, as they’re limited to only about 100 or so concepts and roughly a dozen action verbs.)

    For the sighted, the new facial recognition settings will also help crack down on imposters. Starting Tuesday, Facebook will notify you if someone has uploaded your face as their profile picture. And just in time for alcohol-laden holiday parties, you can also be notified if someone in your friend network has posted a compromising picture of you without explicitly tagging you.

    That check is not perfect. If you don’t want a drunken karaoke…
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    Breakthrough Technology Group: A Top Cloud Services Provider

    Morganville, NJ — December 19, 2017 — Breakthrough Technology Group (BTG), a leading managed private cloud services provider, today announced its number 32 ranking among the world’s Top 100 cloud services providers (CSPs), according to Channel Futures seventh-annual Talkin’ Cloud (TC) 100 report.

    Moving up eight spots from 2016, the company’s perennial ascension reflects its year-over-year growth and ever-growing footprint. Earlier this month, BTG announced that it received a majority investment from ABRY Partners (?EU?ABRY?EU?), a leading private equity firm, to accelerate growth, both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

    The full report is available now by visiting ChannelFutures.com.

    Based on data from Channel Futures’ online survey, conducted between August to October 2017, the TC 100 list recognizes top cloud services providers (CSPs), including MSPs, hosting companies, cloud consultants, and more. Rankings are based on annual cloud services revenue growth, and input from Channel Futures editors.

    “To be considered one of the world’s foremost cloud services providers by an authoritative industry voice like Channel Futures is a tremendous honor,” said BTG CEO, Jeff Kaplan. “Ranking on the Talkin?EU? Cloud 100 a highly-coveted distinction, and we are humbled by this recognition.

    “Despite the notoriety of cookie-cutter public cloud offerings, CIOs must have assurances that their data stays protected.

    “Organizations worldwide struggle with migrating and managing enterprise workloads in the cloud,” added Kaplan. “Hesitancy towards moving to a cloud environment is manifested by concerns about service providers’ ability to meet the unique business and compliance requirements of each specific company.”

    BTG Adaptable Cloud Services, the company’s private cloud services portfolio, is hosted in geographically redundant SSAE 16-certified data centers that leverage a software-defined architecture to bring together storage, compute, and other elements into a single solution optimized for managing customized enterprise workloads in the…
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    Samsung Brings Infinity Display to Mid-Range Galaxy A8 and A8+

    Samsung today updated its Galaxy A8 mid-level devices, which now follow closely the pattern set by the S8 and S8+ flagship phones. The A8 series employs glass panels front and back with a metal frame in between. The A8 and A8+ share most every feature and specification, but the latter has a larger screen and battery. Both devices adopt the Samsung 18.5:9 InfinityDisplay with HD+ (2,160 x 1,080) resolution. The A8’s display measures 5.6 inches while the A8+’s screen stretches a longer 6 inches across the diagonal. The phones share an octa-core processor, with two cores at 2.2 GHz and six cores at 1.6 GHz. They come with 4 GB / 6 GB of RAM and 32 GB / 64 GB of storage, depending on configuration, with support for microSD cards up to 256 GB. The main camera includes a 16-megapixel sensor with an aperture of f/1.7 for better low-light photography. It also adds digital video stabilization for smoother video. The A8 and A8+ put a pair of cameras on the front, a 16-megapixel main sensor and a secondary 8-megapixel sensor, both at f/1.9. Samsung says the phones can produce a range of selfies and portrait effects with Samsung’s Live Focus feature for adjusting focus after the fact. Other features include fingerprint reader, USB-C, fast charging, NFC (and MST) for Samsung Pay, Bluetooth 5, WiFi, and LTE Cat 11. The devices are certified IP68 for protection against water and dust up to 1.5 meters, and are the first A series handsets to support Samsung’s Gear VR headsets. The A8 includes a 3,000mAh battery and the larger A8+ has a 3,500mAh battery. The 2018 Galaxy A8 series come in black, orchid grey, gold, and blue and run Android 7.1 Nougat. Samsung said they will be available in early January 2018. Pricing wasn’t disclosed.

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    Review: BlackBerry Motion

    The latest collaboration between BlackBerry Mobile and TCL is the Motion, a large slab that runs Android and boasts BlackBerry’s powerful productivity tools. Mobile pros will be happy with features such as BlackBerry Hub and the Productivity Tab, while businesses that deploy the Motion will appreciate the DTEK security software. Despite its many strengths, however, the Motion is a little uneven. Here is Phone Scoop’s in-depth review of the BlackBerry Motion.

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    T-Mobile Variant of HTC U11 Life Scores Android 8 Oreo

    Owners of the T-Mobile variant of the U11 Life smartphone can expect to receive the Android 8 Oreo over the coming days, according to HTC. HTC has made the system update available and will roll it out beginning today. It may take up to a week to reach everyone. The unlocked version of the U11 Life was updated to Oreo last month. Other HTC handsets on deck to receive Android 8 Oreo include the 10 and U Ultra.

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