The Micro Drone 4.0 – Now fully funded

The Micro Drone 4.0   Now fully funded

Carrying a drone around is a bit of a faff, however – if its small then you can slip it in your pocket and it makes it a much easier proposition. The guys behind Micro Drone have now had Micro Drone V4.0 fully funded on Indiegogo but wait… surely a small drone has been done before?

Well yes, it has, but this palm-sized drone is basically going to bridge the gap between an entry level drone and a very expensive professional videography quadcopters. The makers tell me that, despite the size, it will have all the tech you would expect in a high-end drone. Best of all, it will be priced competitively.

The Micro Drone 4.0   Now fully funded

Features include..

– Automatic Self-Hovering: Eliminate steep piloting learning curve
– Buttery Smooth Video: Eliminate shaky footage disappointment
– Affordable Price: Eliminate need to buy professional drones

They hit the funding goal in less than a day. It has a two-axis mechanical gimbal and comes with “Neurala AI tracking technology” which means it can perform automated maneuvers for you.

The Micro Drone 4.0   Now fully funded

Vernon Kerswell, CEO of Extreme Fliers, tells us..

While we had high hopes for the Micro Drone 4.0 following our previous models, we never expected it to hit its goal so rapidly. We’re overwhelmed by the positive response from new and returning 3.0 backers and can’t wait to get the drone into people’s hands,” says “We’re now really looking towards our stretch goals which includes a range boosting Remote Controller, new Neurala flight modes, and MFI integration!

The Micro Drone 4.0 is available now at a price of $125 / £112 ($199 RRP). It measures just 120mm x 120mm x 40mm when folded and weighs less than your smartphone. Specs include a 30 mph maximum speed and a 13 minute hovering time. Get more details on or buy via this Indiegogo page.

The Micro Drone 4.0   Now fully funded

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Cryptocurrencies explained

Cryptocurrencies explainedI get emailed about cryptocurrencies on a weekly basis. There’s now hundreds of apps for those using Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies. You can get a wallet to show your Bitcoin amount, you can convert into different currencies, use address books and – of course – send and receive Bitcoins.

Other apps include Bitcoin games, mining apps, checkers and monitors. But, for the common man like me, it can get a bit confusing. What exactly IS a cyptocurrency and what can you really do with it?

Well, it’s basically a digital currency. You won’t get any paper notes but you’ll also find that hardly any stores will accept this currency.

So why use it?

Well, as a digital currency it features encryption techniques to both regulate the generation of units and to verify the transfer of funds. No banks are involved and you can transfer funds quickly.

Initially, it was all about generating Bitcoins – big server farms and stacks of graphics cards to create these coin. However, now there’s a sudden leap for coin trading, and there’s stacks of apps dedicated to this too.
Cryptocurrencies explained

Getting Started in Cryptocurrency Trading

There’s a number of paths you can take, and there’s apps to guide you through how to invest into this interesting new digital trading world. During the market boom at the end of 2017, more and more cryptocurrency trading sites are also springing up.

If you’re just getting started, it’s important to get a relationship with a top quality broker. TradeFW is a leading platform and they offer trading in a number of major crypto markets. Not only that, but you also get the added assurance of this trading being partnered with a major currency such as USD/BTC pairs.

Once you have this broker relationship and you’ve practiced trading cryptocurrency through demo accounts, you’ll build the confidence and knowledge required for live trading. It’s then just a matter of heading to their site, where you can register for a live trading account, input some basic information, and you are ready to begin cryptocurrency market trading.

Is it too late to get involved in the Sector?

It might seem that way. My friend bought a new kitchen with the money he made generating Bitcoins. One of the biggest barriers to getting involved in the current crypto trading market is the actual market itself. The boom of around 12 months ago has somewhat stagnated recently. This is a psychological barrier though, and many would say that this less-frantic period represents the ideal time to learn how to trade with cryptocurrency, and get involved in the market.

The beauty of trading with the likes of TradeFW or other top currency trading sites, is they have an educational infrastructure which supports both new and experienced traders to learn and grow in their trading careers. Ideally, this should facilitate traders in being able to profit, even when the market is in a slow period like now. So it’s never too late!

Cryptocurrencies explained

Benefits and Drawbacks of Trading Cryptocurrency

As with any form of trading or business, there’s positive and negatives. You need to be careful, so that’s why it’s good that so many apps offer demo accounts where you have no risk of losing your coins. With cryptocurrency trading, a lot of the negatives are often overplayed due to a lack of knowledge of the industry or a fear of the unknown. Nevertheless, here are a few key positives and negatives when it comes to getting involved.


  • As the industry has shown time and time again over a relatively short period of time, the potential to capitalize is enormous. Sharp price increases can occur over a remarkably fast period.
  • Getting set up and starting to trade cryptocurrency is actually very simple and fast. There is little need for any detailed pre-requisite knowledge, and the process of placing orders, buying and selling, is always quite fluid.
  • As society advances, cryptocurrency is becoming more and more integrated with daily life. Rarely as a trader, do you have such unique access to a newly developing market, and backed by the security and transparency with which the crypto market is.

Cryptocurrencies explained


  • As with all forms of trading, there is an ever present risk of losing money. This can be heightened by the speed with which the crypto market can change when compared with standard forex or stock trading.
  • Knowing where to trade cryptocurrencies is vital. Every broker will have their own terms and thus it is important to perform adequate due diligence before choosing your broker, especially since regulatory oversight within the industry is at a very early stage.


It is evident that there are many cryptocurrency options for traders who are both new and experienced in the sector. These offerings have great potential if traders can overcome the initial fears of participating in such a new, though revolutionary area. If this barrier can be overcome and a positive partnership with a top cryptocurrency trading platform developed, then potential abounds for investors in cryptocurrency.

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Hands On with the Moto g7 Series

Moto’s new g-series phones bring up-to-date features, upgraded specs, and clean Google software to three models ranging from $200 to $300. This year’s series moves to a notched-screen design, steps up to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor, and supports USB-C across the board. They will all launch with Android 9 (Pie). All three will eventually come to US carriers, most by this spring.

  • Moto g7 play: The most affordable at $199, it has a 5.7″ HD display, 3,000 mAh battery, fast charging, fingerprint reader, 13 megapixel camera, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, memory card slot, 3.5mm headset jack, and FM radio. It will be available from Boost, Virgin, US Cellular, Ting, and Republic, as well as unlocked from most major retailers.
  • Moto g7 power: The main feature is its huge 5,000 mAh battery, which Motorola claims will last for three days. It builds on the specs of the g7 play, stepping up to a larger 6.2″ display, 3 GB of RAM, and a higher-quality 12-megapixel camera. It will be available for $249 from Verizon, T-Mobile, Metro, Cricket, Xfinity Mobile, Republic, Ting, and Consumer Cellular, as well as unlocked from most major retailers.
  • Moto g7: Higher-end but with a normal-size (3,000 mAh) battery, this flagship of the g series has a curved glass back, full-HD 6.2″ display with a smaller notch, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, 4K video capture, and dual cameras for portrait effects. It also has a more advanced camera app, with new features like automatic group smile capture, hi-res digital zoom using multiple frames, hyperlapse video, and RAW output. The camera also integrates with YouTube Live and Google Lens. It will be available unlocked from most major retailers for $299 this spring, followed by launches with Google Fi, Republic Wireless, and Ting.

Read on for our first impressions, including photos and a video.

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Brexit. The gift that keeps on giving. Goodbye EU roaming. We hardly even knew you.

Brexit. The gift that keeps on giving. Goodbye EU roaming. We hardly even knew you.
Brexit is an unmitigated clusterfuck. I’ve never, in my life, seen something handled so badly. The referendum was full of lies and illegal spending. Money came from off-shore and, with media organisations living in a world where clicks matter and truth does not, people were sucked in by Brexit characters who’d generate the biggest headlines.

Tusk was right. The people who sold you unicorns and magic pixie dust can’t deliver any of it. It’s just not possible. Instead you’re going to get a donkey with a toilet roll strapped to his face and a big bag of shite.

Big social media sites ran ads that weren’t checked, professionally-created viral videos were shared on Twitter and bounced across Facebook and elsewhere. Brexit and Remain leaders made promises that didn’t stack up and now, two years later, we’re all slowly realising that nothing makes sense any more.

Brexit. The gift that keeps on giving. Goodbye EU roaming. We hardly even knew you.

Those blue passports. We could have had them all along. Immigration? We could have controlled that all along, but our government didn’t do the checks and they were quite happy – along with the press – to have you believe that it was the “big bad EU” that was pushing us around. They still do now.

We’re now staring at the train as it thunders down the tracks.

If we jump to the left, we end up signing a botched deal which effectively keeps us as part of the EU but without any of the power we have now. We won’t have a seat at the table. We won’t have any say. We won’t have any MEPs.

If we jump to the right, we end up crashing out on WTO rules, with all those beneficial trade deals to EU and non-EU countries (which we enjoy by being part of the EU) going straight in the bin. We face years, with a fragmented government and no opposition, trying to build trade deals so that we can get fruit and vegetables.

We’re stock-piling food, we’re stock-piling medicine, we’re paying millions for ferries and millions more in sweetheart deals to try and stop companies from leaving our country. Dyson are going, Nissan, Sony, Airbus, Panasonic and Jaguar Land Rover could be the start of the next evacuation.

Brexit. The gift that keeps on giving. Goodbye EU roaming. We hardly even knew you.

But, worst of all, our politicians are openly fighting. My local MP, Michael Fabricant, and other Brexit MPs, are posting on Twitter about how “strong” we’ll be without the EU and how our “Dunkirk spirit” will kick in. Meanwhile, I’m in Paris, I’ve just hopped off the Eurostar, talking to a French man and generally wondering where the hell it all went wrong.

I’m sorry. This is not World War II. This is not about the deaths of around 80 million people. This is a political and economic union – not a war.

Somewhere along the way though, in-fighting, lies and insults created a toxic environment where common sense went out the window.

Brexit. The gift that keeps on giving. Goodbye EU roaming. We hardly even knew you.

Oh, and hey, if we do end up in a no-deal, then – apart from the massive and inevitable panic at every petrol station, supermarket and corner shop (imagine Christmas Eve at Tesco and multiply that by a million) – you’ll see an immediate return of mobile roaming charges too.

Yes, it’s just another benefit that will be going in the bin. The Huffington Post have revealed that, as part of government regulations scheduled on Tuesday, the UK will revoke all current EU roaming legislations on March 29th at 11PM. It would appear that consumer groups tried hard to maintain the agreement, which has benefited business travellers and holidaymakers alike, but our government – “taking back control” – decided it would be better to drop the current roaming arrangements.

That said, and outside of the EU, UK networks and our government will have no way of imposing a limit of the charges levied by EU operators, so it becomes hard to protect customers.

I’m sorry, I can’t sit on the fence – what are the benefits of leaving the EU? Someone tell me, because right now this has exploded into such a badly-handled mess.

If nothing else, this whole experience has revealed the differing and sometimes impossible ideas surrounding Brexit. It’s revealed how powerful social media and foreign money can be. It’s shown to me how a complete lack of editorial control, a drop in standards and a constant drive to earn as much advertising revenue as possible has driven this piercing divide in our country. Traditional newspapers – faced with a massive drop in circulation – are chasing smaller revenues online, trying anything to attract a big enough readership to get the ad clicks.

Free news is now biased, badly researched and rarely checked – sometimes it’s fake. It’s lifted from Twitter or Instagram and cranked out easily.

More traditional and trustworthy news source face a struggle to reach the masses – they sit behind paywalls, facing greater threats to their existence with high costs and less people reading.

Democracy, as we know it, will never be the same. People only believe what their favourite website, Twitter account, Facebook friend or Facebook group says.

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New Emoji for 2019 Address Accessibility

Unicode 12, the annual release for 2019, includes a wide variety of new standard emoji. Many focus on accessibility, including wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, person in wheelchair, probing cane, person with probing cane, deaf person, guide dog, service dog, ear with hearing aid, and mechanical limbs. Other new emoji include yawning face, pinching hand, ice cube, yo-yo, axe, drop of blood, adhesive bandage, stethoscope, ringed planet, chair, straight razor, safety vest, parachute, diving mask, kite, hindu temple, sari, and ballet shoes. New animals include skunk, otter, sloth, flamingo, and orangutan. New food emoji include butter, onion, garlic, waffle, falafel, oyster, and juice box. Emoji of people holding hands has also been expanded with greater diversity. Annual emoji releases typically reach phones when major new OSes are released in early fall.

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New Google Apps Help Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Communicate

Google has two new apps rolling out designed to help the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing use their smartphones to understand people speaking aloud around them. Live Transcribe is an app that listens, converts speech to text, and simply displays a live transcript on the screen of what’s being said aloud nearby. Haptic feedback lets the user know when someone has started speaking. An icon provides a visual indicator of volume and background noise. The app uses the Google Cloud Speech API, and thus requires a decent data connection. It works in 70 different languages. It can use the phone’s microphone, or an external mic. Sound Amplifier is the other app; it filters background noise and boosts quieter sounds, making it easier for the hard-of-hearing to hear what’s important around them. It’s designed for use with wired headphones. The filtering effects can be fine-tuned for each ear. Live Transcribe is available in a limited beta, while Sound Amplifier is available to everyone today in the Play Store. Both apps will pre-installed on Pixel 3 phones going forward.

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1TB Storage chips produced by Samsung

1TB Storage chips produced by Samsung

Samsung have announced that they’ll be offering the world’s first 1TB eUFS (embedded Universal Flash Storage) solution for phone manufacturers, with mass production already underway. This means that phones will soon be able to have one terabyte of storage with a single flash memory chip. That means no more memory card corruption when moved from device to device. It also means that embedded storage can be accessed a lot faster by the operating system.

Samsung memory marketing VP, Cheol Choi, stated…

The 1TB eUFS is expected to play a critical role in bringing a more notebook-like user experience to the next generation of mobile devices. It’s the same package size as Samsung’s previous 512GB unit and has read speeds of up to 1,000 megabytes a second; that’s 10 times the speed of a typical microSD card, according to Samsung.

I wonder if Samsung will bring a 1TB phone in the upcoming Galaxy S10 lineup, forums are floating there will be a high-end model with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

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Networks refuse to rule out the return of high roaming fees after Brexit

Networks refuse to rule out the return of high roaming fees after Brexit

Back in 2017, mobile phone firms here in the UK were banned from charging customers extra fees to use their UK allowance of minutes, texts or (most) data when in the European Union. It’s so freeing. To pop out of the Eurostar in France, to get off the ferry, to land in Spain – no additional charges. Just like home. No more worries.

Now however, once we leave the EU, this will no longer be the case.  According to, only two out of  the twelve major UK mobile providers have committed to keeping roaming in the European Union free after Brexit. This means that we’ll be going back in time, with high prices keeping us hunting for WiFi and worrying about coming home to massive bills.

This, of course, all depends if the UK Government agrees a deal with the EU before Brexit. God only knows if this will happen. If so, the current mobile roaming rules are expected to continue until the end of 2020 at least. But a no-deal crash-out could see roaming charges returning immediately, and it would be down to each provider to make the final decision.

Three and Smarty (owned by Three) have ruled out the return of roaming charges. The others, representing at least 85% of UK mobile customers, can’t rule out the return of roaming charges.

Networks refuse to rule out the return of high roaming fees after Brexit

There are lot of ” No plans to introduce charges yet” responses but if your travelling abroad post Brexit its best to check with your mobile provider before you go.


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Unlimited data on the 4G Home Router from Three

Unlimited data on the 4G Home Router from Three
Remember the £20 per month deal on Three that we mentioned just recently? Well, if you’re in an area that struggles to get traditional fixed-line broadband, you might want to check out the Three 4G home router.

Right now, this deal is on and, I have to say, it’s really very good. Mike Phillips has given us the nudge on this one, and it’s just £22 per month over a two-year deal. For that you get the B311 Wireless Router and unlimited data – so no need to worry about your data allowance.

Unlimited data on the 4G Home Router from Three

Head to this Three page for more information.

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