Apple Patches 911 Bug Via iOS 10.3

Apple this week distributed iOS 10.3 and with it a plug for a serious vulnerability that impacted 911 call centers. Last fall, an Arizona man created code that forced iPhones to call 911 over and over. The code, which appeared as a link, spread via Twitter and it was later shared as a prank. The results led to thousands of unintentional calls to 911 centers is some 12 states around the country. Some of those call centers were overwhelmed. The exploit only impacted iPhones and did not cause problems for Android devices. The person who wrote the code was arrested and charged with computer tampering. Apple said iOS 10.3 prevents the accidental 911 calls from connecting by requiring a second confirmation press before dialing calls initiated via links. Apple is working with developers that include phone-making functionalities within their own apps to ensure the fix is universal.

Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

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