DoJ Takes Action to Shut Down Robocall Companies

The US Department of Justice is seeking temporary restraining orders against five US companies responsible for connecting hundreds of millions of scam robocalls originating from India. The US companies provide VoIP services that allow overseas scammers to cheaply place millions of automated calls each hour, with spoofed caller-ID info. One of the companies carried 720 million calls during a sample 23-day period. “The calls facilitated by the defendants falsely threatened victims with a variety of catastrophic government actions, including termination of social security benefits, imminent arrest for alleged tax fraud and deportation for supposed failure to fill out immigration forms correctly.” The owners allegedly ignored repeated warnings that they were carrying large volumes of calls that were fraudulent, including government- and business-imposter calls. The five companies are owned by just three people. The DoJ is pursuing legal action against the companies and their owners.

Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

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