Cricket Offers $40/Month Unlimited Plan with Faster 4G for BYOD Switchers

Cricket is offering a special unlimited plan with faster data and a cheaper price, just for new lines of service added during this holiday season. The plan is $40/month, $15/month cheaper than the standard unlimited plan. The offer is only for new customers (or new lines on a family account) that bring their own compatible unlocked device between now and January 30th. Unusually for Cricket, the plan has no hard limit on data speed. (The company’s standard unlimited plan tops out at 3 Gbps, and the fixed bucket plans are capped at 8 Gbps.) However, as with the standard unlimited plan, video is limited to SD quality and “Cricket may slow data speeds when the network is congested.” There is no upper limit on data usage at which speeds are reduced. The offer is not available customers switching from AT&T, Cricket’s parent company.

Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

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