US Cellular Tweaks Unlimited Plans

US Cellular launched new unlimited plans today. The plans are, on average, $10/month cheaper, but shift several features that were previously included in the basic plan into the $10/month Unlimited Plus add-on plan. The $10/month add-on previously gave customers access to HD video. Now it will also include three features no longer included in the basic plan: mobile hotspot (now limited to 15 GB), full LTE speeds at times of network congestion, and a $10/month credit when customers use less than 3GB of data in a month. Both old and new plans were progressively cheaper with each additional line on a family plan. The old plans started at $65/month for one line, down to $40/line/month for four or more lines. The new plans start at $55/month for one line, down to $30/line/month for four or more lines, making them a better value for customers who don’t need mobile hotspot, HD video, or the credit for using less than 3GB of data. US Cellular previously capped streaming media at 3 mbps on its basic plans, but now describes the limitation as 480p video. Unlimited Plus previously removed the streaming cap, but now grants access to HD video at 720p. The plans are available starting today.

Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

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