The Vodafone Connected motorhome

The Vodafone Connected motorhome

Over the years we’ve had a couple of mobile HQ’s. In Barcelona we’ve reported from a boat and also from this rather epic camper.

Now Vodafone are getting in on the act, adding lots of the their clever connected technology into a motorhome. Vodafone employee Dirk Ellenbeck created his own connected vehicle, which Voda are calling the “Connected Caravan” to demonstrate how technology can improve your camping experience.

The Vodafone Connected motorhome

It involves kit from the V by Vodafone range, with gadgets for keeping an eye on the dog or remotely checking your home with the V-Home automation setup. The vehicle itself can also be tracked and monitored with the V-Auto system which we reviewed last year.

This particular motorhome also features other smartphone-controlled systems, including remote door locking, a levelling system (using an automated lift system) and, for caravans with solar panels, an energy monitoring system with a power invertor. Clever eh?

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