Google Strings Together More Ways to Help with Travel Search

Google says it has updated how it handles search for travelers in a way that should make it easier to piece together trips over time. When searchers first look for certain travel destinations, Google will begin to show things to do and related travel articles. Once people book their flights or hotel, this information will be incorporated into future searches so Google can surface personalized recommendations, such as restaurants near the hotel or the predicted weather during the trip dates. Beginning in October, the Google Trips app will introduce new tools for managing existing trips by revealing one-touch flight and hotel prices, popular tourist sites, and so on. Google says people can turn off personalized recommendations if they wish. Google is also updating Google Flights with the goal of providing more visibility. For example, it can warn travelers when prices are abnormally high or low for any given destination, particularly around holidays. Last, Google will begin to give hotels “location scores” based on the neighborhood and nearby attractions. When used together, Google hopes the changed Search, Trips, and Flights tools will make the process of searching for and booking travel smoother.

Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

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