Spotify Boosts Device Download Limit to 10,000 Songs

Spotify has increased the number of songs subscribers can download and store on mobile devices for offline listening. The company used to enforce a 3,333 song limit, which could be downloaded to just three devices. This allowed for a total number of downloads of 9,999 across the three phones, tablets, or PCs. Spotify recently tripled the number of songs per device and upped the number of devices. Now, subscribers can download up to 10,000 songs each on up to five devices. This means customers can download a total of 50,000 songs spread across the five devices if they wish. The improved limits are built into the latest release of the Spotify app. Basic, ad-supported Spotify service is free, but this does not allow for downloads. In order to download music for offline listening, consumers need to subscribe to Spotify’s Premium service, which costs $10 per month.

Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

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