Qualcomm Intros aptX Adaptive for High-End Wireless Audio

Qualcomm today announced aptX Adaptive, a more flexible version of its audio codec. The refreshed codec targets premium devices with improved audio quality, lowered latency, and low-bit rate transmission. What makes it unique is that the codec was engineered to adjust on the fly in order to provide better quality or adjusted latency. It will help headphones, speakers, phones, and other devices automatically tweak settings based on the content being played and the outer RF environment to ensure a strong connection. Qualcomm says aptX Adaptive will first appear in headsets, headphones, and speakers via the CSRA68100 and QC5100 Bluetooth Audio SoCs beginning in September. Qualcomm is preparing a version of aptX Adaptive for Android-based phones and tablets for a December release.

Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

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