FileCloud Brings Browser-Based Document Editing On-Premise

AUSTIN, TEXAS, January 31, 2016 — CodeLathe announced today the immediate availability of FileCloud 14.0, the IT Industry’s fastest growing Enterprise File Sharing and Sync platform. This new version offers seamless document editing capabilities, powerful file analytics and admin reports to enhance collaboration, productivity and enterprise data security.

Among the most significant new features of FileCloud 14 are:

?EU? Document editing in browser – Office Online Server and LibreOffice Online Integration
?EU? Drive application for macOS
?EU? File Analytics, Business Intelligence and Admin Reports

?EU?Browser based document editing is one of the most requested features by our customers and FileCloud 14 fulfills that longstanding need. FileCloud is the industry’s first Enterprise File Sharing and Sync solution to bring browser based document editing to on-premise file servers. For customers who are looking for an open source approach, we also offer integration with Collabora’s LibreOffice Online Suite?EU? said Amar Kanagaraj, CMO of CodeLathe.

Document editing in browser — Office Online Server and LibreOffice Online Integration

FileCloud 14 integrates with Microsoft Office Online Server and Collabora’s LibreOffice to bring seamless browser based document editing capabilities. Users can select any file stored in FileCloud, open it on Office Online Server or LibreOffice Online, edit it and then save it back to FileCloud without ever leaving the browser. This industry leading integration supports Microsoft Office document types (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) and Open Office document types (*.odt, *.odp and *.ods). This powerful functionality is a boon for organizations that have a lot of files stored on their private file servers behind a firewall. Working with remote Office files has never been simpler. More details on FileCloud and Office Online can be found at the company’s website.

Drive Application for macOS

FileCloud 14 brings a new unique Drive application for macOS that addresses many enterprise use cases. FileCloud Drive is an ideal client…
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