Instagram to Let People Highlight and Archive their Stories

Instagram today introduced several new tools that will allow users to hold onto their fleeting stories more permanently. First, Stories Highlights let people create a featured story that can be pinned to their profile. It can be used to create a mini autobiography of sorts that plays when others view your profile. The idea is to let people share a highlight reel of their favorite memories and keep it at or near the top of their account. The second tool will automatically save users’ stories to their archives. Until today, stories expired completely after 24 hours and were not kept or saved at all. Moving forward, all stories will be saved once they expire from the user’s profile. Only the user will be able to view their archived stories. Instagram says archived stories can be used together with the new Stories Highlights to compile content on the user’s profile if they wish. These new features are rolling out to the latest version of Instagram for Android and iOS devices. It will become available over the next few days.

Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

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