Google Tweaks Search with Fresh Discovery Tools

Google today announced several changes to its core search product that are meant to help people discover fresh content as they perform searches. For example, Featured Snippets are content highlighted by Google to provide “quick, relevant answers” to search queries. Further, Featured Snippets will include more images related to the search query to help with discovery and provide context. Google says the Knowledge Panels in Search have been updated, too, to point users to secondary searches related to their initial query. For example, Google says people who search for information about skiing may also see results for snowboarding and other related activities. Last, Google will more prominently display search suggestions for related topics that are in the same vein as the initial search. Users can tap one of the suggestions to instantly search for that related topic without leaving the initial result screen. These changes have all been added to the latest version of the main Google mobile search application.

Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

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