Fortanix Extends Lead with First-Ever Runtime Encryption Plugin

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Nov. 14, 2017 — Fortanix® Inc., the leader in Runtime Encryption, today announced that its Self-Defending Key Management Service™ (SDKMS) extends runtime encryption protection beyond cryptographic keys and private data with the industry’s first Runtime Encryption Plugin™ to secure sensitive application code.

The new Fortanix Plugin allows customers to run sensitive business logic inside a trusted environment. The Plugin is developed in standard programming languages and is deployed in minutes without needing additional licenses, complex toolkits, or professional services. Customers or developers can customize the application code and processing of keys for their business requirements using scripting or high-level languages, and execute that business logic in the secure and trusted environment that Fortanix provides.

“Fortanix is pioneering this new industry category of Runtime Encryption that is a class of security solutions delivering deterministic security to customers by keeping data encrypted during use,” said Ambuj Kumar, Fortanix CEO and co-founder. “Fortanix is now extending this same level of protection to sensitive application code where organizations need to implement custom business logic. Customers develop and deploy the Fortanix Plugin without complex toolkits or professional services.”

Leveraging Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX), Fortanix’s SDKMS is the world’s first cloud solution delivering Runtime Encryption technology to protect applications and data during use. Runtime Encryption allows general-purpose computation on encrypted data without exposing sensitive data to untrusted operating systems, root users, cloud providers, or malicious insiders. Fortanix delivers complete and deterministic privacy, as data remains encrypted and completely protected from cloud providers, system administrators, insiders, government subpoena, and network hackers.

“Intel applauds Fortanix’s commitment to delivering Runtime Encryption,” said Rick Echevarria, Vice President, Software and Services Group, and General Manager, Platforms Security Division at Intel. “We are pleased to see Fortanix utilize Intel® SGX technology,…
Source: Mobile Tech Today

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