Nintendo Switch: Is New Console for Everyone?

The Nintendo Switch is the weirdest games console to hit the market since, well, the last games console Nintendo released.

When docked to the TV, the slim black device could be mistaken for one of the company?EU?s previous consoles. The ?EU?Joy-Con?EU? controllers give away that something?EU?s up, though: even in their most traditional configuration, clicked in to a mounting device to be used as a classic dual-analogue-stick handset, they?EU?re still fairly oddly shaped.

But it?EU?s when you unclip the Joy-Cons with a smooth, satisfying click, and undock the Switch from its hub next to your TV, that the full rationale for the thing becomes clear. The controllers clip into the side of the 6in touchscreen, the game seamlessly continues working, and the whole system becomes portable.

To a certain extent, it?EU?s an evolution of the design that lay at the heart of the Wii U, Nintendo?EU?s disastrous attempt to follow up the breakout hit it had with the motion-controlled Wii. The Wii U was oriented around the GamePad, a bulky wireless controller with a touchscreen in the centre, that could be used as a second screen for some games, or as the main screen for games played while the TV itself was turned off.

The idea may have been sound, but it failed to catch consumers?EU? imagination, with abysmal sales forcing the company to turn to the success of its 3DS mobile console for financial salvation. Despite that, there are obvious similarities between the Wii U and the Switch. The newer device, when undocked and used in its portable mode, looks like a sleek upgrade to the 2012 console?EU?s controller — except the entire machine is contained in its slim form.

So is the Switch an evolution of the Wii U or an attempt to go down a different path entirely? Shinya Takahashi, director and…
Source: Mobile Tech Today

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