Get Ready: Microsoft's Surface Book 2 Is Coming

After being two years’ worth of patient with Microsoft, we’ve finally happened upon the Surface Book 2, a machine that’s ostensibly more focused on iterating on its predecessor than breaking new ground in an ever-flourishing market of 2-in-1 laptops.

In spite of some presumably biased hearsay, Microsoft’s Surface devices are doing well for themselves. Sure, there’s a bump in the road here and there, but ultimately the company has the numbers to prove that its hardware is here to stick around for longer than the 2019 expiration date previously suggested by analysts.

Here we have a laptop — one that doubles as a tablet, mind you — that ignores many of the trends we’re seeing in the Ultrabook space in favor of a garish hinge that uplifts its unwieldy screen. That was the premise of the Surface Book after all, flexibility over mobility, and it continues to set the stage for the Surface Book 2.

Whether that’s a successful strategy compared to Apple’s push for thinner and lighter notebooks, often at the cost of keyboard quality and power, remains to be seen. What we do know for certain about the Surface Book 2 are its release date, price and features, as well as the news surrounding it, which we’ll describe in great detail below.

Cut to the Chase

— What is Surface Book 2? The sequel to Microsoft’s first laptop

— When is Surface Book 2 out? November 16

— What will it cost? Starts at $1,499

Surface Book 2 Release Date

Nearly two months after we thought we saw the Surface Book 2 in an Intel sizzle reel, Microsoft confirmed to TechRadar that its second full-on convertible laptop would touch down on November 16 in the United States in addition to ten other markets simultaneously.

It’s on this date that we’ll see not only…
Source: Mobile Tech Today

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