Higher Logic Acquires Kavi To Deliver Premier Collaboration Tool

Higher Logic, the leader in cloud-based community platforms, announced it has acquired Kavi, the premier online collaboration platform for organizations and consortiums developing industry standards and specifications. Higher Logic will incorporate Kavi Workspace®, Kavi?EU?s long-term project tool, into its community platform. Kavi is currently used by organizations around the world in industries such as mobile technology, software, embedded systems, non-profits, film & technology, publishing, and financial services.

Workspace is an efficient and intuitive system for any group, no matter where team members are located, to work together on large, long-term projects, such as developing industry standards and specifications, or building out highly complex processes and workflows. The addition of Workspace will enable Higher Logic users to combine powerful project collaboration, structured document management, and governance with Higher Logic?EU?s dynamic discussion capabilities. Kavi?EU?s advanced collaboration features, such as revisions, voting and ballots, and library resources, fit seamlessly into the community ecosystem.

?EU?Higher Logic is committed to raising the bar on community excellence, fostering intimacy, trust, and engagement that extends beyond the walls of a single organization,?EU? said Higher Logic CEO Rob Wenger. ?EU?We?EU?re excited to incorporate Workspace into our platform. It is a well-respected tool that hundreds of our corporate and association clients can immediately use to further their initiatives around industry standards and specifications, or to create a stronger community environment around a product or service.?EU?

?EU?As a collaboration tool, Workspace has excelled at bridging the gaps for organizational processes and helping people share and organize complex work,?EU? said Kavi CEO Dave Coryell. ?EU?We look forward to bringing Kavi into the Higher Logic family of products and delivering a more complete community and collaboration platform to the market.?EU?

Higher Logic also recently acquired Socious, a community software company focused on serving the non-profit and B2B enterprise markets. Both acquisitions accelerate Higher Logic?EU?s continued drive…
Source: Mobile Tech Today

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