Essential Phone to Ship In About 30 Days with Stock Android

The Essential Products PH-1 smartphone will be shipped to those who reserve it online in about 30 days, according to Andy Rubin, Essential Products’ CEO. Speaking at the Code Conference, Rubin said the brand new phone will reach consumers as soon as the end of June, though he didn’t commit to a specific date. The PH-1 has a unique, magnet-based system for accepting modular attachments, such as a 360-degree camera, on the back panel. The phone includes a 5.7-inch quad HD screen with curved corners, Snapdragon 835 processor, and dual rear cameras. Rubin also noted the device will run a near-stock version of Android 7 Nougat when it ships. Rubin feels strongly about not putting extraneous and unwanted applications on users’ phones, so it will be free of bloatware. Though Essential Products is selling the phone unlocked via the web, Rubin indicated the company is working with U.S. carriers and it hopes to sell the phone in carrier stores “soon.” The unlocked handset will be able to a connect to U.S. carriers’ networks, though advanced carrier-specific functions (such as HD Voice) may not be available. The PH-1 costs $699 and can be reserved online.

Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

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