Why online dating can be dangerous

I’ve not really been involved in dating for over two decades now, but in that time the whole process has changed massively.

Back in my day, you’d meet women in pubs and nightclubs. You’d never see them in advance or get a look at their pictures. That would’ve been just weird at the time.

Why online dating can be dangerous

Gone are the days of meeting, chatting, buying a drink and going for dates. Now it’s seemingly all done via dating apps and websites. It’s a sign of just how far we’ve come as – a number of years ago – online dating was considered to be slightly unusual and unsuccessful. Now it’s the normal way to meet potential matches.

A recent survey showed that, of all the Internet users in the U.S., about half of them have either used the Internet to meet someone new or they know someone who has. That’s a lot of people. So, it’s safe to say that there will definitely be some scammers or “players” out there lurking around seeking to wreak some kind of havoc in your life.

Protecting yourself can range from doing simple checks, but also you can even consider background check online services. It’s all about protecting yourself.

Why online dating can be dangerous

Why would someone try to scam you?

Money. That’s the long and short of it. After all, isn’t that what most things come down to? Scammers will use online dating sites to set up fake profiles that will pull people in. Then, they work to build trust and establish a connection. Eventually, they will start asking for money in nonchalant ways that seem to fit into the relationship.

What to look for

Are there signs? Absolutely yes, but you need to ensure that you keep a look our for them and don’t get pulled down into the rabbit hole, where you drop your natural defences. Check for the following…

Why online dating can be dangerous

  • Moving fast – Often, the scammer will want to get you off of the dating website as fast as possible. They will ask you for other means of contacting you instead. These methods will usually be harder to trace and police, hiding the evidence and giving you no comeback if things go wrong.
  • Are they from abroad? – They may initially state that they live local, but that they only abroad temporarily. They may say they’re in the army or navy but .. be aware.. this could be a red flag. It’ll start you on a possible road towards funding their trips to your home.
  • Professes love quickly – Sometimes they’ll fall in love very quickly with you. They know they have to gain your trust and build a relationship with you fast, so they will often say that they love you very quickly. They tend to lay it on thick, if you will. We’re not saying it’s always too good to be true, just make sure you’re diligent about making sure your connection with someone is what they say it is.
  • Broken plans – If every time you and your match try to meet up there is some excuse, then you need to start digging into this person’s details to see what you’re really dealing with. Many times, these scammers will come up with some pretty elaborate scenarios for reasons why they can’t come to see you. They’re trying to get your sympathy so that you might want to help them. Don’t be fooled, be aware. Often they’re double-booked as they’re running the same scam with many others.

Why online dating can be dangerous

What to do if you suspect a dating scam

If you start thinking that you’ve run into an online dating scammer, you need to consider a couple of things. First off, DO NOT send money. You’ve probably not met in person and you should be wary of the request, even if it sounds authentic.

One thing you can do if you are unsure about someone is run a background check on them. There are a number of background check online services that will give you information about any criminal history there is, educational history, and even financial records. This is a good idea to try to make sure that you’re dealing with someone who is not going to try to victimize you in any way.

Finally, if you find that you are being scammed, you should report it to the police. In the USA you can also report it to the FTC. It will ensure that others won’t have to endure the same thing.


To sum up

Online dating is pretty amazing. It’s a great way for people to meet others that they probably would have never had the opportunity to meet. There’s nothing wrong with using online dating websites to try to find a romantic partner. Just do so with awareness to protect yourself from dishonest online dating scammers so that you can have a positive experience instead of a harmful one.

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Redesign Coming to Facebook, Instagram Apps

Facebook is starting to role out major redesigns of all of its major apps, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. In the core Facebook app, the company is refreshing the design and refocusing the whole service to emphasize private groups over public posts. Different types of groups will now have new tailored features, such as job postings for job groups, and anonymous questions for health groups. In the Dating area, users can now designate “secret crushes” among extended friend circles, where Facebook will match people who crush on each other. The Messenger app is being re-engineered to be faster and “lighter”. It will also introduce a new feature where friends can watch a video together and chat about it, and a feature that collects Stories from Close Friends in one place. In Instagram, a new camera interface includes a Create Mode for generating visual content from scratch, without a photo or video. Instagram is also adding a new fundraising tool, with 100% of funds going a nonprofit of choice. Instagram is also starting a phased rollout of in-app shopping for products promoted by creators. WhatsApp will soon gain a catalog feature where customers interacting with a business account can view a product catalog from that business.

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Garmin Trots out Five New GPS Watches for Runners

Garmin has five new Forerunner watches with GPS and heart rate monitoring designed for runners. All of the watches have always-on, sunlight-readable displays, all-day activity tracking, water resistance, and a five-button design that works well with gloves. They have interactive running coach programs to train for 5K, 10K, and half-marathon races.

  • Forerunner 45(S): The cheapest of the new series at $199, this fitness watch includes sleep tracking and multi-activity tracking. It comes in two sizes; the 45 has a 42mm case, while the 45S has a 39mm case. The Forerunner 45 series features up to 7 days of battery life, or up to 13 hours in GPS mode. Available in May. The smaller size comes in purple and white; the larger size comes in black and red.
  • Forerunner 245 (Music): The 245 adds a Pulse Ox sensor, VO2 max tool, and the ability to connect to extra sensors, like a heart rate strap or Garmin’s Running Dynamics Pod. The 245 Music also adds storage for 500 songs, which can be MP3s or synced playlists from music streaming services like Spotify and Deezer. The Forerunner 245 series feature up to 7 days of battery life, up to 24 hours in GPS mode, and up to 6 hours using GPS + music. Available now. The non-music version comes in charcoal or burgundy for $300. The Music edition comes in white, black, or teal for $350.
  • Forerunner 945: This advanced model for serious athletes includes triathlon features, storage for 1000 songs (including support for Spotify and Deezer), onboard maps, and Garmin Pay contactless payments. It includes additional activity profiles, including skiing, hiking, and golfing. The Forerunner 945 features up to 2 weeks of battery life, up to 36 hours in GPS mode, and up to 10 hours using GPS + music. It’s available now in black for $600. A triathlon bundle for $750 includes extra sensor accessories, a blue band, and a quick-release kit.

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Xiaomi Mi9 now available to buy on Vodafone.

Xiaomi Mi9 now available to buy on Vodafone.
We took an up-close look at the Xiaomi Mi9 in February but now you can buy the thing. It’s available right here on Vodafone UK with prices starting at £49 per month with a £9 upfront cost. That’ll get you unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 25GB of data.

This being Voda, you can get a choice of Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass if you buy it on the Red Entertainment plan. You’ll also get roaming in 77 destinations worldwide at no extra cost.

The Xiaomi Mi9 has a 20 megapixel front camera, a 6.39″ AMOLED (2340 x 1080) full screen display and a 20W wireless quick charger – that’s a world first. Running MIUI 10.2 (Android Pie), it’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU and Voda are selling the 6GB RAM version with 128GB of storage.

The rear camera setup is three cameras – a 48 megapixel sensor (f/1.75), a 12 megapixel telephoto lens and a 16 megapixel 117° ultra wide-angle one. There’s LED flash support and laser autofocus.

It has a 3330 mAh battery (with that Quick Charge), Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, GPS and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Get more details on our earlier story or head to Vodafone UK.

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Watch the Formula 1 of sailing on your iPhone

Watch the Formula 1 of sailing on your iPhone
If you’re into your sailing then you’ll be wanting to get SailGP. It’s an iPhone / iOS app which let’s fans watch the races live across the world. Just choose what you’d like to watch and which boat to follow, then you can tap into the live data and video, track performance, compare athletes, change viewing angles, zoom in and watch replays.

The app also has a “split screen” feature so you compare two teams side by side.

Warren Jones, SailGP’s Director of Technology, tells us..

We’re immensely proud of our mobile application. We think there’s no other sport that gives as much data as we’re collecting to the public in a live environment. We want to get as many people as possible to use the application.

At the moment it’s iPhone / iPad only, but the Android version will be live tomorrow, May 1st.

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InvisibleShield Liquid Defence – On test

InvisibleShield Liquid Defence   On test

After we covered the liquid foundation for your phone just recently, we got some to test. Oh, and before I start, I’ll mention the usual US / UK spelling differences between Defence and Defense are in play throughout this article. Defence is how I’ve learned to spell it here in the UK, so that’s what you’re getting. 🙂 Oh, and let’s not get into the whole microfiber / microfibre business…

What is it? Well, it’s not a screen cover – not the sort you usually see. Instead, this is clever liquid which uses nanotechnology to fill in the microscopic valleys of your mobile device screen. It’ll make your screen stronger and more durable, preventing scratches and abrasions 40% better than an untreated screen.

InvisibleShield Liquid Defence   On test

However, and here’s a bit of a secret for you if you want to buy it from their website or from Carphone Warehouse, it’ll cost around £19.99. That might seem like a lot, but you can do lots of devices with this – possibly the phones for your entire family.

In testing, I used the product on an iPhone, two Android phones and two laptops – it may have done more.

So, stage one is to read the instructions above. Yes folks, I actually read the instructions. It’s a new thing I’m trying at the moment.

InvisibleShield Liquid Defence   On test

As this is a liquid, there’s no need to worry about the size or type of your phone. It’s not tricky to apply and – after waiting about 30 minutes to dry – you can use your phone again without problems.

InvisibleShield Liquid Defence   On test

    Step 1 – First you need to clean your phone screen (or laptop / tablet screen), and that’s done by opening the first sachet to get the wipe out. It’s a small thing – like you’d get on a flight after a meal. It gets your phone quite wet but starts drying almost immediately and you start seeing pockets of dryness across the screen.
InvisibleShield Liquid Defence   On test

You can see here how its drying off. You can also see how bad our table looks. I perhaps need to start reviewing tables, because ours is busted…

    Step 2 – Now you remove the included microfibre cloth to buff the screen clean and dry it off.

InvisibleShield Liquid Defence   On test

    Step 3 – This is where the nano-magic happens. You open the next sachet to pull out the coating cloth. This feels quite strange in the hand – almost like fibre-glass insulation but wet and slippery. You can tell that there’s microscopic bits of glass in there. You apply it in a circular motion and it’ll leave a small dry pattern on the screen. This will differ depending on your device but you can buff this out again with the microfibre cloth – however, you have to wait !

InvisibleShield Liquid Defence   On test

    Step 4 – Wait! Well, it’s not long and I took a call during the drying process so it’s not a major problem to use it during this time. Just 30 minutes and then you can use that microfibre cloth to properly clean your screen. Once you’re done, that’s it!

InvisibleShield Liquid Defence   On test

As mentioned, the whole application process is easy and pain-free. I can’t vouch for how successful it all is as I’ve only just applied the stuff, but it certainly was quick to do.

ZAGG International, who make this stuff, tell me…

Liquid Defence fills the pores on your device screen and makes a coating so thin, it’s invisible to the human eye. Although thin, Liquid Defence powerfully reinforces points of weakness commonly found on glass screens, making them extremely resistant to scratches and common abrasions.

If you’ve tried this, do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Podcast 246 – Who the hell parks like that?

Podcast 246   Who the hell parks like that?

I recorded this yesterday. Just yesterday. It’s our funtastical podcast – the one that walks that dangerous line between serious tech talk and how I once parked my Lexus underneath a Land Rover (no, really).

So week I’ve got you a slice of the following…

    • A properly professional introduction, definitely not ruined in any way.
    • In-car voice control systems. Just how bad are they?
    • Fitness tracker gadgets.
    • The dash cam starts to tell me what to do.
    • Glastonbury!
    • giffgaff goodybag changes.
    • Samsung Galaxy Fold – An update
    • InvisibleShield nano-technology
    • I try and buy some apples! A whole bag!
    • How can people not know how to park?
    • Cases that hold your cards
    • Virgin Media ramping up their packages and going quadplay.
    • How I crashed my car and very nearly properly hurt myself.

Contact me on Twitter or via our contact form.

Get Listening:

Your options to listen to the podcast are as follows:

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Microsoft Brings Android Notifications to Windows Desktop

A preview version of Windows extends notifications from your Android phone to your Windows desktop. Notifications on the phone are mirrored as Windows notifications in real time, and notifications dismissed in Windows are also dismissed on the phone. The feature is a new part of Windows’ Your Phone app, which also lets users sync photos and messages, and can mirror the whole phone interface in a window within Windows.

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Virgin Media cranks up the speeds and boosts bundles

Virgin Media cranks up the speeds and boosts bundles
Want even faster broadband at home? Well, for £62 per month you can get half a Gig down and 35Mbps up with their Business fibre service. Not only that, but Virgin Mobile – operating on the EE network – are now combining broadband and mobile deals, plus they’re boosting speeds too.

The offers include boosted bundles so that broadband customers can grab a mobile SIM with any broadband package. If you do this, you’ll get your home broadband speed ramped up. So, as an example, from £8 for a SIM you can boost from 50Mbps to 100Mbps, 100Mbps to 200Mbps and 200Mbps to 350Mbps. Basically, Virgin Media want you to go with them for your mobile service, and if you do, you’ll get faster internet speeds. It’s all about convergence baby.

Virgin Media cranks up the speeds and boosts bundles

In addition, like the Business service, Virgin have a new top-tier V.VIP bundle with 500Mbps broadband speeds. This includes an unlimited mobile SIM, Sky Cinema HD, Sky Sports HD and BT Sport 4K UHD TV content, two V6 set-top boxes and anytime landline calls for £99 per month on a one-year contract. If you have a think about it, that’s like having multi-room TV with the top-whack package, phone calls at home and a mobile SIM card with unlimited data and everything else.

Virgin Media customers can also get exclusive access to handset deals if you need a mobile phone.

The Chief Operating Officer, Lutz Schüler, tells us..

We’re combining the UK’s fastest widely available broadband speeds with a superfast 4G mobile network that’s faster on average than Vodafone, 02, Three and Sky, and a top-notch TV line-up to give Virgin Media customers greater choice, flexibility and an unrivalled connected entertainment experience.

Virgin Media are promising even more surprises later in the year.

Find out more about Virgin Media on www.virginmedia.com

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OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro pricing revealed

OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro pricing revealed

Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus will announce their latest flagship device on the 14th May, and following other manufacturers it is believed there will be more than one version. Soon enough we’ll be seeing the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro and a 5G model too.
The new phones will launch at four events around the world – three running simultaneously on May 14th in London, New York and Bangalore. There will also be a separate event in Beijing on 16 May:

  • Printworks, London – UK, 4PM BST, May 14th
  • Pier 94, New York – US, 11AM EDT, May 14th
  • BIEC, Bangalore – India, 8:15PM IST, May 14th
  • Yanqi Lake, Beijing – China, 2PM PST, May 16th

The new OnePlus 7 models will be up for pre-order soon after, with a shipping date to be confirmed.

OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro pricing revealed

If previous device launches are anything to go by, the OnePlus 7 should be similarly priced to the 6T. Leaker Ishan Agarwhal, who has been a reliable source of leaks in the past, states that both the Pro and 5G models may be priced competitively, with the 8GB RAM / 256GB storage version selling for €749/£759 in various European markets. A 12GB RAM will cost €819/£829.

This is starting to creep the prices towards other flagship handsets.

As the date rapidly approaches, if we hear more we will let you know.

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