Brits hate their mobile photos!

You know how it is, you spend ages lining up that special shot on your phone to get the perfect photo, and something goes wrong.

A gust of wind knocking you off balance, a pet jumping in to get in on the action or just the plain old not liking anything you happen to take on a certain day, anything can ruin that memory.

Huawei have studied feedback from over 2000 people and have reported that brits hate around 75% of the photos they take on their phones.

Brits hate their mobile photos!
Brits hate their mobile photos!
Brits hate their mobile photos!
Brits hate their mobile photos!
Brits hate their mobile photos!

The results below are rather interesting and prove you are not alone when you secretly ‘borrow’ a friends phone to delete that horrible moment in time they could use against you on social media.

Of course, it is no accident this report comes out just before Huawei plan to announce their latest range of camera focused smartphones on the 27th March, the Huawei P20, P20 Lite and P20 Pro are expected to take mobile photography to a new level with impressive sensors, AI and software to capture a moment, every time



New research out today from Huawei has revealed the extent to which modern Brits have become a nation of “picture perfectionists,” with the average Brit having a staggering 783 pictures saved on their smartphone, but only truly liking 25% of them.

The study of over 2,000 Brits found that looking bad in a photo tops the list of reasons why people don’t like the photos stored on their phone, while poor lighting and blurry images are also responsible for the ‘photo clutter’ in smartphone galleries across the UK:

Top five reasons we don’t like the photos on our smartphones:

  1. I don’t look good (47%)
  2. Bad lighting (40%)
  3. Blurry (33%)
  4. Out of focus (32%)
  5. Not being able to get the right shot (29%)

Huawei commissioned the research to discover the photography frustrations smartphone users have with their devices, with poor low light photography, blurry action shots and poor zoom quality all featuring in the list of gripes.

The research revealed that Brits only end up using 34% of the shots they take at any one time, and once taking a shot they like, will spend 4 minutes and 30 seconds on average to edit, crop and add a filter to the image before posting it on social media.

“With smartphones always by our side, it’s become easier than ever to take a photo and instantly share it with our friends and family. But in the era of social media, the quest for posting a perfect photo means many will take several shots before capturing one they are truly happy with,” said Justin Costello, Head of Marketing for Huawei UK & Ireland. “At Huawei we are leading a renaissance in photography. The new P20, which launches on the 27th of March, will make it easier than ever to capture the perfect photo, everytime.”


The Selfish Cull

  • More than one in ten women (15%) have secretly gone into a friend or partner’s phone to delete a picture of themselves that they did not like
  • 68% of men and 81% of women immediately delete a picture if they feel they do not look their best in it
  • 49% of Brits have deleted a great picture of their family or friends, simply because they didn’t look good in it themselves

Second-rate selfies

  • Just 17% of people in Liverpool like the way they look in the pictures stored on their phone
  • The “selfie” is losing popularity among modern Brits, with only 22% saying selfies were the shots they take the most on their phones. When it comes to what we snap the most – 66% take the most pictures of their family, while almost half (46%) prefer taking pictures of nature and 38% enjoy taking images with their friends the most
  • People in Birmingham are the biggest ‘photo critics’, and have to take more snaps than anywhere else in the UK to get a shot they are happy with

Photo Fiends

  • 20% of Brits have had a row with a partner or friend over whether or not a photo should be deleted permanently from social media
  • 16% of women and 10% of men have actively posted a picture online in which a friend looked terrible, because they looked good in it themselves
  • When the shoe is on the other foot, it appears the nation aren’t so generous – with 14 percent of women and 10 percent of men confessing they have kept a photo on their phone that they look great in, despite a friend having asked for it be deleted.

To find out more about the renaissance in photography from Huawei visit

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Alcatel Says 1X with Android Go and 3V to Hit US In Coming Months

TCL today announced that it intends to sell the Alcatel 1X with Android Go and the Alcatel 3V in the U.S. at some point over the next few months. Both phones were announced earlier this year. The Alcatel 1X (pictured) is a small, entry-level device with the Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition on board. Android Go is intended for low-powered phones and includes optimized Go variants of core apps such as Gmail, Maps, and YouTube. The 1X has a 5.3-inch, 18:9 screen with a quad-core MediaTek processor, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, 13-megapixel main camera and 8-megapixel selfie camera. The U.S. version, priced at $100, will include a fingerprint reader. The Alcatel 3V has a 6-inch, 18:9 display and includes a quad-core MediaTek processor with 2 GB of RAM and at least 16 GB of storage. The rear camera has a 12-megapixel main sensor and 2-megapixel secondary sensor for bokeh-style photos. The 3V comes in black, gold, or blue with a fingerprint reader, and runs Android 8 Oreo. TCL said more details will be made available soon.

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Hover and Drop: Amazon Drones May Deliver Your Box from 25 Feet

It’s not that drones get tired. It’s just that if they’re delivering your box of cat food and low-rise socks, dropping down to put them on your patio, and then flying back up for the next delivery takes power they need to conserve.

Better to just hover over your home and drop the box, a new patent from Amazon proposes.

No need to cover your head: the Seattle e-commerce giant has that — and the delivery box full of your precious items — covered, at least in theory.

Amazon on Tuesday received a patent for cushioning packages with inflatable airbags so they can be dropped from as high as 25 feet.

The drone could inflate the “airlift package protection airbag” with a gas canister or even just from the downdraft from the aircraft’s propellers while in transit or “near a drop location, such as a backyard or patio of a residential dwelling,” the patent said.

This patent, like at least two others Amazon has received, also envisions the possibility of catastrophic mid-air failure. To minimize damage to the drone and anything or anyone on the ground, the airbag for the package could also wrap around part of the drone, and be inflated automatically if the aircraft loses power or flies out of control, according to the patent.

Should you be, say, barbecuing on your patio when your delivery drone appears, there’s no reason to worry, but if you want your package, you’ll need to get out of the way — and take your bottles of beer with you — so it can fall from the sky. The drone could use cameras and other sensors to make sure the “drop zone” is empty of people, animals and “fragile objects,” and then decline to make the delivery till all is clear, according to the patent.

A drone could even…
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Lyft Partners with Magna on Autonomous Vehicles

Ride-hailing company Lyft is joining with large Canadian auto parts supplier Magna to develop self-driving vehicles, sharing expenses on a multi-year project that could vault them onto the leader board in autonomous technology.

The companies announced the partnership Wednesday and also said that Magna would invest $200 million in Lyft.

Raj Kapoor, Lyft’s chief strategy officer, says Lyft needs auto industry expertise to manufacture autonomous vehicle components and eventually build the vehicles. Automakers know how to design vehicles so they meet safety regulations and can be manufactured easily, Kapoor said.

“The auto industry has perfected all of these tools and all of those processes,” he said.

Once technology is developed, Magna would be free to sell it to other companies, which would be encouraged to place their vehicles onto Lyft’s ride-sharing network, Kapoor said.

The tie-up is a huge step forward for both companies, Navigant Research analyst Sam Abuelsamid says. Before the announcement, he was skeptical of Lyft’s autonomous vehicle efforts because it had no manufacturing ability and very limited data to offer from its ride-hailing network.

Magna, he said, knows how to build sensors and assemble engine control computers. “They know how to do electronics,” he said. “They have the capability to design and develop vehicles and manufacture them.” That can be paired with Lyft’s service expertise, Abuelsamid added.

The partnership pushes the companies into a group of leaders in the autonomous vehicle race, Abuelsamid says. Also in the race are Google’s Waymo, General Motors’ Cruise Automation, automotive tech company Aptiv, Renault-Nissan, and a Daimler AG and Bosch partnership, he said.

Magna International Inc., based near Toronto, has about 168,000 employees worldwide. It also builds cars under contract in Austria for Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Jaguar. By next year, Magna expects its factory in Graz to be able to build over 200,000 vehicles per year.
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Apple's Eddy Cue Talks Free Speech, Hate Speech and NRATV

Eddy Cue, Apple’s head of services — which include Apple Music, Apple TV and the App Store — said Apple does not believe all speech should be protected on its platforms, saying “free speech is important but that doesn’t mean it’s everything.”

However, Cue defended Apple’s decision to retain the National Rifle Association’s online television channel, NRATV, on Apple TV despite an online movement earlier this month to boycott Apple products until Apple removed the channel. Cue, speaking at a panel with CNN’s Dylan Byers at the SXSW convention in Austin on Monday, said NRATV did not violate any of Apple’s standards.

Cue said Apple’s services team upholds rigorous guidelines and reviews every app or show hoping to be included on Apple’s platforms.

“From Day 1, we did not want our App Store to be a place where you buy and sell guns,” said Cue. “We don’t allow apps to buy or sell guns.”

Cue said Apple draws the line on speech that promotes hatred or violence, such as a bomb-making app.

When asked about Google and Facebook’s open platform policy and how it has led to fake news, Cue said Apple has taken a great deal of responsibility for its platforms and that there is no such thing as a truly free platform.

“Nobody is completely free,” said Cue. “There are no pornography on these sites. So people do draw lines on these sites. We do think free speech is very important, but we don’t think white supremacy or hate speech is important speech to be out there.”

Cue was asked a variety of topics, which ranged from Apple’s desire to buy Netflix or Disney, the company’s recent foray into creating original television content, and its acquisition of the digital magazine distributor Texture for an undisclosed amount announced just before Cue went on stage.

Cue said Texture…
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Three UK hit 10 million customer mark

UK network Three have today published their results for 2017, and have also included some updates in customer numbers, coverage and data use against the rest of the market.

Customer numbers rose 10% giving the company a total of just over 10 million, with 6.8 million being on a contract of some sort.

Three UK hit 10 million customer mark

Indoor coverage jumped from 95% to 98.5%, this was down to network improvements being rolled out across the masts, as well as the 800Mhz spectrum being used for their ‘Super Voice’ band of spectrum being used.

The company also published that average data use per customer is the largest in the UK with an average customer now using 6.8GB a month, an impressive 3.5 times the average customer on rival networks.

82% of customers are now using 4G technology and 68% of the data used is also via 4G instead of the older 3G signal.

Three also pointed out that the received the least number of complaints for a network recently, also now offer free roaming in a market leading 71 countries, and also more recently launched GoBinge, a service that lets customers stream as much as they want from selected partners, and none of the data comes from your allowance.

Dave Dyson, Chief Executive of Three UK, said:

“Our results reflect Three’s ongoing commitment to growth and becoming the best-loved brand by our customers.

“I am pleased to have passed the 10 million customer milestone. Over the course of last year, we have strengthened our market-leading Go Roam proposition, launched Go Binge, our innovative unlimited streaming service, as well as our SIM-only, online-only sub brand SMARTY.  In addition, we have rapidly developed Wuntu, our customer loyalty and rewards app, which is highly rated and has already exceeded 1 million active users.

“At the same time, we have invested significant time and money in the future growth and scalability of the business.  Our digital transformation is a programme of work that will significantly enhance customer experience, employee experience and cost efficiency.  Investment in spectrum, next generation network and IT underpins the opportunity to deliver improved results over the long term.

“To deliver such a degree of strategic change whilst maintaining strong profitability is testament to the hard work and dedication of the thousands of staff across the Three UK business, and puts us in a strong position to deliver long term growth.”

With customers using more data than ever before, 5G will be the big topic of discussion for future plans, and Three are planning to play a big part in shaping the UK industry for customers….and as they say…. make it right.

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Three announce Sony XZ2 pricing

Mobile network Three have just announced pricing and pre-orders for the Sony Xperia XZ2. This was announced at MWC, and the device will arrive 6th April.

The new Sony flagship is the first big redesign in years since the Z range launched. It has some top specs too, included the latest top-of-the-line processor and some clever camera technology.

Three announce Sony XZ2 pricing

With a new design, super slow motion video recording, 19 megapixel camera and the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, the XZ2 is one of the phones to look out for in 2018.

You can pre-order your XZ2 on Three right now in either Blue or Silver here, and as an added bonus, customers who sign up on an eligible plan and order before 5th April can pick between a 500GB PS4 or a Playstation VR, free of charge!

Three announce Sony XZ2 pricing

Plans start from £37 a month with £99 up-front. Three also offer AYCE data plans, with GoBinge to give you as much streaming as you want on selected services including Netflix. There’s also free roaming in 71 destinations including USA.

Three offers free PlayStation®4 or

PlayStation®VR Starter Pack

with Sony Xperia XZ2 pre-orders

Three UK has today announced it is offering a free PlayStation®4 with Gran Turismo Sport or PlayStation®VR Starter Pack* for those who pre-order the latest Sony Xperia XZ2 handset.

Pre-orders start on Friday 16th March, and the free gift is available whilst stocks last, until Thursday 5th April 2018. The Sony Xperia XZ2 launches in Three stores on Friday 6th April.

The Sony Xperia XZ2 is an immersive entertainment device, boasting an extended 5.7” HDR Full HD+ display, powerful stereo speakers, and a brand new Dynamic Vibration System, bringing content to life. The device also has a Motion Eye™ camera –bringing the world’s first 4K HDR Movie recording in a smartphone and Full HD 960FPS Super slow motion.

The Sony Xperia XZ2 will be available from Three in silver and blue, from £79 upfront cost, plus £46 per month with 4GB of data, or £79 upfront cost and £54 per month with 30GB of data – on Three’s Advanced Plan with All-You-Can-Eat minutes and texts.

For those choosing the new device on Three, there are several benefits such as roaming in 71 worldwide destinations at no extra cost, streaming the latest shows and music without eating into data, 4G at no extra cost, plus access to weekly rewards and free stuff through our Wuntu app.

Visit to pre-order from Friday and for further information.

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It’s Samsung Galaxy S9 day!

Its Samsung Galaxy S9 day!

Thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Samsung Galaxy S9+ ? Well, as you know, seconds after we got all the official details there was a dash to the demonstration area in Barcelona to go through all the Samsung Galaxy S9 features. Now, right now, right this minute, you can head to your local store and try both handsets out too. Then, if you want, you can buy on of them.

We have, as is usual for “release day”, had lots of emails about the various deals. We’ve used the TotalPhoneDeals comparison gadget to see what’s best, but here’s just a flavour of what’s out there..


The network are offering £250 off if you trade-in your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. their plans include the Galaxy S9 on an 8GB data plan for £63 per month with £50 up-front or a massive 60GB of monthly data (for the price of 20GB) for £68 per month and £10 up-front. They also do the Samsung Galaxy S9+ for £78 per month and £10 up-front on that same 60GB-for-the-price-of-20GB offering. All those plans get unlimited calls and data. If you want to pay less per month then, well, expect to pay more up-front. For that 8GB plan I mentioned first, you’re looking at £225 up-front and a £30 offering, however let’s not forget that you can get £250 back if you’re lucky enough to have a working S7 or S7 edge. In effect that gets you a free upgrade and £30 per month plus £25 in your pocket.

Its Samsung Galaxy S9 day!

Sky Mobile

Sitting on the O2 masts, you can head to their website and sign up to either the Swap24 or Swap12 plans. The S9 starts from £33 a month on Swap24, although you do only get 500MB of data. The S9+ is £38 on the same plan and you get unlimited everything else.

With TotalPhoneDeals we got 5GB of data for £62 per month and £99 up front.


Head over to Vodafone website and get the Galaxy S9 with 16GB of data for the price of 4GB. That’s on the “Red Extra 16GB plan” and you’ll get unlimited texts and unlimited minutes. It costs £59 per month with £29 up-front. The S9+ is £99 up-front and then £63 per month on the same deal.

If you need more data, get 32GB for the price of 8GB right now. That’s on their “Red Entertainment” 32GB plan for £65 per month with £29 up-front and then your choice of Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass. The S9+ is £69 per month with a £99 up-front for the same deal. Unlimited texts and minutes again.

If you go for a Red Extra or Red Entertainment plan then you also get to choose between a Chat, Social, Music or Video Vodafone Pass.

Its Samsung Galaxy S9 day!


Both the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are available on this O2 MVNO. You can pay for the whole thing (S9 £739, S9+ £869) or pay monthly (for the handset alone, you can then choose a talk plan after) with their RateSetter finance thingy. That means you’ll get the Galaxy S9 (and remember, this is just for the phone) for £35.44 per month or the S9+ for £41.90 over two years. Get to their pre-reg pages to find out more. The airtime is sold in goodybags. £10 per month gets you 3GB of monthly data and unlimited everything else. That’d make your running costs £45.44 and £51.90 respectively.

Its Samsung Galaxy S9 day!

Three UK

They’re giving away 12 months worth of Netflix with their offering, with contracts costing..

12GB data (unlimited everything else and tethering included) – £49 per month with £79 up-front.
30GB data (unlimited everything else and tethering included) – £52 per month with £79 up-front.
100GB data (unlimited everything else and 30GB tethering included) – £57 per month with £79 up-front.

There’s more plans on their site here. That’ll cost you £49.99 up-front and then £68 per month though. Unlimited everything else. For 10GB per month you can get boosted to 25GB (£49.99 up-front and £59 per month) and for 20GB you get boosted to 50GB (£49.99 and then £64 per month). They 5GB plan gets ramped up to 15GB – £49.99 up-front and then £56 per month.


They’re offering quite a good deal on their site. You get a chunky 90GB if you buy the 50GB offering as they’ll whack another 40GB on top each month.

SIM Free

There’s also a company called Toby Deals (?) selling the Samsung Galaxy S9 for £589.99. You also get £10 off that with their St Patrick’s Day deal. That’s way less than than the official Samsung site, which is off-loading it for £739, however Samsung are doing a trade-in deal where you can get £206 off the price by handing in (as an example) your old Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

If you are still undecided, check our hands on from the launch.

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Get yourself a PS4 when you pre-order a Sony Xperia XZ2

Get yourself a PS4 when you pre order a Sony Xperia XZ2

Thinking of buying the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact? Well, if you’re being pushed towards the bright light and branding of the Samsung Galaxy S9 (being released today), don’t forget that Sony have a rather interesting little gift for those who instead choose to pre-order a new Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact.

You can get yourself a PlayStation 4 with a Gran Turismo Sport bundle or, if you’ve perhaps already got a PS4, a PlayStation VR Starter Pack at no additional cost. Not only that, but all Xperia customers purchasing certain Xperia XZ handsets get a free PlayStation Plus 12 month membership. Not bad at all, right?

If you’re interested in either handset, take a look at our hands-on from Barcelona. The handsets feature a Full HD+ HDR display and that “Dynamic Vibration System” which makes your phone vibrate when you’re listening to music. The XZ2 has a 5.7″ 18:9 screen, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB of on-board storage, a 19 megapixel rear camera, 5 megapixel front and IP68 waterproofing. You also get a fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi and wireless charging. It also does Full HD 960FPS super slow-mo.

The XZ2 Compact has a 5″ 18:9 screen but the same specs. Both have NFC, GPS, 4G connectivity and microSD card slots for boosting the storage.

Get yourself a PS4 when you pre order a Sony Xperia XZ2

Get more detail on both phones right here. Three will be doing the pre-orders alongside Carphone Warehouse. The guys at Carphone have these deals up for grabs on the Sony Xperia XZ2 ..

£49.99 upfront @ £43pm with 10GB on EE
£49.99 upfront @ £44pm with 20GB on O2
£49.99 upfront @ £45pm with 16GB on Vodafone

It’s £699 SIM free. Head here for the details.

Being honest, the free gifts are to lock you into a pre-order and stop you going and buying the S9 (launched today), as you’ll need to wait until April 6th for the XZ2 handsets. Still… a PS4 is a one helluva sweetener! It’s worth £249 alone!

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iPhone Owners Gain Access to Google Lens in Google Photos

Google today said iOS users can try a preview of Google Lens in the latest version of Google Photos (v3.15). Google Lens is an image-recognition function that relies on mobile cameras to perform searches. Using Google Lens, iPhone and iPad owners can aim their camera at just about anything and Google will instantly perform a search and suggest results. For example, users can snap a shot of an old car on the street and immediately gain information about that car and discover where it might be available for sale. Google Lens can recognize objects such as flowers, vehicles, gadgets, business cards, and more. The tool works within the Google Photos mobile app. Google Photos is free to download from the iTunes App Store. Google Lens has been widely available to Android devices since earlier this month.

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