What Does Galaxy S8 Mean for Apple's Next iPhone Release?

Beyond offering a way for Samsung to move forward after its Note 7 debacle, the new Galaxy S8 smartphones could also raise the stakes for Apple’s next iPhone, presumptuously being referred to in the press as the ‘iPhone 8.’

Likely to hit the market this coming September, as most major Apple phone releases do, the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone is rumored to be pricier that past generations — possibly starting in the neighborhood of $1,000. It’s also believed the next iPhone will have many of the same new design features as Samsung’s S8 models.

Samsung yesterday revealed that the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will feature an almost bezel-free, curved-edge “Infinity Display,” along with a fingerprint sensor that’s been moved to the back of the phone. The traditional physical home button has also been removed from the front face of the new Samsung phones in favor of a screen-integrated, pressure-sensitive control area.

According to various leaks that have dribbled out for nearly a year, all of those features are also expected to arrive with the next big iPhone release.

iPhone 8 ‘Sea of Rumors’

On Tuesday, March 28, the Apple-focused news site ‘iDrop News’ reported that final-stage design documents seen by a “source with intimate knowledge of Apple’s manufacturing facility” show a phone design with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner relocated to the back of the device. The images also reveal a phone with a “slightly curved 2.5D OLED edge-to-edge display” with reduced-size bezels on the top and bottom.

Apple fan site ‘9 to 5 Mac’ questioned the accuracy of the reported leak, but noted some of the details appear to provide a more realistic forecast “in a sea of rumors about the iPhone 8 that sometimes seem too good to be true.”

According to JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall,…
Source: Mobile Tech Today

Android Wear 2.0 update postponed

Android Wear 2.0 update postponed

Just last week I wrote about how the wait for the long anticipated update to Android Wear was, for many watch users, finally over.  Well stop the press, we have a problem!

Google has discovered the presence of an as-yet-unidentified bug in the latest release of Android Wear 2.0.  In a statement to 9to5Google it has stated:

We have started rolling out the Android Wear 2.0 update to Fossil Q Founder, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 and Tag Heuer Connected. For other devices, the update is currently being delayed due to a bug found in final testing. We will push the update to the remaining devices as soon as the issue is resolved.

There’s precious little else to go on.  We don’t know, for instance, whether this bug is present in the updates that have been released for the above devices, nor how quickly it’ll be fixed.  Have any of our readers using the 2.0 software discovered any problems?

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  • Twitter Eases 140-Character Limit in Replies

    Twitter has found more creative ways to ease its 140-character limit without officially raising it.

    Now, the company says that when you reply to someone — or to a group — usernames will no longer count toward those 140 characters. This will be especially helpful with group conversations, where replying to two, three or more users at a time could be especially difficult with the character constraints.

    When users reply, the names of the people they are replying to will be on top of the text of the actual tweet, rather than a part of it.

    Last year, Twitter said it would stop counting photos, videos, quote tweets, polls and GIF animations toward the character limit. Twitter also said it would stop counting usernames, but the change did not go into effect until now.

    Twitter, which has been struggling to attract new users, has been trying to appeal to both proponents and opponents by sticking to the current limit while allowing more freedom to express thoughts, or rants, through images and other media.

    Twitter’s character limit was created so that tweets could fit into a single text message, back in the heyday of SMS messaging. But now, most people use Twitter through its mobile app. There isn’t the same technical constraint, just a desire on Twitter’s part to stay true to its roots.

    Of course, there are ways to get around the limit, such as sending out multi-part tweets, or taking screenshots of text typed elsewhere.
    Source: Mobile Tech Today

    Cybersecurity IQ: Americans Receive Mixed Results

    When it comes to cybersecurity, Americans recognize the need for strong passwords and know that public Wi-Fi hotspots aren’t necessarily safe for online banking or e-commerce.

    But U.S. adults are not as good at recognizing email “phishing” schemes or determining if the web site where they’re entering credit card information is encrypted.

    That’s according to a new Pew Research Center survey titled “What the Public Knows about Cybersecurity.” It tallied responses from 1,055 adults last year about their understanding of concepts important to online safety and privacy.

    The results were mixed, highlighting that public awareness of online security measures remains a potential weak link in thwarting cyberthreats.

    “It is probably our No. 1 concern and No. 1 vulnerability,” said Retired Rear Adm. Ken Slaght, head of the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence, a trade group for the region’s cybersecurity industry. “These attackers keep upping their game. It has gone well beyond the jumbled, everything misspelled email.”

    Digital security firm Gemalto said Wednesday that 1,792 data breaches occurred worldwide in 2016, with 1.4 billion digital records compromised — up 86 percent from the prior year.

    Gemalto, based in The Netherlands, did not include the 1.5 billion record exposed in the Yahoo! breach because it technically occurred in 2013-2014. It was discovered last year.

    “One of the biggest problems is people have become numb to this,” said Slaght. “We all have had our credit card hacked. You just get a new one and life goes on.”

    The Pew Research survey asked 13 questions about cybersecurity. The median score was five correct answers. Just 20 percent answered eight questions correctly.

    A relatively large percentage of respondents, however, answered “not sure” to questions rather than providing the wrong answer.

    Participants had a good understanding of some security basic practices such as the importance of strong passwords and less knowledge of others — particularly…
    Source: Mobile Tech Today

    Apple Patches 911 Bug Via iOS 10.3

    Apple this week distributed iOS 10.3 and with it a plug for a serious vulnerability that impacted 911 call centers. Last fall, an Arizona man created code that forced iPhones to call 911 over and over. The code, which appeared as a link, spread via Twitter and it was later shared as a prank. The results led to thousands of unintentional calls to 911 centers is some 12 states around the country. Some of those call centers were overwhelmed. The exploit only impacted iPhones and did not cause problems for Android devices. The person who wrote the code was arrested and charged with computer tampering. Apple said iOS 10.3 prevents the accidental 911 calls from connecting by requiring a second confirmation press before dialing calls initiated via links. Apple is working with developers that include phone-making functionalities within their own apps to ensure the fix is universal.

    Source: Phone Scoop – Latest News

    Dodge those RPI contract increases with Tesco Mobile

    A lot of you may have received a text message from your network recently. I know I have. On my Vodafone plan I’ve received this text which pushes my bill up by 3.2%. This, if you check your payslip, will probably be way higher than your most recent pay review.

    Dodge those RPI contract increases with Tesco Mobile

    EE are raising their prices by 2.5% and O2 are set to increase their prices too.

    Why? Well, the networks do this because they claim that prices need to be adjusted to match inflation. They use the Retail Price Index, and although a 3.2% rise may “only” mean a 54p rise on a £17 per-month plan, it all adds up. Now, I work at bet365 and on the way into Stoke this morning I popped into Tesco for the regulation doughnuts that seem to be essential for a Friday. In there I noticed that Tesco Mobile AREN’T changing their contract prices. If you’re with them, there’s no mid-contract price rises and the price you sign up to is the price you’ll continue to pay for the life of the contract.

    So, if you’re looking for certainty, check the Tesco Tariff Promise. They use O2 as the parent network, so if you want the O2 coverage without the price rises, they’re certainly worth a look. Of course, if you want to go SIM-only and you’re looking for even more simplicity, it’s worth checking out the other O2 MVNO, giffgaff.

    Dodge those RPI contract increases with Tesco Mobile

    Tesco Mobile are currently promoting their Family Perks plan, which rewards people for having members of their family on the same account. I like this ad because the exploding food mixture sends my wife’s OCD off the scale 🙂

    Each person can choose their own Family Perk which is delivered free each month. The selected “Perk” can be changed through the “My Account” section and you can choose from …

    • Up to 1GB extra data every month
    • Up to 500 extra minutes to any UK network every month
    • Up to 500 extra Tesco Mobile minutes every month
    • Up to £2 off your bill every month
    • Up to 200 extra Clubcard points every month

    If you join any of the Tesco Mobile pay monthly tariffs, including SIM only, and have two or more contracts on the same account you can choose your Family Perks when you check out. There’s a maximum of five and… I guess… you don’t strictly have to be a family. They certainly don’t ask for any birth certificates or evidence from what I can see.

    If you recently joined Tesco Mobile and started a contract after January 31st, you can add one or more contracts to your account and each contract will get a free monthly Family Perk.

    Right, here’s the video that sends my wife crazy. “AGH! The mess! The mess!!” 🙂

    The post Dodge those RPI contract increases with Tesco Mobile is original content from Coolsmartphone. If you see it on another news website, please let us know.


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    In our day to day lives, the most basic chores always end up being the most tiresome. Well, some may enjoy doing their laundry; the most exhausting part there is the folding. With washing, we only tend to dump everything to the washer and set the nozzle. Thereafter, we switch it to the dryer to […]
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