Comcast Xfinity Mobile Now Supports BYOD

Comcast’s mobile service — Xfinity Mobile — will now let customers bring their own phone instead of requiring a new phone purchase. Recent high-end Samsungs are supported now, with additional Android device support coming later this year.

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Nokia 2.2 Offers Small-Notch Design for $140

Nokia today launched the Nokia 2.2, an entry-level Android phone with a premium-looking design including a 5.71-inch HD display with a small notch. The 2.2 has Android One 9.0 (Pie), a dedicated Google Assistant button, and a solid polycarbonate body with a glossy finish. Nokia claims the 13-megapixel main camera has advanced low-light capability. It’s powered by a MediaTek A22 chipset with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. Amazon and Best Buy are selling the Nokia 2.2 unlocked for $139. It comes in Steel and Tungsten Black.

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Deal – Cheap Chromecast

Deal   Cheap Chromecast
OK, you know how these things work. Buy one, stick it in the back of your TV and, after a fairly painless setup you can beam YouTube, iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Netflix, My5 and yes Amazon Prime Video too!

Oh, and you can also beam your dodgy Plex stuff. Don’t look at me like that. I know what you’re up too πŸ˜‰

It’s already knocked down to £20 on the official Google Play store, but we’ve spotted it on the Argos website for a mere £16. That’s really good. Slot it into your HDMI and get streaming, baby.

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Google Pixel 3a goes unlimited with Vodafone

Google Pixel 3a goes unlimited with Vodafone
Fancy getting yourself the Google Pixel, but don’t want to spend quite so much cash?

Get yourself the Pixel 3a. We covered it here and it’s now available on Vodafone UK for £36 per month with no upfront cost.

Powered by Android 9, it’s got a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM. There’ 64GB of storage on board plus Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi and a 5.6″ Full HD+ OLED 2220 x 1080 pixel screen. Around back is a 12.2 megapixel camera and an 8 megapixel one up front for your selfies.

Other specs include GPS, NFC and USB Type-C charging. Vodafone have it available on their new Voda unlimited plans, which include Unlimited Max for £43 per month, Vodafone Unlimited for £39 per month and Vodafone Unlimited Lite for £36 per month. No upfront cost on any of those, and you can add on Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium, NOW TV Entertainment Pass or Sky Sports Mobile TV for just £6 per month

The new Google Pixel 3a also comes with a 3,000mAh battery and an 18W fast charger.

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DOOGEE upgrades its rugged S90 to Pro Edition

DOOGEE Hengtong Technology Co. Ltd has been around for a while developing smartphones for those how need their phones to take hard knocks. DOOGEE is taking pre-orders for the upgrade to their S90, which offers the new Android 9.0 Pie which means that the phone uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to learn its owner’s preferences, making the handset smarter as it’s used over time. The introduction of Android 9.0 gives all those easy features like facial recognition to those who need a rugged phone. The MTK (MediaTek) Helio processor has been updated from the P60 to the P70, to give the phone the necessary power for a smoother experience.

DOOGEE upgrades its rugged S90 to Pro Edition

It is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof with IP68 protection and is fully functional when submerged in water up to 1.5m (5 feet) for two weeks. Thanks to its combination of metal and polycarbonate, the S90 Pro can survive extreme temperatures, drops, transport shocks, humidity, mould, salt spray corrosion, explosive gas, vibration and much more. No matter where users take the S90 Pro, it can handle it.

Whilst the specifications are not mind-blowing, they are pretty good for the price with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage and a microSD card slot, allowing up to up to 256GB extra memory. The screen has an aspect ratio of 18:9 and 6.18’’ full HD+ display resolution of 2160×1080 pixels and the 16+8MP dual rear AI cameras for quick and easy high-quality pictures too.

The battery is pretty good too, the 5050mAh Polymer battery has a power-saving system and has 675 hours standby time with the support of 10W wireless charging.

The S90 Pro is available globally the DOOGEE shop with the pricing below. All include free shipping. More information on the phone can be found here

S90 Pro (Phone only) – $299.99 (£240 approx.)

S90 Pro with Power Mod – $359.99 (£290 approx.)

S90 Pro with all modules – $459.99 (£370 approx.)

DOOGEE upgrades its rugged S90 to Pro Edition

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Microsoft xCloud to add to the smartphone gaming transition

You’ll no doubt already know how mobile gaming is turning the traditional world of consoles on its head. We’ve seen phones become more and more powerful, able to run graphically-intensive games locally and produce a gameplay experience that isn’t too far removed from the likes of PS4 and Xbox.

Microsoft xCloud to add to the smartphone gaming transition

In recent months we’ve also seen Google Stadia – a streaming platform delivering high-quality games to your phone – appear. This system is slightly different in that the graphic-heavy processing happens elsewhere – you play the game locally but all the “grunt work” is done on a server somewhere else. The end result is a more light-weight game, using less resources, less storage, less battery but delivering the same experience.

Now it’s looking like Microsoft xCloud is to join the scene, with a patent filed for gaming controller attachments for your smartphone. These create a Nintendo Switch-esque experience, and a potentially massive Xbox collection of games available to smartphone users.

Microsoft xCloud to add to the smartphone gaming transition

The smartphone world has gone through a tremendous change of late, with the online casino industry spearheading graphically-rich experiences by taking advantage of what is on offer. Comparison sites have sprung up so that you can see which site is best, with Netent’s site displaying the differences whilst also providing offers. There’s new Netent casinos, which have now evolved to become optimised for mobile. It’s a mobile-first world now and this category of game has really pushed and highlighted the capabilities of smartphones.

It’s no longer about a self-contained app. In the era of the APK one-hit download, as we’ve seen with the likes of Fortnite, you now simply grab the application and the game takes care of downloading a myriad of game files without the need for further input from you.

In addition to streaming, some developers have started using HTML5. Better programming techniques and systems like HTML5 mean that games can be converted and then used flawlessly on any device. Thanks to this, the coding is only needed once for the application or game to be available on several devices. We all remember the early days, when websites didn’t scale properly to mobile devices, and this is something that newer websites and games have evolved to avoid.

Developers of casino and mobile or web-enabled games have always kept lockstep with the limits of mobile technology, meaning connectivity was never as much of an issue, but the advent of HTML5 means that they can distribute and display their product on far more screens.

Microsoft xCloud to add to the smartphone gaming transition

Smartphone Evolution” (CC BY 2.0) by Phil Roeder

Understanding just how far mobile processing power has come along is important too. As mentioned earlier, phones are far more powerful than previously. It means that older games, designed for single-core processors and small amounts of memory, will absolutely fly along on such devices. It also means that more graphics can be displayed with the advent of powerful GPUs. Likewise connectivity has got better, so online gaming is easier thanks to the likes of 4G. With 5G on the horizon, the lid is being lifted on even more possibilities.

Better games that are easier to find, better websites that are easier to navigate, and better systems to find these websites makes the growing dominance of the mobile casino market that much easier to understand. It wasn’t a matter of if, rather a matter of when.

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Asus ROG Phone II First to use Snapdragon 855 Plus

In the coming weeks Asus will announce the ROG Phone II, a new high-end gaming phone. Asus has revealed one detail is advance: it will use the just-announced, top-end Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset from Qualcomm.

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Snapdragon 855 Plus Brings More Power to Gaming Phones

Qualcomm today announced the Snapdragon 855 Plus, a higher-performance version of the company’s flagship Snapdragon 855 chipset for phones. With a more powerful CPU and GPU, it’s designed for high-end gaming phones coming out later this year. The 855 Plus is based on the same Kryo 485 CPU and Adreno 640 GPU as the standard 855, but the CPU top clock speed has been boosted from 2.84 GHz to 2.96 GHz, and the GPU offers “a 15% increase”. The chipset is paired with a suite of gaming-oriented software features to make the “Snapdragon Elite Gaming Experience”. The software suite includes Game Jank Reducer, Game Fast Loader, Game Anti- Cheat Extensions, and more.

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It’s that time of year again folks..

Each year, me and a group of other idiots do a “big ride” for charity. It’s also used as a yearly goal to stop us all getting fat.

This time it’s the “Way Of The Roses” route on July 27th. This is a 170 mile journey with 8,085 feet of climbing from the left side of England to the right…

Its that time of year again folks..

People tend to cycle this over two or three days. We’re going to do it in one day and in the daylight, setting off from Morecambe and hopefully arriving for our dinner at 8PM in Bridlington.

If you’d like to donate anything, the charity we’ve supported since 2013 is Edwards Trust. They support children and families facing loss and bereavement across the West Midlands. Donate here if you can help, and thanks so much.


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Vodafone UK launches the 5G GigaCube

Vodafone UK launches the 5G GigaCube

Imagine if you found a home broadband provider who could offer you super-fast internet speeds for £30. Sounds good? For that you get 100GB of data to use and there’s no line rental or TV and calls package. No engineer, no waiting.

This, then, is what Vodafone have announced today with the launch of their new 5G Gigacube. If you can get 5G, it’ll fly along. If not, it’ll still be jolly fast on 4G connections. It basically sits in the your home or office, pulling in the Vodafone data signal, and beams out WiFi for you to connect to.

Here’s a look at the pricing. The upfront cost drops if you sign up to an 18 month contract…

100GB 200GB Unlimited
18 month contract £30 (£100 upfront cost) £40 (£50 upfront cost) £50 (£50 upfront cost)
30 day contract £30 (£325 upfront cost) £50 £325 upfront cost) £50 £325 upfront cost)

Vodafone UK launches the 5G GigaCube

Vodafone have not attached a premium to pricing for 5G, so whether you’ve got 4G or 5G – the price is the same.

The GigaCube delivers speeds of up to 1Gbps and there’s up to a 90 metre WiFi range. You can connect 64 devices. Plus, if you’re worried about those data limits, you can pay £50 per month and never have to worry about it. Plus, if you have to go on a business trip or you move house, just take the GigaCube with you and you get the internet wherever you go.

Head to the Vodafone GigaCube website for more info.


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