OxygenOS Beta 7 for OnePlus 6 Turns On Virtual SIM

OnePlus has released new beta software for the OnePlus 6 phone. OxygenOS Beta 7 includes two core new features, a video enhancer and OnePlus Roaming. The video enhancer improves color when watching video, while OnePlus Roaming acts as a virtual SIM card so travelers can surf the internet without a local SIM card. OnePlus says the roaming tool should work in most countries around the globe and will help users connect. OnePlus Roaming “will list out the plans available for the country/regions you are in so that you can purchase a suitable plan and access the Internet without a SIM,” said OnePlus. OnePlus Roaming provides only data access and doesn’t include voice service. Other features in the beta build include vibrate notifications when ending calls, user interface improvements for 911 calls, and the ability to assign a specific SIM for a specific contact or group when in dual SIM mode. Last, OxygenOS Beta 7 for the OnePlus 6 includes an option for an app drawer under the launcher settings. OnePlus says those already running beta builds should see the update within a few days.

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iD Mobile Black Tag – Best deals

This is an MVNO sitting on the Three network and, like many others, they’ve got their Black Friday deals available.

Here they’re called “Black Tag” and you can get a range of phones at reduced prices – up to £330 off the Samsung Galaxy S9, and the same amount off the iPhone 7. However, it was the SIM-only deals we were interested in.

As I mentioned up top, they’re using the Three UK network, so you get the same coverage and 4G speeds. As part of their Black Tag event they’re now dishing out 7GB of monthly data, unlimited texts and 500 minutes of call-time for a mere £10 per month. Not bad at all that.

iD Mobile Black Tag   Best deals

If that’s a bit much for your needs, then you can get 500 minutes and unlimited texts with 4GB of data for £8 per month.

For the data-hungry users, you can spend £20 per month and get 20GB of data with unlimited everything else.

Head to the iD Mobile SIM-only deals and the Black Tag page for more information.

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Home broadband speeds predicted to double thanks to 5G

Home broadband speeds predicted to double thanks to 5G
Research firm Ovum has today revealed that 5G has the potential to bridge the gaps left by more traditional fixed-line broadband across the UK. Currently, although those in cities and built-up areas are blessed with quick internet connections, those in more remote areas can struggle unless they pay a large premium.

However, in research commissioned by Three UK, 5G tech is expected to deliver speeds of 80-100 Mbps. This is, on average, double the current speeds which are obtained using  using traditional, fixed-broadband services (46 Mbps). They’re also making a big claim that 5G could totally replace traditional connections for 85% of the UK’s 26 million fixed line customers.

Not only that, but they’re also claiming that customers will save too. An estimated £240 per year by eliminating the need for fixed-line rental.

Flexible contracts should also mean that people aren’t tied in. In addition, there’s no drilling through walls or digging up driveways to put cables in.

Chief Executive Officer at Three UK, Dave Dyson, told us..

5G gives consumers the opportunity to bin their fixed line, enjoy faster speeds and save money. Wireless home broadband means that we can speed up access to super-fast internet services at a lower cost, without installation delays or inflexible contracts.

At Three, we’re making significant investments to make this technology viable as we ready our network for 5G. Government and Ofcom have the right ambition to improve UK connectivity and we will work with them to show that there are other alternatives to fibre.

Three UK is aiming to launch a 5G wireless home broadband service in the second half of 2019.

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3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set – Review

3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review
I got this for review a while back and, well, I’ve got to admit that my son has been using this quite a bit and I totally forgot to review the thing. It’s a really cool gadget for Christmas and actually doesn’t involve a screen or any messing around with geeky technology. This is all about your imagination and creating.

3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review

It’s basically a pen which you plug in. You then, rather cleverly, create 3D shapes.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking. A pen? That writes in three dimensions? Well yes. It’s perhaps best to see it in video, so here’s a look at it in use..

You then have a selector on the top which lets you choose between the type of plastic refill you’re going to be inserting. The pack we had (available for £69.99 here). This pack includes the 3D Pen and 75 Filaments, which is nearly 600 ft. of extruded plastic. There’s different types of plastic. ABS and PLA. You can get a stack more of these plastics on the 3Doodler shop. There’s a stack of colours and you simply switch the pen to adjust the heating so that the plastic comes out of the tip smoothly and as a flexible plastic “ink”. To put it in a more technical way, it extrudes heated plastic which then hardens rapidly. This creates a new piece or stiff plastic which can make the base of your new 3D model. Draw in 3D, freehand or over stencils.

3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review

Here’s some of the colours we have to choose from..

This is the very latest version of the 3D printing pen and has a dual drive so that you can make it work slowly or quickly. This means you get a smooth and easy-to-use system which lets you create magical 3D shapes. There’s a really helpful and quick-start guide in the box and they have a stack of YouTube videos to help you along – it’s really simple to start creating your first 3D shape. You start and stop the flow of the flexible plastic my simply pushing the button.

First up, you plug it in via a hole at the top…

3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review

The power cable goes in here. You can see the small LED here too.

Note the two buttons at the bottom – in the ideal place when you’re using it. These adjust the speed that the plastic comes out and are labelled as you’d expect..

3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review

You’ll need to push in one of the many coloured plastic rods. You simply select which type of rod it is using a second switch near the top. You also turn it off here too..

3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review

This is great as a present and you can start from a simple pyramid and then begin creating coasters and anything else your inner artist can create. You can also create small DIY projects and designs for around the house. You can create and design wearable items, build models and much more.

3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review

In this small window you will see the gearing mechanism that feeds the plastic through.

It’s easy to use freehand, all the plastics used are non-toxic so it’s safe – the only thing you’ll need to watch is the end of the pen itself, which can get quite hot, but there’s plenty of warnings.

The system inside the pen is proper clever – there’s cogs inside which pull the plastic insert down and into the heating element. It’s a very clever system but, if you do have problems, there’s a set of tools and that LED up the top to let you know what’s happening. Here’s the tools, including what I’d call a “pokey thing” should you have any plastic that gets stuck. In my testing I didn’t have any issues at all, and we’ve had this for quite some time now – no problems at all with it.

3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review

We still love this thing, weeks after it was sent to us to review. You can fix things with it, you can decorate, you can create some excellent homework with it too (we’ve done that) and, perhaps the best part of this device, it’s not messy. When I first saw the thing I had nightmares of melted plastic dripping off furniture, but there was none of that at all. It’s lots of fun and we generated some really fun shapes very easily indeed.

3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review 3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review 3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review 3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review 3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen Set   Review

If you’re looking for something for your kids this Christmas that releases creativity and gets kids away from the TV or any other type of screen, give this a try. It’s great fun and you can work together to have some quality time making shapes and designing artistic 3D creations. It doesn’t smell, it’s clean and it’s a great 3D pen that has the speed control and the ease of use that I really appreciated. Love this thing.

Head to Amazon UK to get yours!

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EE Black Friday Deals on the way

EE Black Friday Deals on the way
I know, I know, it’s not quite Black Friday just yet, but EE have let us know what you should expect from them, plus they’ve rolled out some deals already. The deals will include savings of up to £160 on pay monthly plans for devices from Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

These offers will be available in-store, online and over the phone. They will be running until December 3rd and this year the Apple iPhone 6S has been dropped in price so that you can get it for £29 per month with no upfront cost. Although that’s only with 1GB of data, there is unlimited minutes and texts with this two-year deal. Likewise, you can get the iPhone 7 for £34 per month on the same plan, but you do have a small £50 upfront cost on that one.

The Samsung A8 is up on the same deal for a £10 upfront cost and £24 per month. The Huawei P Smart is going to be just £18 per month on that same offer.

If you want a bit more data, there’s going to be savings across a range of data plans of 4GB of data and up. Just head to ee.co.uk/BlackFriday for all the details.

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Research reveals our tech-addicted kids

Research reveals our tech addicted kids
If you’ve got children then you’ll probably be having the same tech battle as many other parents up and down the land. You’ve no doubt remembered how you used to play outside as a child but now, in 2018, kids find the lure of a gadget, a TV, a phone, a tablet, is preferred over a run or a play outside.

Indeed, in research conducted by Persil, it was found that young children are spending twice as long looking at screens as they do playing outside. By the time they get to seven, they’ve calculated that children will have been looking at screens for the equivalent of 456 days – or four hours a day. In comparison, only an hour and a half has been spent outdoors.

It seems that three quarters of parents have used phones and tablets as a way to entertain youngsters, even though 60% admit that it could potentially affect their child’s creative thinking and problem solving abilities. Some 40% of parents have also found that children are using two screens at once.

This is where safety comes into play, and parents really need to start looking at monitoring, firewalling and filtering the internet feed on the phones and tablets used by kids.

Sir Ken Robinson, a leading expert in education, creativity and human development and chair of the Good Child Development Advisory Board, stated as part of the research that…

If you’re an adult now, how much time did you spend as a child playing outdoors, making up games on your own or with friends, dashing around, taking tumbles, all for the sheer fun of it?

Until recently, children spent many hours every week on this sort of physical, imaginative, social play.

’Real play’ like this is not only enjoyable: it is vitally important in young lives.

Research has long shown that it has essential roles in the balanced development of all children and young people.

Although the study found that 62% of parents wished their children would spend more time playing outside, around the same percentage admitted to using a screen as a way to keep children occupied.

Research reveals our tech addicted kids

But it’s catch 22. How do you get kids outside without giving them a smartphone so that you can see where they are and call them? It’s a trap that a lot of parents fall into. If you give kids a smartphone so that you can keep in touch with them, they’ll end up staring into it – even when they’re at the park. Perhaps a different way forwards, and one worth considering, is to get a tracker like we’ve recently reviewed. They’re small, they can be put into pockets or bags and you can see where you child is at any time. Better still – it’s less hassle than a phone (no in-app purchases and constant broken screens to worry about) and you’ll end up spending a whole lot less per month keeping the thing running. Plus, best of all and definitely worth thinking about, it’ll be one less screen for your kids to get addicted to.

Research reveals our tech addicted kids

SpyTrack Tracker

With the screen use causing kids to have a “detachment” from reality, it’s important that parents do take a more decisive and influential role in the lives of children, else the cycle will continue again and again.

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Instagram Slashing Fake Likes and Fake Followers

Instagram today said it is taking steps to reduce what it calls “inauthentic activity” across the social network. The company says more accounts have begun to use third-party apps to boost their follower numbers and inflate like counts. The company plans to put a stop to this. “We will begin removing inauthentic likes, follows, and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity,” said Instagram. The company is relying on machine learning to discover such accounts and delete fake followers and likes. “This type of behavior is bad for the community,” said Instagram and “also makes these accounts less secure.” Instagram will alert users who’ve put such apps to effect that the fake followers and likes have been removed from their account. Instagram will also have these account holders change their password. The social network’s new measures will be “ongoing.” Moreover, people who continue to use third-party apps to inflate their profiles “may see their Instagram experience impacted.” The company plans to take additional measures in the weeks ahead.

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Google to Nix SMS Notifications for Google Calendar

Google today said that it plans to stop offering SMS-based notifications for Google Calendar. “If you had previously been receiving Calendar notifications via SMS, they’ll be replaced with in-app and email notifications,” said Google. Google also plans to adjust the Calendar API to reflect this change, meaning developers will have to update their apps if the apps integrate with Google Calendar. Google Calendar’s in-app notifications for Android and iOS include banners, badges, and sounds. People who had previously set SMS notifications for new events, changed events, canceled events, or event responses will now see those notifications via email. The change goes into effect January 9, 2019.

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Get noticed when deploying an app with a professional logo

If you’re developing an app, it’s already hard enough to be noticed. There’s millions of apps on the Android and iPhone market and probably many hundreds in the category that you’re aiming to be part of. First, you need a good app – one that does the job well and keeps users happy. Then, no matter how good it is, you’ll need a friendly and easy-to-use GUI that people can navigate. It has to be simple. It shouldn’t need a manual to get around.

It’s that interface, and the look of the app, that can get left until last. Likewise, the icon or the logo – which is often the most used and the most recognised part of the app – is sometimes an afterthought. This is definitely something that should be pushed higher up the priorities list. Think of Facebook and you’ll instantly remember the logo. Think of YouTube, Strava, Twitter, Spotify or the Nest app and you will no doubt be able to draw and identify the apps quickly.

Get noticed when deploying an app with a professional logo

Some think that a logo is just decoration, but it’s much more than that. It’s an identifier – a quick way to recognise an app and to connect to it. These logos then get put into adverts, on buses and into newspapers if your advertising budget allows. But how do you go about getting one designed? Should you pay someone a huge amount of money for sketching ideas and coming up with feedback sessions?

Well, the truth is that you can easily create a logo for your app right now through your browser. Just do a search for online logo maker and then, well, there you are. You get lots of different logos to choose from and you can make them unique to your business.

Why? Why bother?

Well, for a kick off it looks better. In the past I’ve used apps that are really useful, but if they look untidy and shabby, you’re going to get the feeling that they’re a bit unfinished and a bit unloved. It’s that extra bit of polish which communicates the values and the brand, so take time to ensure that you’ve got a professional and good-looking logo which has had some attention and time devoted to it.

Get noticed when deploying an app with a professional logo

Spot the problem?

There’s another need to do this – it’s also because there’s only so many colours that you can use. So you can’t just use colour alone to stand out. As an example, the Strava logo is the same colour as the Mi Fit, Screen Recorder and Huawei Health logo – so you need a design which will identify your app too.

If you have a beautifully decorated logo with visual appeal, it’ll stick in the memory of your users and will be easy to find on phones. This isn’t just when you’re scrolling around, but also when you’re in other apps and you want to share or send items via your app – having that distinctive and memorable icon or logo means that it’ll stand out from other icons – even if they’re the same colour.

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Black Friday – Save a little bit more!

Black Friday   Save a little bit more!
As you probably all know by now, the Black Friday madness has properly kicked off. There are endless deals out there and we’re doing our best here at Coolsmartphone to bring you the hottest and the freshest offers. However, if you’re really clever, you can get even more off your next phone or gadget. At this time of year, and as we head towards Christmas, it’s particularly important to check for these extra savings. After all, you’re effectively paying an additional premium that you don’t really need to pay. Using these shopping codes it means you’ll get that Christmas gift for even less.

Best of all, it takes just seconds to do. It’s become a knee-jerk reaction for me whenever I’m buying something online. Every time I get to the checkout screen, there is a magical box which says either “Coupon code” or “Discount code”. It’s so built-in for me now that I get twitchy if I ever leave this box empty. Last week it was train tickets, the week before it was a birthday gift, and yesterday I even managed to get myself a £5 voucher whilst buying some LED bulbs from Screwfix. Come on, you can’t argue with that – money off, or a free £5 is always welcome.

Black Friday   Save a little bit more! coupon

So, if you’re browsing around the many Black Friday deals we’re mentioning here on the site, don’t forget to check for discount codes that you can use on the purchase. Sure, you might not always find one but, when you do, the benefit of a reduction in the price, free delivery or a free gift can be a little gift to yourself and your wallet.

Sometimes you’ll get an Amazon voucher or some other type of card payment too – this is great for those last minute gifts as you can simply slot if into a Christmas card.

As you’ve seen in stories we’ve run here previously, we’re always on the look out for deals and for codes or coupons to make it an even better offer, so we’ll try and include these when we post a deal. However, if you don’t see one in our stories, do be sure to take a look for yourself too, it’s definitely worth your time.

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