Instagram Bows Location and Hashtag Search

Instagram today made it easier to find story content in its mobile app based on location or interests/topics. A new story ring now appears at the top of the explore section. Stories that have location stickers applied to them will be added to the ring so people can view myriad stories shared from around the world. Similarly, people can now mark their stories with hashtags, making them searchable to others. Instagram says these stories may be shared with a much larger audience via the explore tab, but users can opt to share their location or hashtagged stories only with followers (rather than everyone). The new searching tools will appear in Instagram 10.22 for Android and iOS, which is rolling out this week.

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Global Smartphone Sales Grow as Apple, Samsung Lose Share

As more people around the world become smartphone users, a growing number of them are also willing to pay more for better devices, according to new data released today by the analyst firm Gartner Inc.

Gartner’s sales report for the first quarter of 2017 also shows that while Samsung and Apple remain the world’s first- and second-largest smartphone brands, respectively, three Chinese phone makers are gaining ground. Gartner attributes that in part to the access that Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo have to expanding smartphone markets in regions close to China.

Combined, Huawei (pictured above}, Oppo, and Vivo now hold 24 percent of the global smartphone market, an increase of 7 percentage points over the same period last year, Gartner said. Samsung’s share now stands at 20.7 percent, down from 23.3 percent in the first quarter of 2016, while Apple holds 13.7 percent of the market, compared to 14.8 percent in Q1 of last year.

‘Fierce’ Competition in China

“The top three Chinese smartphone manufacturers are driving sales with their competitively priced, high quality smartphones equipped with innovative features,” Gartner research director Anshul Gupta said in a statement. “Furthermore, aggressive marketing and sales promotion have further helped these brands to take share from other brands in markets such as India, Indonesia and Thailand.”

While there were healthy pre-order figures for Samsung’s newest Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus flagship phones, which hit the market last month, its overall sales have taken a hit due to “fierce competition in the basic smartphone segment” and a lack of alternative offerings such as the Galaxy Note 7, Gupta said. Released last summer, the Note 7 was recalled shortly afterward because of its fire-prone battery design.

Apple’s sales, too, are under attack in China due to the rise of domestic competitors, Gupta said. It remains to be…
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Online Retail Site Boxed CEO Takes Bulk-Buying Mobile

Boxed co-founder and CEO Chieh Huang is focusing on millennials who want bulk-size deals on items like toilet paper and peanut butter — but who can’t or won’t drive to warehouse stores. His strategy: Most customers order through an app and get two-day delivery, and there’s no membership fee.

The company’s sales hit nine figures in its third full year of business, and Huang sees an opportunity for significant growth. Only 2 percent of the approximately $200 billion U.S. warehouse club business is now done online. About 80 percent of Boxed customers are age 25-44, whereas he says 60 percent of traditional warehouse store shoppers are boomers.

The average order is $100 total or 10 items, Huang says, meaning virtually all shoppers meet the $49 needed for free shipping. Items are shipped throughout the country from distribution centers in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas, and Union, New Jersey, where the company is based.

Huang [pictured above], 35, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, is a former corporate lawyer who also founded Astro Ape, one of the first mobile game studios, which was later acquired by Zynga. He has pledged to pay for college tuition to his employees’ children.

Huang talks with The Associated Press about the inspiration for Boxed and why he sees big potential.

Q. How did your experience with starting a mobile game studio affect your move to start Boxed?

A. Even as forward-looking of a game studio as Zynga was, they were swept away when mobile came and ate all their share. And so we thought that actually might happen in many other industries. And the biggest industry where we thought we could make an impact on was retail.

Q. What inspired you to start Boxed?

A. I grew up in the ‘burbs and went to Price Club every other weekend with my family, and then I…
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Got rubbish broadband speeds? Try the Three Home-Fi. New plan announced.

You’re at home. You’re struggling with slow broadband. The reality of “Superfast internet” is either a flaky ADSL connection or, if you’re properly unlucky, old-school dial-up access.

Some are lucky. Some can get fibre to the cabinet or cable broadband access, but for the rest it’s a super-slow connection. Sure, over the years there have been alternatives. Satellite broadband is an option, but it’s usually more expensive than a standard ADSL connection and – if you want to try and keep the price down – a low data cap too.

Got rubbish broadband speeds? Try the Three Home Fi. New plan announced.

We’ve covered the Home-Fi routers from Three before. You may remember how residents in Hebron got some for free and we had a good look at the Home-Fi router last year. Now the network is launching a new 40GB plan for this, and if you can get a decent Three signal at home, you’ll be laughing.

No line rental, no wires, no lengthy installation and up to 32 devices connected to the Home-Fi wireless hotspot with plenty of data per month. Have a guess how much?

Try just £24.

To be honest that’s about all I need to say. I like this. In real-life usage you’ll probably be getting around 20Mbps over the router and you can find out more about it in the video below or on the Three website. It will appeal to many, including those living in homes and caravans without a directly wired connection. It’ll also free you from that infamous line rental charge, which can range from £14.99 to £18.99 per month just for having a bit of cable into your house.

The router works a bit like a MiFi, but plugs into the mains. It grabs a 4G signal from the local Three mast and then gives you a WiFi hotspot to connect to.

Three launches new tariff for reliable broadband with no landline

Three UK has launched a new 40GB tariff on their popular HomeFi; a hassle free broadband device which does not use a costly landline. With no need for wires, customers can simply plug in and play with HomeFi, the perfect device for those who only want to pay for Wi-Fi and not for the wire.

The 40GB tariff will be available online and in store from 23rd May 2017. Priced at £24 per month, customers no longer need to worry about paying for a landline they don’t use.

There are no lengthy installations required and up to 32 wireless devices can be connected to the HomeFi router, making it the must-have device for a busy household.

In November 2016, residents of Hebron, Northumberland saw just how beneficial HomeFi could be when Three provided 98 residents from the village with its broadband units. Before this, residents relied on corrupted old broadband lines for their internet access, but with fast, reliable internet, businesses became more successful, children could do their homework efficiently and old friends were able to catch up online after years of bad connections.

A spokesperson at Three, said: “Everyone deserves the right to fast internet and we have been the pioneering network in providing mobile broadband and data since we launched. It’s our mission to get everyone online and we know that, unfortunately, for many people across the UK this is still not as straightforward as it should be. On the back of its success we’re delighted to be able to offer customers 40GB worth of data per month with HomeFi.”

Customers can check service in their area before purchasing with the Three service checker, available here:

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Three HomeFi can do so by heading to their local Three store or online at

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  • Snapchat Debuts Story Collaboration Tool

    Snapchat today unveiled a new feature that makes it possible for many people to contribute to the same story. Snapchat calls the new tool custom stories. One person creates the story and then invites others to add their own snaps. The creator can limit the story so only those invited to contribute are allowed to see it. Further, the creator can geofence the story so only people in a specific location can see the story. Snapchat says stories will disappear after 24 hours if no one contributes to them. Snapchat’s new collaborative stories are rolling out to Android and iOS devices in a fresh update to the mobile app.

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    YouTube TV App for iOS Adds AirPlay Compatibility

    Google recently updated its YouTube TV app for iOS and gave it the ability to push content to the Apple TV. The Android version of the mobile app can cast video to Chromecast-enabled TVs, but Apple TV users were left without a way to connect the gap between their iPhone and television set. The new version of YouTube TV for iOS adds AirPlay, allowing iPhone owners to view YouTube TV programming on their television set through the Apple TV. YouTube TV for iOS is free to download from the iTunes App Store, but the availability of the service is limited to just a handful of markets for the time being.

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    Apple and Nokia Bury the Patent Hatchet

    Apple today said it has settled its patent complaints against Nokia and the two have signed a multi-year patent license. The two corporations sued one another in December of last year concerning licensing fees for Nokia’s patents. Nokia said Apple refused to pay fair prices, while Apple accused Nokia of antitrust behavior. Nokia had sold its patents to patent-assertion firms that then demanded higher rates. Moving forward, Nokia will provide Apple with network infrastructure products and services, and Apple will resume selling Nokia-owned smart devices (Withings) as the two look at future potential digital health offerings. Apple is set to pay Nokia a significant upfront fee and then on-going payments. Both companies expressed positive sentiments in having the matter behind them. “We are pleased with this resolution of our dispute and we look forward to expanding our business relationship with Nokia,” said Apple COO Jeff Williams. Companies often use lawsuits as a negotiation tactic.

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    Demisto Earns Gold Award in IT World Awards Program

    CUPERTINO, Calif., May 23, 2017 — Demisto, Inc., an innovator in Security Automation and Orchestration technology, today announced that Network Products Guide, the industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, has named the Demisto Enterprise Security Operations Platform as the 2017 Gold Award winner in the Security Services award category of the 12th Annual IT World Awards® program.

    These industry and peer recognitions from Network Products Guide are the world’s premier information technology awards honoring achievements and recognitions in every facet of the IT industry. Winners from all over the world will be honored in San Francisco on June 27 during the 2017 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner.

    “We are pleased to be recognized by Network Products Guide as delivering the best security service of the year,” said Demisto Co-Founder and VP of Marketing Rishi Bhargava. “Demisto’s Security Automation and Orchestration Platform delivers a comprehensive service that includes incident response, threat hunting and collaboration capabilities for customers.”

    Demisto Enterprise is the first and only comprehensive Security Operations Platform to combine security orchestration, incident management and interactive investigation into a seamless experience. Demisto’s orchestration engine is designed to automate security product tasks and weave in the human analyst tasks and workflows. Demisto Enterprise, powered by the security industry’s first ChatBot called DBot, learns from the real-life analyst interactions and past investigations to help SOC teams with analyst assignment suggestions, playbook enhancements, and best next steps for investigations. All such collective work and learnings are saved directly in the product and won’t get lost in overflowing inboxes, IM windows and mobile devices. And it won’t walk away when companies experience employee turnover. With DBot’s machine learning suggestions, the platform (and the user) gets smarter with every incident.

    With Demisto, security teams can build future-proof security operations to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR), create consistent…
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    The Triumph of the Stacks: The Rise and Rise of Google

    Call it the triumph of the stacks; in a card game, a stack is a strong showing by your five cards, and is more than enough as a winning hand. In the tech business world, the triumph of the stacks is naturally held by the five tech behemoths that dominate this industry’s landscape. These are […]
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    Campaign Zero: Using Technology to Root Out Racism

    During TechCrunch’s Disrupt NYC that ran from May 15 – 17, Brittany Packnett took to the stage for a talk to defend the work of armchair activists on social media who have brought necessary attention to social justice issues. Set against a the background of the recent shooting of another young black kid killed by police, Packnett, […]
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